Tobi-chan is just too cute, I want a Tobi-doll to hug.

OSO_v04_041Well, I said not to expect a fast release but... I felt like it. Well, now that I've done it I'm going back to work.

Also, for additional agenda, about the previous matter with comments. We might possibly try discourse and see how does it work out with the blog. Though it's still not confirmed.

Damn, this novel is so laid back and comfy, so why is it so fun to read through and translate at high pace? Just amazin', this phenomenon. Here, the link.

PS: If possible, make sure to acquire a copy of OSO volume 4, as well as other volumes and books you have read here. The goal of the fan translations isn't providing free stuff, but giving a way to read the novels that are unavailable in English as well as to advertise the light novels. So yeah, if possible fork over the monies and buy your own copy! Authors and illustrators, editors, distributors and all the other people who work on the novels should be paid for the work they have done to bring these stories into life!


23 thoughts on “Tobi-chan is just too cute, I want a Tobi-doll to hug.

  1. AvatarThe uncovered

    If you live in Africa and you have no Yen Press and others how will you do

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Pay for the Japanese version after reading it here~. As long as you have a paypal you can buy it from the

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          That's great. I think that's how it should be, we get to enjoy the books, they get paid for providing enjoyment ^_^.

  2. AvatarTruth

    LOL, oh my, I did not expect another translation so soon. Now I just keep refreshing the page waiting for more unexpected things lol.

  3. AvatarReg

    Hello, Krytyk.
    Firstly, I would like to thank you for the translation AntiMagic Academy and OSO.
    Secondly, I wanted ask if I can translate AntiMagic Academy into another language?

  4. AvatardhRPGamer

    That must be the charm of this novel, after one picked it up one does not simply put it down unless one must, and would yet still wonder and speculate what comes after. (That's why, for now, I shall try to refrain from reading OSO until the translation of the script of the last chapter is done, to save myself from the endless anticipations.)

    Thanks and respects to you, SIr Translator!

  5. AvatarFeignasse

    Krytyk, could you please add links to buy the books/ebooks somewhere on the site?
    I admit that I am being lazy but I'd rather not search by myself since I cannot read Japenese.
    It could give a final push to people (like me) too lazy to buy them.

    Thank you for translating those great novels.

  6. Avatarvictorrama

    /me must be careful to avoid Kry-sama's wrath again.
    Anyways niceeee. And thanks as usual.


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