This is why elves are!

Alice_avatarToctoc, Kadi here.

I may have been semi-lazy over the last few days, but not today! To celebrate Alice Tale's new title, have a new chapter fresh out of the... keyboard? Anyway. More fluffiness for all!

It comes with a new character, so get ready to meet (not) Tinker Bell! The first one to use an obviously different style of speech. To try to do that justice, I went with "one" for I and "thou/thy/thee" for the yous. I considered going full Early Modern English but... headache! Don't wanna! Hurts! Leave me alone! If I'm ever really good, I might try to rework it, get rid of "one" and "thou/thy/thee" and make the different style obvious through word choice and stuff but... not for another 5 years. Minimum. Then there was the thing with her name...

So far!



P.S.: Oh. Right. Link.

18 thoughts on “This is why elves are!

  1. AoriiAorii

    Next time Kadi, you should try Yoda-speak
    Just to insert some more variety~
    Besides, your Shakespearean speech seems to have gotten rusty since Athena days xD

    1. KadiKadi Post author

      I never did Athena though. You and zzhk did. What isn't there in the first place cannot rust! I did try being more faithful to Early Modern English, but it sounded MEHHH, far from worth the effort so there.

    2. Mampi

      I can't stop imagining them talking like Yoda now. Shion: "'Try to attack then', I thought."
      Also love Daybreak Aorii~
      Tally ho, the land o' ye olde English over the horizon!

  2. Justin Do

    Hey Krytyk can I ask you about how you make your epubs? I have been trying to make an epub and mobi of a web novel so that i could read it but I can't seem to get the formatting to the notes and references part right. I keeps showing up in my table of contents even though I format it other wise.

    1. krytykkrytyk

      I don't, nice folks all around the internets do. I put the credits with nicknames and the books/volumes/formats done by them on About page.

      1. kanel

        i dont know how to create an epub from scratch... but if you copy the webnover to a doc file first you can then use an online converter to make it into an epub...but some of them screw up the text so you have to find a good one.

    1. kanel

      that the knocking sound of EVERY COUNTRY

      ΤΟΚ ΤΟΚ
      χαιρετισματα απο την ελλαδα!

  3. Colonel

    otsukare TY for new chapter
    btw when I read ur post "headache! Don't wanna! Hurts! Leave me alone!" somehow I imagine Goddess Yun complaining face (i wonder why?? -_-;) LOL

  4. Kensei Seraph

    A new chapter of OSO and Fluffiness both at the same time?!?
    Today has the potential to be a really good day.

    Thanks Kadi for the Fluffiness and thanks Krytyk for the Justice.

  5. Mampi

    Late in saying this but, dear god your alive! Good to see ya again!

    Thank you to both of ya for your work~ Yay for more expansion content in v4!

    Till aside, I had trouble understanding the names of 2 others.


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