The True End

This is what many of you have been waiting for.

The true end of the story comprising of the actual last chapter and the true epilogue.

Afterword will be done once other chapters are done, which means not now. I do plan on doing them in the future (most likely the order they will be done will be depending on my preferences). But for now I will focus on different projects, meaning OSO. Yes, next release will be that of Only Sense Online.

Among other news, two days ago we had a release of Yanagimi Touki's new novel series! Yaay! I read it on the first day it came out and will be sharing information on it elsewhere (I keep spoilers out of my blog). But to say, it's a very good novel, the writing gives off a strong antimagic feel.

Well, that's about it. Remember to purchase the books to support authors and publishers by purchasing the books. Don't be nubs, dish out those monies.


10 thoughts on “The True End

  1. Manas

    Whom Takeru chose? Don't You know? If You know please say it! I can't sleep after reading last chapter and epilog!

  2. Evil Twin2146

    Well, I think my speech last time was pretty good, but thanks again for the journey.

  3. maelyn

    I haven't taken a look at AntiMagic yet, but maybe now that it's wrapping up, I will -- and perhaps binge read over a weekend or so.

    Very much looking forward to more Yun fluffiness, though.

  4. Docky

    Thanks bro for ur hard work.

    This series have an special place on my hearth and will be missed when i finish it next week, hopefully if work permit it xD.

  5. Mincheriit

    As Otte said its been a long and great ride. Many great times and memories. Thanks for all your hard work on this series, i remeber the first time i saw this site, was one of the bigger factors that got me into light novels. Much appreciated.
    For me personally i feel like you release your translations at a fine pace. Even though sometimes its actually a while it doesnt feel it at with the length of the chapters and the quality all than makes up for it. This series will be missed dearly.

  6. Acnologia

    can you perhaps tell us the posting scheme? I would like to know about when chapters are realesed.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      When they are done. Sometimes I have time to translate, sometimes I don't.

  7. Otto.Tre-K

    Thank you!

    It's been a great ride, kinda sad it's over... Should binge-read it again.

    Thanks again for the great work with this series, your translations have been amazing.


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