Status update, Antimagic and OSO Covers, volume teaser descriptions. Post updated.

EB_v02_CoverNow then, there weren't any updates for a while from me. I guess I needed a break (after rushing (Omae wo and starting up the new series). I'm hoping to restart translations soon™, to finish volume before Antimagic's and OSO's releases.

Meanwhile, releases are approaching and the low, loow, quality covers for volumes appeared along with volume descriptions. To sharpen your appetites I'll translate the descriptions alongside covers. :3.

Now, I have gotten my digital copy of Elvenblood volume 2. I uploaded some of the illustrations to illustrations section of vol 2.

I'm guessing the schedule from now on will be: Elvenblood 1, OSO 6/AMA 11, AMA 2 re-translation. See, I need to get my re-translation project to be worked on as well. Elvenblood has nearly 6 months release delay so I don't need to hurry with it. Also, it's dark as fuck, it depresses me :3.

Now, which one will go first, antimagic or only sense? I wonder.

TMG_v11_CoverAntimagic 11:

Heretic Alliance - Valhalla - Inquisition —— A three-way war all over the world!

The 35th platoon who had learned Sougetsu's secret has no time to choose, as they learn of Valhalla invading the city. Furthermore, Kiseki swallows up the entire battlefield regardless of friend or foe, turning it into hell. To stop the war, Takeru faces Mother Goose - Orochi——

OSO_v06_CoverOnly Sense Online 6:

The time limited "Fairy" quest, Yun's 【Sky Eyes】 awaken?!

OSO get's an update! A fairy quest appeared and Yun has immediately verified what are the changes. However, at the same time he's a witness to mysterious mobs parasitizing on 【Plants】. During material collection, Yun encounters——


EDIT: Our reliable ally of justice, GalenMusbach had provided the raws for second chapter of Myu's volume (from Doramaga). Thank you very much! I guess it's going to get a priority, so expect some more cute Myu very soon™! (Why not continue Elvenblood first? Obv, I need to heal myself after chapter 2 of EB!)


36 thoughts on “Status update, Antimagic and OSO Covers, volume teaser descriptions. Post updated.

  1. stratosdragon

    Aaahhh the tease is to strong. Now the wait begins to see it translated and which one will be first OSO or AMA

  2. JJ

    If i had to pick between them i would go for antimagic i just crave dakness too much n_n

  3. Vision

    Thanks for the update. As for choosing which to do first between OSO or AMA it comes down to one question. Do you want to stay in the darkness then heal yourself with the fluffiness or heal yourself then go back into the darkness? Either way you end up in the darkness you just need to decide when to heal yourself.

    Btw seeing how the last bit of darkness caused you retreat for a while I don;t think your the type to delve into the darkness for long periods of time.
    Just remember these friendly words from a man of the darkness [img][/img]

  4. jason

    thx for translating light novels, really appreciate it. btw why are you going to re-translate antimagic? isnt it already translated/done?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Quality. I want the translation to give justice to the original. I'm unsatisfied with how early volumes were translated. (I can do much better now, style-wise, translations-wise).

  5. Jay

    I've upscaled the covers so they're less painful to look at. Loss a little bit of detail in the image but overall the OSO cover looks pretty good. The AMA cover didn't turn out as well though, as there just wasn't much detail in the original image. The reason being that the AMA art style uses finer lines that decay quickly when over compressed.

    OSO v6 Cover Upscale:

    AMA v11 Cover Upscale:

  6. Galen Musbach

    Chapter 2 of Miu story from Dragon. Raw.

    edit by krytyk: Link edited out (no raw link policy). Picked it up, thanks a lot!

  7. Inuzuka

    Wow, Yun is getting less and less cover space each volume, will he even be on the cover on the next one?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      He was on the front for vol 4, which is 2 vols ago. Other than that, he's always on the cover, though not always big.

    2. Gianoria7

      Yun is a cute nanny.
      There's no way that they will remove him/her from the cover.

  8. charasuu

    uhhh, i think it's better start from despair one, so we can see the light of justice in the end of road waiting us to healing our soul after fight the despair one.

  9. happinezz001

    well i think should go translate OSO first so that while you are translating anti magic and elvenblood people would read OSO so that they won't be to depressed

  10. GhostWriter

    > Yun encounters—— ——Krytyk

    So you're finally making your debut as novel character?

  11. Ophis

    Hmm, it's not like I don't like OSO, but I'll be honest here; if I had to choose between AMA and OSO, I'll pick AMA a thousand times over... it's not even a contest. Sorry, VRMMO really is not my cup of tea. :(

    Anyway, thanks for the illustrations and summaries of the soon to come new volumes! And welcome back, I guess?

      1. Kemm

        Wasn't there an offline meeting in the WN? Do you think they will get around to that in the LN soon?

        PS. What Yun encounters is an orange chunk of text thanking someone for some raws.

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          There was no offline meeting in the WN. There was a festival in the WN, in the middle of volume 4 and 5 (festival in Yun's school was held at the same time as the one in OSO).

  12. Gianoria7

    Do you know when there will be more chapter of Alice? (yeah I know you're not the one translating it, but I'm still curious about it)

      1. AoriiAorii

        Kadi has been busy with either exams or being sick. Unfortunately pestering him seems to have the opposite effect so...

  13. rubah

    My vote is for Godde*cough*Yun. You tease....ughh

    Looking forward to the translation, thank you for your hard work *hug*


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