The Last Stop Before Its Over.

TMG_v11_229In other words, chapter 5.

Only epilogue and afterword are left to do.

Now the topic to tackle... back to licensing (kinda?) it seems like Kadokawa's Bookwalker Global service is openly interested in delivering more light novels to market in US (and indirectly to entire world) in English. Well, looks like there's a chance that the market is going to expand and we'll get countless light novels in English thanks to that. I'm wondering how is this gonna work out.

Anyway, filled some of the post's emptiness. Time to place the link.

Also, make sure to support the author and the publisher by purchasing the book (in original, since there's no English version).

EDIT: A short story volume of AntiMagic has been announced to come out on 17th of the next month, it's tentatively named as "ANOTHER MISSION" volume. There's supposed to be onsen chapter, platoon members in swimsuits and stuff :3.


16 thoughts on “The Last Stop Before Its Over.

  1. AvatarCarlos

    Kadokawa over YP all day long! Their Inari Konkon translation was great, so yeah! I'll support that!

    Thank you for the chapter!

  2. AvatarArc

    Thanks for the great job as usual Krytyk! With 9 volumes to adapt and Volume 5 being a good half way point, that would leave 5 volumes for 12 episodes, meaning each volume will get only 2 episodes each. That would certainly explain the rushed feeling, although the reordering of the scenes did not help either. The King Arthur fight was a lot more underwhelming than the LN's portrayal of it, which is disappointing.

    I was wondering though, if you knew about Yanagimi Touki's Twitter which adds information to the scenes in the anime and the light novel, giving some trivia about the world of AntiMagic or Takeru's daily life. Could be some nice things for the Glossary.

  3. AvatarHehe

    US$ are so high right now, the price for the shipping fee and the package are belated. Dont think its worth to order it.
    Please enjoy yourself to a bunch of printed LN americans.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Bookwalker prices are in Yen and they're selling ebooks so there's no shipping.

  4. Avatarhappinezz001

    i just wanna ask if the 2nd witch hunt war arc is over or is it gonna continue on to the next volume

  5. AvatarKemm

    Who will translate those books from Bookwalker? English publishers? Kadokawa themselves? It does look like a nice thing to expect for.

    PS. I just hope that the prices are closer to Japanese ones and not US. That would be great.

    PS2. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but Bookwalker deals mostly in e-books, right?

  6. AvatarLoliD

    I feel like... when I notice the releases speed, Krytykal is heavily breathing while reading...

  7. Avatarshorty

    Thanks for the translation Krytyk!
    Here's hoping for no more mangled names during localization.


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