Swordfight, Flashback, Everyone's Fav Returns(?!).

TMG_v06_0159Now, A bit hurriedly but another chapter of Antimagic is out. I want to finish volume 6 as soon as possible and take a serious break, sort out stuff and such. Link here

Well, although that's basically all I have to say, but since there's lots of more space that would look horrible, I'm going to do some advertisement.

Make sure to purchase the books after reading it, that is - if you are able to. While only a few of you probably will buy it, if any, if you have enjoyed the book then please at least try to support the authors. Not only authors make a living of it, but also the amount of copies sold is a deciding factor whether the series will be continued or not. As you probably know, if a series doesn't have enough copies bought out, it risks getting axed and will not continue. So, whether it's physical copies to your collection, or digital copies (cheaper option) to purely support the authors, anything is fine.



14 thoughts on “Swordfight, Flashback, Everyone's Fav Returns(?!).

    1. Nic

      ...And the clouds in the sky parts as a sole figure descends on to the battlefield...
      Riding a unicorn with a 2-tailed heavenly fox by her side, the black goddess brings with her destruction as her arrows rain down below.
      Neither the Inquisition nor the Magic side is spared in her attack.
      Her name would then be forever inscribed in the history of the Witch Hunt wars.

      As the harbinger of Destruction and the embodiment of Justice.

      ....and then she opens up her branch shop in the new world, selling her potions, food, slimes and smile.

  1. Ophis

    "Everyone's Fav" LMAO here hahahaha

    It was a pretty interesting chapter. Thanks Krytyk-chan~

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      There are numerous online shops you can buy them from. toranoana, bookwalker, booklive, honto, amazon...


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