The Christmas Day Release

We've had a Christmas Eve release, now time for the Christmas Day release.

Since I already went over all the Christmas talk last time, I'm just gonna drop a chapter link here, along with cute Hino, and go back to doing what I was doing.

PS: Stuff still subject to some editing, as Caudyr is still on it.



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17 thoughts on “The Christmas Day Release

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  1. Hikari Yuki

    Waaaa! Welcome home, Krytyk-san! Miss u so much! T_T Thanks a lot for the updates. What a lovely christmas' present <3

  2. Christopher Leong

    C-can I hope for New Years celebration and present from Krytyk-sama as well?

    *Puts hands together and prays*

      1. Christopher Leong

        Aww~ T.T

        Anyway, thanks for the translations and may you have a 'not so busy' work schedule for the time being to spend more time relaxing and translating.

  3. HextecNeko

    O mai goiiii so happy atm 2 chapters so soo thank chu

    Also is the pic of yun chan and zakuro in miko outfits (zakuro in a human form) do chu know if its cannon or not?
    My sis is dieing to know if anyone knows plez help meeeeeee ^_^
    Heres the link btw

    1. Jay of the Void

      No idea if that pic is canon, but these are illustrations from volume 13 of the LN:
      So there might be some truth to it, but that pic is from 2015 while volume 13 just came out in September 2017. Maybe it was based off the WN?

      1. krytykkrytyk Post author

        Non-canon. Zakuro doesn't have human form, and probably won't at all. Unless OSO continues for next 20 volumes.

        I mean, Zakuro is male in the first place :3.

        1. Jay of the Void

          Ah, I forgot he's male.
          But Yun getting Fox ears and tail are true, so there was some truth to it. Probably inspired the artist.

  4. Happy Seal ( ̄ω ̄) ✌

    Christmas gifts instead of Christmas break, you are a legend man! Thank you and Merry Christmas~
    (Now I have something to do for the two hours back and forth car ride today. xD)

  5. Sigel

    Two chapters in two days?! Is it Christmas?...oh wait it is! Merry Christmas everyone!!