So indecent, bare belly! & Announcement on Vanquish

OSO_v05_129Well then, starting with the chapter comment. A little bit more combat, more action which is always fun. Though, this one is also relatively short... well, the volume is overall short.

And the second issue. Vanquish Overlord's Vol 4 had come out yesterday, I bought and checked it. Unfortunately, just as I feared - it has ended on volume 4. Thus just like I have mentioned earlier I'll be dropping the plans to pick it up. I know there are some series that have ended and are worth translating, but personally I want something where I can "look forward to next volume". So yeah, that's that. The author had mentioned about writing another new series in its afterword. Well, looking forward to it.

Well, as you might expect I'll probably schedule another series I find fun. Still not gonna "pick it up" before I catch up with everything, that is Only Sense + short story, then Omae wo. Also, there's AMA re-translation which I'm doing between the releases.

EDIT: Don't expect me to take anything you guys propose. I'll pick what I want to tl myself, nothing you say will influence what I pick up in any way, it never did and probably never will.

EDIT2: Me picking up a series that has a translator or had a translator but was dropped is equal to 0. Don't ask for it.


29 thoughts on “So indecent, bare belly! & Announcement on Vanquish

  1. SIr Fluffy

    Is it possible that You'd pick up something of "A Certain Middle-Aged Man's VRMMO Activity Log" caliber for ye next masterpiece?

    Also, thanks for the hard work! Luv ye translations! <3

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Don't mention that abomination to me. If I had the book I'd do a public burning of it then upload it to youtube.

  2. Neko chan

    That was the weirdest thing I have watched all week. Poor sendai though.
    Kantai no idol<3 naka chan dayo~

  3. Fireking1220

    Dress na Boku ga Yangotonaki Katagata no Katei Kyoushi-sama na Kudan Just a series i hope to see more of. Thanks for the translations and look forward to whatever you pick!

  4. Snow

    Hi krytyk-san,

    Thank you for the hard work, as always. :))
    As a side note, how can I be a perfect superhuman like you? Just asking~ lol.

  5. Read DxD

    3 things
    1. You seem to really like wanting to translate series that go "BAM!" THE END!", Like my Impression of novels is that theyre going to go until there is no possible way to force something else in, so like 20 volumes.
    2. Is there a way to subscribe to your blog/site and get notified of Emails? I cant find the button other blogs have.
    3. Serious will one day have a 3rd thing to say.

      1. krytykkrytyk Post author

        There's also the twitter @krytyktls where I announce updates. Though, that's just my own series.

  6. maxwell3094

    Ah so Vanquish really did end. That's a shame. Do you know if it was intended to be only 4 volumes or if it got cut short? If its the former hopefully someone else will pick it up as I don't mind short series.

  7. BloodAdept

    Awww, i was looking forward to Vanquish Overlord. Oh well. Have fun with whatever you choose to translate instead ;)

  8. rite

    1 chapter every 3 days, nicely done, Kry!

    Please do not mind what others propose/persuaded/passive aggressive about what to translate. t

    The most important thing is to pick up something you enjoy to translate~~

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I'm not minding, I'm just telling everyone to discard their dreams and expectations :P.

    2. rite

      P.S. I forgot to comment about this chapter: I wonder how the PKers will be screwed hard by Yun and co...

      My guess, with the crafting guild as the HQ, an anti PK subjugation group/PKK group will be form with Yun leading and consolidating information like a certain "Hara-guro Megane"...

      1. krytykkrytyk Post author

        Wow, I think people are over-exaggerating what PK in games is, I wonder if it's an influence of novels based in unrealistic settings...

        1. Tomolone

          There was an older game I played with a server dedicated to it. Everybody moved it groups and damn it was hardcore. There where player made event type things to see who killed the most with their group.

          I really cant remember the name of that game, and I wonder if it still exists even if I remember :(

  9. FateSeries

    Idk if you interested, I can passive aggressively suggest you to 'pick up' >>> Magi Grandson <<< Japtem already release it... though you might will can actually help to release the series faster... I ABSOLUTELY dont mind if you did not want to. It just a suggestion.

  10. Kensei Seraph

    Thanks for the chapter.
    Also what did I just watch?

    Well it's a bit disappointing to hear about Vanquish Overlord but it is ultimately up to your decision and I'm sure that whatever you eventually decide to pick up will be interesting.
    Besides, maybe someone else will translate it.


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