The Advent of The Perverted Molester

OSO_vSM_101CFirst things first, I welcome you all in the new year. I hope you all had fun and good time with your families during the holidays. Second, no, I said perverted molester, but I mean someone else, not myself.

It's my first release in a while and honestly, I've had a hard time returning my brain to "translation mode", meanwhile I coloured an illustration (SeventhTale with his colourings motivated me to, make sure to check his stuff out in the Fan Creations gallery). You can see the new one of mine's on the right. Yeah, that one.

Next, AntiMagic... for the time being it's dropped. For now I'm gonna wait to see whether AMA gets an official translation (that would be great). Still, most likely it's gonna be dropped for good. And yeah, I know what you guys think - I do lurk all over (though mainly on 4ch). But it's just the matter of time we'd get our server bombed and I don't intend to hide around like a rat, that aside - explicitly going against the wishes of the rightholder is pretty much being a faggot. Maybe I'll pick up a new novel instead. Let's all hope antimagic is picked up and released by Kadokawa's Bookwalker (it's a good service so I recommend it).

And to the chapter release. My only active series currently, OSO, yayy! (heck, just recently I've had three series, now I've got just one... when did that happen?) Without further ado, chapter link here.

PS: Make sure to support the author and the publisher by purchasing either original story, translations when they come out, or products derived from them (manga, anime).


45 thoughts on “The Advent of The Perverted Molester

  1. Sapper

    hey krytyk if you're thinking about a series to pickup can i suggest

    Absolute duo
    Seikoku no ryuu kishi
    kenshin no keishousha
    saijaku muhai no bahamut

    then again these are just the ones i'd like to see picked up again and finished as with Seikoku, it is actually a completed series just no one has bothered to translate it and many people are eager to see it TL'd.

    Just my thoughts, thanks for all your translating on AMA loved it and hope it gets TL'd officially later on.

      1. Dylbo123

        Psst Psst! I have a suggestion!

        Why dont you sit down and translate *Insert Name Here*

        If you cant translate *Insert Name Here* then can you merely continue doing what you want to do

    1. RandomDude

      You do realize Setsuna is still translating Saijaku, right...? I honestly have no clue how you know that title if you don't read it on his/her site.

  2. maxwell3094

    Mhm the AMA news is unsurprising but still disappointing. After all even if it were put back up I doubt it would last long before this site also got hit with a DMCA. I want to believe that it was done with the intention of legally bringing it over instead of just shafting other audiences but im not exactly hopeful. At least we still have OSO for now.

  3. kzed

    After daily checking this site until my holidays ended, OSO is here! \(^_^)/

    Thanks for chapter as usual and happy new year.

  4. RandomDude

    Wait, does this mean Elvenblood is also dropped? Wasn't it just put on hiatus temporarily?

  5. Andy

    Man this series keeps giving me punches after punches. First the ending of the anime, then the removal of the series from the site, and now there's a chance that it's going to be dropped ( this part I'm not so clear about so can someone help clarify what this means, thank you). When vol 12 gets released, I might have to learn Japanese just to read it. I really do hope this gets picked up.
    Anyway thank you Krytyk for translating this series, I'm really sad to see something like this happen. I guess I'll have to read something else now.

  6. Phillip Nguyen

    I will cry when OSO is dropped, but its for best for the series. It just sucks that english LN are slow for most people's liking.

  7. doghammer

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ok just joking, though its a bum that you´ll drop anitmagic but well its your choice, good luck with your next project, btw, do you know when atnimagics vol 12 will come?

      1. kidstandout

        please god do irregulars rebellion. if you love ama it be right up your alley

          1. Vision

            Boo oh well. You know what Light novel I would love to see translated but probably never will is the Tenchi Muyo GXP light novels. I have always been a big Tenchi fan and I have read that while the LN's follow the same over all story line as the anime they go into a lot more depth about the tenchiverse and one of the more annoying charters of the series, NB, is either very low key or altogether non existent.

            Here's hoping that if LN are about to become more readily available in English that I will one day see the Tenchi Novels translated.

  8. Sanngrior

    saw that title and was all... "say what??" LOL

    simply had to read it then :P actually I had to read pretty much all your posts to figure out which of them were OSO related XD but nothing lost so no worries there :P

  9. Kemm

    Look at the bright side of it: now you have more rest time.

