Time to Discover the Winter Horizons and More Cute Coming With Them


Yes, this is exactly what you're seeing. It's no mirage nor illusion. IRL Yun and Myu, or rather Shun and Miu, in this case.

Yeah, OSO vol 9 is out. Came out roughly half a day ago (11 hours ago?), in any case - it's cute.

Right, so... surprisingly after the break since I last released something, I didn't find anything to write about. So I'm going to move on to the prologue's link immediately.

Lastly: Please support the author and publisher by purchasing the books in Japanese, or in English when they appear. Don't slack and don't leech, give back what you take.

That's about it. And yes, the new clothes everyone gets are cute.

PS: Chapter 1 might not come out so soon, I have something else to do first.

PS: I was a little tired so this one might have more mistakes than usual - until Bareus looks over it.


23 thoughts on “Time to Discover the Winter Horizons and More Cute Coming With Them

  1. God Ginrai

    I'm hoping that IRL picture means more IRL scenes. Specifically, I want to see an offline meeting with one of the people he met online, where they realize he actually *is* a guy, like he's been claiming. (If it was with Magi, that would be even better)

    Thanks for the chapter! :D

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I understand wanting to see something like that, but that actually happening could destroy the potential plot and force the novel to end early. I mean, it would change the entire character of the series.

      1. Owl


        On the other hand, Magi already wants to glomp him thinking he's a girl. If she finds out he's a guy, it might just be open season!

        And everyone else around them dies from nosebleeds seeing the girl on girl. :P

        1. David

          ROFLMAO - Where are my kleenex? I'd run around as a girl if I could get with Magi!

  2. Caudyr

    Thanks for the hard work as always!

    Looking forward to the next chapter when time permits you to do it. ^^

  3. Seinvolf

    Thank u always for ur great work...

    His face near similar in manga version but in here more clear...

  4. Rei Void

    While I already saw his face from the manga, yeah it will be nice. Also seeing prologue title seems that the young beast will get to play an active role now. Well it will be another battle for you Krytyk, We will meet at epilogue.

    1. zanza306

      oh wich site i've been reading the manga ver on kissmanga.com thats how i found this site nya.

  5. Aruseus493

    As usual, I'll wait for translation of the full volume to finish before reading it, but thanks for more OSO. I'm super hyped and will probably order all 9 OSO volumes during one of the next few times I import a bunch of manga/LNs from Japan. <3


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