The Mysterious Counter

OSO_v05_CoverWell then, OSO's release is imminent, just like the counter below suggests. But... what will happen when the counter hits 0? Obviously krytyk won't release any chapters the moment book's out. ...I'm not that fast...

But, will nothing really happen? If the counter hits 0, will the world be destroyed? Will every gamer be sucked into the virtual world? Will all the men on the earth be genderbent?!

No one knows, except for I. And... I don't intend on sharing the knowledge.


45 thoughts on “The Mysterious Counter

  1. Ares

    It's all a lie. I saw the counter hits 0 and nothing happened. Why did you lie to uuuuuuus?!!!

  2. Reaper Phoenix

    When the timer hit zero the world will be destroyed and all gamers will be transported to another world and all men will be genderbent. Hmm... sound like a story a started writing a couple of months ago, except for the genderbender part.

  3. SilenceComes

    I don't think I would mind any of those options, really.

    The world is a horrible place and life sucks. If I didn't have people I cared about, I probably would have offed myself long ago, or tried to burn the world in fire, either one.

    Depends on the VG world. OSO would be awesome though. Self sufficient solo player's wet dream I tell you.

    Being genderbent... would take a little getting used to, but for the most part it's just a change in hygiene and toilet habits.

  4. AoriiAorii

    Krytyk, you're resorting to cheap propaganda PR/sales hype-building tactics =P
    I didn't know you could steep so low =P

      1. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

        TIL OP has a double chin and a mole.
        Also, that I have been browsing imgur for far too long to get my mind off of The Babadook
        which I discovered through browsing imgur

        during the late night hours.

  5. Haha

    I know I know!!
    Krytyk gonna blow the site up.. and say goodbyevto translating for ever after!!
    The end of thebworld...?
    Quite close..

  6. Truth

    Lol, well, it's that time again folks, soon Krytyk is going to be pumping out chapters like there's no tomorrow

    Looking forward to getting surprised by chapters coming out every one or 2 days lol

    Actually, I really want to know what's going to happen with that guild event

    1. Truth

      When this timer hits zero I actually wouldn't be surprised if there was a chapter, maybe Krytyk somehow obtained a copy through a black market stall in some creepy alleyway for cheap because the guy selling liked role playing

  7. DJK13

    Actually, timer is set for midnight in Japan... though I don't think they release it until 9 am.... or I could be wrong....

  8. Yun

    Your going to buy the book 6 hours before the timer is up and start translating the Prologue!

  9. inspired

    Hmm... You'll buy the ebook edition released in 8 hours, at exactly 12:00am JST May 20, then post a few Novel Illustrations shortly after?

  10. desteniyfm

    if for real that you will get suck in a video game at 0. might be a good time to dust out my Nintendo and play poke'mon. hopefully it wont be turned based once im in there or else it would suck

    1. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

      Probably better than the VGperson horror JRPGs I'm playing. As interesting and beautiful as I might find it from thw safetey of the screen, I would die in 2 minutes flat if I found my self "welcomed" to the world of Guertena. Of a goddamn heart attack, I would.

      1. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

        Hindsight being 20/20 and all, let me mate a couple of clarifications, kouri made the game, but it was TLed by vgperson. I am also playing some other games that she translated. Last, both vgperson and kouri are spelled with the English alphabet in lowercase.

  11. victor rama

    Uguehehhee.....9 hours huh? I don't mind. I have been staying under Krytyk-sama's bed longer than that.

    1. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

      9 hours? it's about 6 now, and I have that game lent out, but that is one game I do not want to get sucked in.

  12. Owl

    Oh, what happens when the timer hits 0 is easy. Store clerks in Japan will end up with lifelong trauma when hordes of drooling fan boys and girls break down the door and stare at them with bloodshot eyes going "Yuuunnn..... where is yyyuuunnn!!!....". Bonus points for drooling while saying that.

  13. kazeshindo

    As long as it is not along the line, "OSO release will not happen! TOO BAD SUCKERS!!!!"

    Then I don't really care what happens after 12 hours. I will wait patiently (VERY PATIENTLY) for the next OSO release.

  14. rite

    Finally, the last 12 hours is here. It would be nice to look forward to the translation~~

    I wonder the the great Krytyk can translate 1 chapter a day with his/her light speed translation?

  15. Anonymous

    Krytyk-sama, are you really sure you aren't that fast? I've already seen you do some pretty awesomely lightning speed translations like 8 chapters in a week.

  16. George

    here is to hoping being sucked into a virtual world, at least that way it won't be like a normal reincarnation after truck-san confesses to me :P

    1. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

      I sort of want to write a reincarnation story in which terms like "OP", "wish fulfillment", "cheat", and "self-insertion" are shot in the head with extreme prejudice. If possible, perhaps even on a symbolic level. One of the first tropes I want to poke fun with is truck-san. It completely misses the MC, but it falls over from the swerve and causes a pileup when the first car to hit it ruptures the tank, filled to the brim with gasoline, and explodes. The shrapnel lovingly embraces our MC, leaving the details decidedly not PG. 2 hours later, he is declared dead in transit to the local hospital.

      1. Joshua

        Made a mistake. Meant that comment to be for the person above.

        What i wanted to point your way was:
        Heard of gifting the world? No OP. No Cheat.
        Got killed trying to save a girl from an incoming vehicle. Only the vehicle, was a slow moving truck and pushing the girl to safety broke her leg...
        Just plain comedy, about how this really useless non-OP guy would probably beat the other OP other world travelers in defeating the BOSS.

        I myself wrote, and am still writing a WN of that genre. Though exams call for a break. I should probably state that somewhere though, if not people might be wondering whether this 1 month afk is cause i m not among the living.

    2. Joshua

      Virtual world of runescape.
      Repost, cause i replied to the wrong @
      ..... K pls help!

  17. master_tonberry

    If its in 12 hours then I'll get to see, then I'll have to go to work.....


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