    Also, has it been confirmed if AMA was one of the targeted series?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      They dmca'd BT to take down the French version of it. It only sounds to reason that they're targeting all instances of it.

          1. Lurker

            Do they even translate LNs to French? I only ever heard of them being officially published in English and Chinese not sure on other languages.

          2. krytykkrytyk Post author

            As far as I know manga, anime, novel market is just as big or bigger in France than in US.

          3. Kemm

            Ever since about 10 years ago, there's a Spanish market for LN (even if it's still not very big and the starting was between puzzling and rage-inducing), and for all I know France and Italy sold them before that, with more success and less puzzling-cum-rage-inducing incidents.

          4. AoriiAorii

            Well... the Spanish economy in the last ten years has been a bit... <_< Bigger economy = more money to spend on luxury media = better prospects to things like light novels. 20%+ unemployment rate does not encourage people to go buy (or companies to sell) foreign cultural imports. As a general rule, the larger the population size of a language group, the more chance you will get translations in said language =P It's why there's a Chinese version of just about any/everything xD

          5. Kemm

            The problem wasn't so much the economy as the baffling decisions (and still, LN market has still caught up, even if only a little).

            When it started, the first publisher who brought LN set a brand that was tied to another two they already had: one specialized in classic fantasy and sci-fi (Tolkien, Ursula K. Le Guin, Ray Bradbury) and another one in modern fantasy and sci-fi (Warhammer, Dragonlance, Star Wars, the Belgariad). As you can see, going from the common divisor, it makes 'a lot' of sense that the first thing that they published under the brand was a 2-volume novel adaptation of Emma and the Earl. And since most of those who got wind of the stablishment of the new brand were loyal buyers of the other two brands, it was 'clearly' bound to sell well. Things got better when they started with their new series, Trinity Blood, even if the price was a bit high and, in the end, they didn't publish RAM past volume 4, since they said that the family of the author had forbidden publication outside Japan of those. If only it weren't because the paper the books were printed on got thinner by the volume and even since the start the ink didn't stick well to it and it got easily blurred when touching it for turning the pages. And if only they didn't say "sure, we'll fix it by next volume" each time the issue was addresed (with complaints of people who said that they wouldn't buy next volume if it persisted). Then they decided to start with Records of Loddoss Wars, which had been largely anticipated. But the issues carried on and up a notch. People got enraged, explicitly mentioned that they hadn't bought it and the reason why, with harsh critiques by the time the second volume went out. They never published the third (they kept the license, though) informing in a communicate that they would disband the brand due to huge differences between expected and real sales "for reasons unknown".
            Ever since, other publishers got around to release other titles (some of infamous quality, some better, let's not speak about the Suzumiya Haruhi publication issues) that, surprisingly, shown that the publisher that started with the trend heavily overcharged their books: new books of similar starting price in Japan to those of that first brand had, with better paper and ink, a price 33% lower and thus, even if by then economy had gone way under where it was before and there were serious issues that I'd like not to address now, they had better sales.

          6. AoriiAorii

            From what I can tell based on your description, a big part of the initial problem could probably be attributed to how LN publication there started with only ONE publisher? Because when that happened and bad management screws it up, there's no competitor sale stats to highlight the fact they simply screwed up, and not because the market "wasn't ready for it" or some other excuse.

          7. Ebisu

            All these may sound bad, but it still opened the possibility for more LNs being published in Spain. Death Note novels and All you need is Kill were properly published. In recent years new translated manga publishers have been appearing in Spain too, even if just with 2 or 3 titles. I think, no matter where, companies tend to take a chance if they know they'll have at least enough sales to make it even.

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          Yes. None. I engaged myself with a translation project elsewhere. You might stumble upon it at some point...

  10. André Liu

    In that picture what I can say is...
    Yun that armor only makes you look like a girl even more...

    Well translate at your pace, with only 1 series you can take it easy.

  11. happinezz001

    Happy New year a
    Oh and yeah what the hell happened this past year and seriously the dmca stuff always happen when people are actually eager to read the next volume

    P.S. By the way OSO vol 8 is practically around the corner are you gonna put up countdown timer again I kinda want to see that again

    P.S.#2 do you know anything on why baka tsuki is down(pls ignore this question if you don't want to answer)

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I think BT is moving elsewhere, not sure though. It might be just a hiccup.

    2. Kemm

      Baka-Tsuki also doesn't know why it's down. Or so it says at their twitter account.

      It's not the first time this happens to them.


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