Spambot Fights Back. Ka ka ka.

TMG_v11_135Proceeding with the story at moderately-lightning pace!

I'm wondering if Antimagic will end within 2 or 3 volumes... seems quite possible unless author thinks of a new way to prolong it for another 10 volumes :3.

Now, back to the current chapter, there's fighting and powerlevels rising!

The link.

Also, about 2 days and 15 hours until OSO 7 comes out... they're really slave-driving me with OSO's release schedule (only 2 months break between two volumes).


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16 thoughts on “Spambot Fights Back. Ka ka ka.

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  1. Zlol365

    Krytyk, what's your opinion on the anime. Or to anybody who's been reading the LN.

    Because I'm rather conflicted. I enjoyed it, but I felt the opening arc was so badly butchered... Event orders reversed, knights of round made less awesome, reducing takeru' awesomeness... >_<

    1. NekoMK2

      why i think Rakuadai and Asterik battle scene more better in Anime rather than Antimagic opposite to LN (rakudai kinda good thought)

  2. Stranger Danger

    Yay oso translation coming soon from you~ but boo why so fast? Make you have like no break...

        1. AoriiAorii

          Touhou is not casual. It only comes in hardcore "Japan" difficulty, from what I've seen.

  3. Kemm

    I doubt you have any reason to complain. There wasn't still Justice enough to wash away Elvenblood.

  4. victorrama

    Them spambot~ But we like this kind of spambot.. am i first to comment?
    Love u Kry-sama