The long-awaited update and release

Well, I hope you're not expecting too much because I don't have much, but I have the promised chapter I said I was working on.

Like usual I'm busy and I can't find motivation to push myself to dish out extra hours for translation... but that doesn't mean I'm going to give it up. There've been lots of people asking whether I drop the series or stop translating and such.

Nope. I'm not dropping anything or stopping translations.

I might not release as often as I used to because, well, I'm no longer a student who has too much time on his hands. Still, I have long decided to continue translating until I finish all the series I picked up, which I continue to mention from time to time. Mainly OSO it is, though I want to do Antimagic short stories on the next occasion, at least one for now.

Speaking of Antimagic, like certain no name had posted in comment (thanks for the tip!), there is a new light novel coming from the author of Antimagic, Yanagimi-sensei, called "Iwakutsuki Mazoku Kyoushi to Tenshi Kouhousei" translating into "A Demon Teacher With Circumstances, and an Angel Candidate". I have yet to buy and read it, and probably will do so soon so I might do a review first volume next time. Also, yes, it's the novel that you see the cover of above on the right.

All right, now for the meat: the link to the chapter you were waiting for. Unfortunately no illustration for the chapter :(.

PS: It's a huge shame I'm so behind in translations, because vol15 is going to have Yun in swimsuit (and also other cast in swimsuits), apparently. I might as well drop the illustrations of it disregarding no-spoiler policy that I had, just for people to worship it when it comes.

...Still, we never know when my soul burns on fire for translating again. Let's hope it does and I catch up to my stuff.


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31 thoughts on “The long-awaited update and release

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    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Take a look, as in? I don't intend to pick up any more stuff to translate.

      From the novel's description I read, it's a bit forced setting. The heroine is called the "holy woman" in a VR game, MC is mysterious transfer student and there's a "super secret" something... it doesn't feel like it would be something good based on description (setting sounds forced). Well, I can be always wrong.

      1. Mr1422

        well the setting is also VR game so i though you might have some interest in it :)

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          I don't have a special attachment for VR game settings, I just like good novels.

  1. Padma

    Thanks for Update, i know the feels from Student -> working since i'm experiencing it right now.
    Any way thank you for the translation again.

  2. Omnigil

    Thanks for the translation! And don't worry about posting regularly. The wait is worth it in my opinion. Plus real life always take priority.

  3. Mauricio Cuervo

    so after an year after Antimagic translation ended, in the future, are you still going to translate the other After Mission chapter or on hold for now?
    thanks krytykal

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I want to translate After Mission, but the damn OSO is running away with the amount of volumes out and I need to chase it.

  4. Stargazer

    Welcome back Krytyk! Thanks for the translation as always, and I'm glad you're still dedicated to the translation despite how busy you must be.
    Cheers for the good work~

  5. Emptyness

    Take ur time as a person who has to rely on other people to read this stuff i have tempered my patience to wai along time for a release

    Thnx very much for the chapter

  6. Neumeny

    Thanks as always.

    And working life does drain, so the gaps between make each one more precious.

    Still going to keep trying to learn Japanese if only to race ahead and devour the series. So cheers for the advice earlier in the comments.

  7. Algoz

    Hey Krytyk. good work! thanks for the translation.

    also, I would like to ask how did you learn japanese? i've tried on my own but never have much success. the only thing i'm interesting is reading (not talking and/or listening). If you could share your experience, I would be grateful. thanks!

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I started with memorization of characters, first Hiragana and Katakana with a drill, then moved onto memorizing a fair amount of Kanji with flashcards (the most popular kanji that appear often). Then I started translating literally with dictionary in one hand (they weren't exactly great translations back then, but they improved from volume to volume).

      As I translated stuff, I looked up stuff over and over and over and over again until I memorized the stuff I encountered. Look up the same thing 50 times and you'll memorize it even if you don't want to.

      PS: I recommend having someone who knows Japanese who can help you out from time to time, it's easy to go down the spiral of misunderstanding and imprint it on yourself. The worst thing there is, is to think "you know what stuff means" when you actually don't, then drag it on for years.

      1. Ash

        I've been itching to learn Jap to help translate novels as well. It's just... my time during college really drains me out every time. :3
        And thus, I just use machine translation and rephrase like a madman because every single sentences are killing me. Lol. And it's still need to check in verified translators as well. *sighs*

      2. God Ginrai

        Yea, learning Kanji has been the hardest part for me. There just doesn't seem to be a way that really... flows.

  8. KuRuuRuu

    No problem~
    We'll be waiting for you patiently, and just a single chapter of Yun can make up for all of the longing anyway~
    Thank you for the updates!!

  9. Tenmosu

    Thank for the update on your status with translation and thank for not dropping justice ( Yun cuteness)
    LOVE YOU FOR IT thank for the hard work and good luck with you IRL.

  10. Sigel

    I'm really thankful for this new chapter. It's easy for us who just have to enjoy reading it but you're the one doing all the work so we're in no place to blame you for not having the energy to put into it for now.

  11. Zehd

    I'm so happy right now but also sad that there us not much of translation. Still I prefer your work than the others.

  12. Delphinus

    Thanks for the update!
    Oh the worship would great to see, though I'm no different.

  13. Slasher19981

    Thanks for the chapter , hope u find motivation again someday , also swimsuit OWO.

  14. Hichimaru

    It is a bright day when my inbox flares up with an OSO update email from Krytyk.

    Thanks always!

    Best wishes in your career!