The Return of Daybreak

Hello all, this is Aorii, it's been a few month since my last post here.

A few of you may have noticed that I put up a notice in Daybreak months ago that the project was currently under resurrection. It was only about 6 months after I officially "dropped" the project did I realize that there was another option I haven't examined, and that was -- to rework the story's starting country to resolve some of the worst problems I had with it.

I started this project almost 5 months ago, but refrained from posting anything over here until I had something to show for it. If you're interested on details of why I did this, as well as planning and goals:

Daybreak Redux Project Announcement

However I am posting here again now because... the project has reached far enough for me to start publishing chapters again. First batch includes all of volume 1, and first 5 chapters of volume 2. See post for more details:

Daybreak Dev Diary: Progress, Redux Changes, and Kaede’s Tweaks

Currently the chapters are only posted over at my own blog. I will be updating them over here at krytyk soon though I'm currently still thinking about how to do this. I don't really want to just recreate all the pages as there's a lot of old comments (and answers) that remain pertinent, but after volume 1 the chapters don't all line up either so... (shrug). No simple answers.

In either case if you enjoyed Daybreak before I hope to see you around =)

Best regards,

~ Aorii

5 thoughts on “The Return of Daybreak

  1. Happyhafer

    Daybreak is back ! ! !
    this is great news!

    about your problem with chapter changes and reposts, how about you just keep the old version and add a new folder/menu item for daybreak redux?
    it would be a double post for the earlier chapters but if the story for the second volume clearly deviats from the old version than there should be no issue keeping both versions.

    i also say this because i don't want your achievments to disappear. daybreak on hyperion is a great story and even if you wrote yourself into a deadend, it is still the fruit of your labor and with the redux it will show your growth as a writer.

    i look forward to read your story once again and see where you made your changes and how much matches what i still remember.

    1. Aorii Post author

      Nah definitely don't want a new menu item. There are enough menu items as it is and I don't want to claim more of krytyk's real estate :3
      I may just decide to make all new pages, since the only part of the story that really lines up 1:1 (vol1) doesn't have all that many comments.

  2. Jessigurl

    Just leave the old stuff up on here as is and tag it as OLD VERS. or DRAFT something


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