The One True Pairing Is Too Good.

TMG_v11_187One more antimagic chapter, one chapter closer to the end of the volume! Just one chapter and Epilogue/Afterword left now.

This chapter is fully dedicated to the heroines and support characters... but it's still so friggin' damn awesome. Anyway, it highlights the strong point of this novel that main protagonist isn't the only one doing work and the heroines/support characters don't stand in the background idly, watching.

Anyway... whoops, what happened to Mari? What's going on? Uh...

Link to the chapter.

By the way, OSO volume 7 came out yesterday. Personally, I liked it more than volume 6 but... damn, Taku x Yun shipping is strong in that one... no wonder though, considering Taku is in front on the cover and the story is centred around Yun adventuring with Taku, and with his party.

PS: For me, to experience the fast-paced battles in the novels the best I prefer listening to fast-paced music (mostly a special selection of vocaloids with certain tonation), how about y'all?


18 thoughts on “The One True Pairing Is Too Good.

  1. AvatarKeade

    black veil brides and theory of a dead man, rise against ... really any rock/pop song that sounds kick a$$ and has "ready for battle" tone. No rap music i really dislike that genre though there are some exceptions but those are few.

  2. AvatarEbisu

    If I'm listening to music when reading, it can be anime songs or video games OST or differents versions from them.
    Ace Combat, Armored Core or Zone of the Enders 2 for example.

  3. AvatarGaleden

    Personally I am a fan of Video game Ost's I just ordered a copy of the sound track for Ys 7.

  4. AvatarJess P.

    Thanks for translating everything you've done so far.
    I watch N24 (TV) documentaries when reading LN most of the time, so it changes; yesterday it was about West Point and red Baret exams in Russia. ^^

  5. Avatarhappinezz001

    Are you gonna translate OSO immediately after AMA or are you gonna take a break first

  6. AvatarHaha

    I bet by the time the anime reaching its end, this will get hunted by yenpress!! =d
    Thnx for the chapter

  7. Avatarstuff

    well I listen to teto *cough* utauloid *cough* songs and Ia which is by far the best sounding vocaloid IMO

    1. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

      You don't love Mayu? Why don't you love Mayu?! Love her! Cherish her! Don't look at any other Vocaloid but her! Well, Gumi's also got a nice sou- *axed in a fit of jealous rage*

      The lesson here, is to only have one waifu. More than one waifu will destroy your laifu. When in doubt, love Mayu. That is all.


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