Teasing Mari. Date a Sword? Die, shitty glasses.

TMG_v06_0090Yes yess, another release, last few releases were quite fast so I'm starting to slightly tired〜.

Link here〜.

Now, for this time's agenda... I'll bring up what happened today since there's nothing else really to talk about.

There was some guy bashing one of the series saying how bad it is or even went as far as to call it 'garbage'. I will not tolerate that kind of actions, like I wrote when editing one of his comments, this place is for people to enjoy the novels, and comments are there to share their impressions and thoughts. Bashing a series hardly counts as sharing impressions, more like taking a dump in the comments for self-satisfaction. I will delete all comments bashing series no matter the reason, knowing that people wouldn't like to look at comment section full of insults towards the series they like. Also, I will not allow any flame wars and insults amongst commenting people as well. In extreme cases I do have tools to ban folks, which would surely severely inconvenience the troublemakers.


22 thoughts on “Teasing Mari. Date a Sword? Die, shitty glasses.

  1. forum

    I fully approve of your action Kry. Thanks for keeping the site happy clean. There's lotsa sites anyway to dump their ****. Keep doing what u love guys, as long as its reasonable. I also like every series this site has, keep it up (^_^)b

  2. Reaper Phoenix

    Many people I encounter IRL are the same. They would tell you what's wrong with your work without offering ANY constructive advice on how to improve it.
    In regards to novels, comics and the like, they're work of arts. I don't bash abstract arts just because I don't understand them and they're not to my liking, I look for other artworks that I like.
    Beside it doesn't make sense to bash or even criticize a light novel (or web novel) in a translation site. The only original work here is Daybreak, and I love it.

  3. einshart

    Thank for the new chapter!A date with sword sound fun!

    Ask that guy to send comment to author since he is calling it GARBAGE!

  4. happinezz001

    shocking truth !!! never actually noticed that there was some people that are bashing the other projects

  5. victorrama

    I came very late this time... But no matter
    I suppose my joke about 'date a sword' is canon now?

    1. xExorTx

      it did... I even spread it in my community and they started bashing themselves on WHO'S THE REAL Date A Sword series...
      it was fun though... ;)

  6. Cyber

    Well, thanks for your hard work, Krytyk-sama. I like your thoughts about trashing around novels. I don't think there is even one "Bad" novel,manga, série, anime, etc, out there. There are the ones we find interesting and the ones we don't. Just cause the novel doesn't interest me, there is no need to speak so badly about it. People should try findind the good points instead of the bad ones. I mean, why do that? Is it not easy and less troublesome to sid down and enjoy?
    Well, i think reading is good and that's it. haha'
    Again, thanks for the hard work. Looking foward to the chapter.

  7. John

    I read the stories I like and don't read the ones that don't interest me no matter what site. There's no point in bashing a story. Constructive criticism is okay if it is to the author with the idea to improve the work. Save flames for personal chat rooms or such media.

      1. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

        I always make that typo as a joke/pun, hence the correction.
        Well it's not usually relevant, except that one time i used it on an SPS release on CET.

  8. Coma

    on a side note... with no news of OSO vol 4 and Antimagic vol 6 over it's first half... what are the project for the future? aside from a well deserved rest that I think you should get (we may be leecher but we don't want our translator sama to burn himself!!! )... are you planning to dive into vol7 or extend the rest (and be clear that no one will blame you for such a choice... and if someone does than he will just show how much consideration he is worth ^^) until OSO vol4 release?

    anyway... I renew my thx for all the wonderfull translation you have gifted us with ^^

  9. Shiku

    Oh an update... Thanksies nyahahaha! XD

    Really... Thanks for the update Krytyk-sama

  10. Coma

    yessssssss date a sword is here!!!!

    thx a lot Krytyk sama...

    as for the bashing and flame war... really... we'r all here to enjoy something we like... what's the reason to spread hate?

    if you enjoy something... than be glad ^^

    if you don't enjoy something... than just ignore it ^^


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