AMA_v13_CoverThe post title says it all. The size of this afterword is the greatest mystery ever since resolving the secret of Haunted being a ctuhlu sorcerer, contracted to elder god(s) (seriously).

So yeah. Contrary to all expectations I HATH FINISHED volume 12 before volume 13 is out! *clapclapclap*.

Well then, volume 13 is coming out today, and I'll be getting it today. And I'll be reading it today, can't wait to see how it ends... Although, according to author, the Another Mission 2 is going to have a short story of what happens afterwards, so that'll be nice too (Lapis wins Takerubowl YAAY).

So, links here: Epilogue, Afterword, Full Text.

Make sure to support the author and publisher by purchasing the books in original language, and official adaptation if available at any point in the future.

Edit: Volume 13 is out and I have finished reading it already. Now... I need time to get over it.


18 thoughts on “The Short Epilogue and... WHY ON EARTH IS AFTERWORD NINE PAGES LONG?!

  1. AvatarLevaentin

    thank you so much for reviving the proyect T-T
    and i think that i have seen worse situations so i can cope with almost anything now, not that i am happy with it.
    have a nice day.

  2. Avatarcyclingkingsley

    Sweet mother of God thank you for reviving the project! I stop reading around vol 10 because the TL got I can finally look forward to finishing a light novel series FOR ONCE.

  3. AvatarShadowless

    Hey, I'm wondering if there is a order to the works you are translating? I noticed the last 2 updates where both anti magic, before that you updated daybreak, before that you updated both antimagic and Only sense, and before that was daybreak?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Daybreak isn't a translation but original story written by Aorii. As for order of what I translate... semi-random, what I feel like translating at the moment.

  4. Avatarsapper

    What is this water in my eyes it wont stop coming out! Thanks Krytyk you're fucking amazing! Now just to wait patiently for a pdf so i can make my friend cry too

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      It's not, but I still need time to get over the fact it's over, and how it turned out.

  5. AvatarNZPIEFACE

    Irrelevant comment to this, but someone should update the wikipedia page, seeing how this has 12 volumes, not 11.
    I'm not going to do it, I have bad experiences with wikipedia.

    Someone please do it.

  6. Avatarphmoura

    Thanks for Taimadou. I really missed this story. (the anime doesn't count)

    Waiting for a good soul to post an epub

    1. AvatarUnknown

      We all feel the same way this delay is horrible (>~<) Granted that anti-magic is continuing to be translated which is good news at the same time bad news it ends next volume. It's saddening to see a great series end.


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