TMG_v09_221Violence in the chapter, and violence has been dealt to my brain cells (the amount of text this time was too much).

Hey there everyone, the release of AMA Volume 10 is nearing - to be precise it comes on 18th at 0:00 Japanese time. So there isn't a week remaining even, more like 5 days.

Thankfully I've almost caught up as well, now that I've dealt with this monstrous, humongous ridiculous chapter. Not only that, it's been packed with lots of difficult to translate stuffs. At least, we get to see the a cute elf with a huge sword between her legs, well kinda... ehem.

Oh well, at the very least next chapter is extremely short, about 7 times shorter, I guess? Thankfully. After that there's only epilogue and afterword.

Well then, time to drop down the link here.




7 thoughts on “Violence.

  1. Liedral

    That's a wierd picture.... at first thought she was partially invis, but the faded lines are off... then I thought we were looking at a reflection on the sword, but the legs are visible... then I thought maybe it's a seethrough sword, but that doesn't explain her invisible rear... and now I'm outta ideas.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      It's a solid sword, however, the artist showed her expression and part of her body behind it.

  2. Tom

    Good :) Nor actually reading this (yet!) but keep it up! Been reafing of here for a while now and just wanted to say thanks for doing what you do here.



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