The Wild Ride of a Chapter Release

Yes. FINALLY. I FINALLY FINISHED. This chapter was bullshit, bullshit long and got me a headache with its length - and not just once.

But it's here, a chapter encompassing about a huge chunk of entire volume. There's everything here, from battle on the move, multiple characters appearing and reappearing... everything. So here, have the link and enjoy.

Now, about the next translation endeavors, next I will translate chapter 5 and 6, then epilogue. Chapter 5 is tiny, about a ninth of this chapter. So it won't take long, but I need to take a little rest. Furthermore, after the epilogue I plan to continue on with AntiMagic, translating Chapter 6 and Epilogue of Another Mission 2, to finish the story (for those who don't know, Another Mission has one more chapter and epilogue which happen after Volume 13), where AM2 epilogue is the definite epilogue for the entire story.

After that, I will be back to OSO until I catch up. AntiMagic side stories will be done in free time if I find some, sorry, priorities y'know.

Now, a new announcement. AntiMagic's author, Yanagimi Touki-sensei is pulling out a new series in mediafactory, illustrated by Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan's illustrator. Yaay. You can find the teaser page for it here. The new series title is Last Bosses of the Heroless World and is a slightly comedic story about last bosses from various worlds brought to save a world from evil, or something. And they're all huge problem children. It comes out this month on the 25th, I'll definitely be buying and reading it on the day its released, so I might share my impressions no IRC or 4cucks. More stuff about this series can be found here.

As always, please make sure to support the authors and publishers by purchasing the original books, don't be leeches and make yourself useful. Missing out two beers won't kill you.


12 thoughts on “The Wild Ride of a Chapter Release

  1. AvatarTomolone

    I should give antimagic a try again. Also patiently waiting for oso to come back! Thanks for the translations Krytyk!

  2. AvatarAyumiro


    I've always admired how much effort you put into these translations, but I feel that I've always underappreciated the original authors because of that. I may still be in high school, but I thought the "missing out on two beers won't kill you" joke was pretty funny. More than that, however, it got me thinking into the importance of supporting things that you believe in. Just because you can get two beers and read an online translation doesn't mean that the original creator is able to enjoy the same luxury, because he/she isn't getting anything out of it.

    In light of this, how do you suggest I buy the original books? Since I live in America, it's not obvious on how to acquire them. I'm not sure if you can use iBooks or Amazon or some other method. Even if I can't read them, I'd still like support the author (and then maybe I can take a course in Japanese while in college next year).

    Thanks in advance!

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      The easiest and the cheapest way to support author is to purchase the ebook versions of the book, you can easily do that as long as you have an access to a paypal or a mastercard/visa. They are also cheaper than physical books. Personally I'm buying all the books here. Roughly 4 to 6 usd for a b ook depending on the imprint.

      If you want a physical copy to put on your shelf, there are sites that will send you the books to US, for example. Although I'm not as familair with those.

      Well, that is only if you can afford it. I know high schoolers aren't the wealthiest group of folks around.

  3. Avatarzomg

    It's always nice seeing you update. I've been reading some Ascenscion of a Bookworm and Eliza on other sites. Looking forward to OSO! It is probably my favorite light novel. It's just the perfect mix of slice of life, characterization and an interesting world.

    Also, I love a gameworld (whether it's an actual game or a world with game based physics) where the gameplay actually make some amount of sense.

  4. AvatarAbedeus

    You weren't kidding, that was a REALLY long chapter. Can't wait to read the rest of the volume/EX2, still hoping for a "true ending" so to speak.

  5. Avatarpokeperson1000

    Missing out on two beers won't kill me, especially since I don't drink beer.

    Thanks for the update!

  6. Avatar/a/

    I'll wait for the complete volume but anyway...
    Yay! You made a huge milestone, thank you very much!
    Now have a well earned rest...

  7. AvatarVictor Rama

    Been a while since i last commented.
    Congrats kry sama, love you soo muchhhh.
    And thanks for the update! That new title seems interesting....


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