Tasha's SP MELTS.

New skills chapter. Everyone loves new skills.

Also, skipping chapter 28 again (again Future Software perspective). I'm considering on doing these on a separate Wednesday release with a strong warning about spoilers. We'll see this Wednesday or the next one on what I ultimately decide on. Check the link section at the bottom of Chapter 27 - that's probably how I will mark those.

Also we're saying goodbye to vol. 2 cover image, since halfway of next chapter we're starting vol.3 content.

Link to the chapter.

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3 thoughts on “Tasha's SP MELTS.

  1. Anonsan

    Woo, relaxing adventures are the best, i don’t need emotional trauma when reading to de-stress.

    Thanks translator sama

  2. Jhandar

    Thanks for the chappies! Any recommendation on when we should read the developer-perspective chapters? I don't want to get spoilered but as Chitanda said it best... 気になります!!!

  3. dessu

    Thank you for continuous releases. I do enjoy this serie and don't currently have time to translate myself so this is a blessing.


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