There's no escape from the demon lord.

OSO_v06_073The story slowly continues... but cute animals and teased Yun are as fun as ever.

...okay, 3 minutes passed and I'm still wondering what to write.

...all right, let's do this: While looking around the link and comments about OSO all over, I noticed that people link OSO translations (over here), and then in the same posts they add the webnovel in Japanese as the source.

No, it is NOT. It's true that the light novel I translate is largely based on the original webnovel, but the differences are too big to consider them "the same". In fact, the chapters I'm translating now do not exist in webnovel, which is more than enough to prove that.

Though, don't take my rant THAT seriously. I'm just filling space in the post. Also, the link to the chapter.

PS: Is it just me or getting on with a girl like Emily or Lucato would suit Yun the best? I mean, he's very soft on people, so a girl who has firm grasp on things would suit Yun better.

PS2: I prefer yuri pairings over yaoi pairings.


11 thoughts on “There's no escape from the demon lord.

  1. God Ginrai

    I still ship Yun with Magi, but I could see Emily and Yun making a decent pairing.

    As for who "suits" Yun better, I feel like Yun would feel more comfortable being uncomfortable, if you understand what I mean. In other words, Yun would be better with someone they have to take care of a little bit. That's why I actually believe someone who is more easygoing would actually make a better pairing.

  2. Anonymous

    I do think that you would prefer yuri if you're a guy and yaoi if you're a girl

  3. Schion

    is it just me or is Krytyk starting to have a thing for hiding the link and enjoying people going "where is the link?!" XD

  4. mathmf

    where's the link for the chapter?, the image links to an youtube video.

    edit: my bad, the link was white so didn't see it

  5. pea's kingdom

    I too prefer yuri pairing more than yaoi one :)
    Share the love of yuri everywhere~

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I believe Magi is too easygoing to be called as such.

      Mind, that my belief who would suit Yun the best doesn't equal to best pairing. It's purely logical standpoint.


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