Voilà, volume 8 finished. Now that that's out of the way...

TMG_v08_275CI can patiently just wait for OSO volume 4 to come out in few days. Great.

Okay, this time, I've got quite a lot to talk about. On the matter of the blog links section. I feel like it has gotten out of hand and control, at first I planned to put in some recommendations to fill up the space, but since I didn't think it over too well - it started to grow out of proportions and without distinction. As you might know, I'm in strong opposition of low quality translations, and even stronger opposition of things that pretend to be translations yet aren't. That is why I will probably be performing a cleanup in the links, I'll be going by the translations quality and accuracy. Also, all links leading to materials licensed by American publishers will also be deleted, as well as those who try to make money off fan translations.

Now, to the release itself. Chapter 6, Epilogue, Afterword, or Full Text for entire volume at once.

The additional release is a speed-colouring you can see on the right for which I have delayed the release by two and a half hours (in other words, I coloured it in two and a half hours). Some unfinished details might stand out, but as usual - I'm too lazy to fix them.


Mini announcement: I have made two changes as to how comments are displayed. First, since there were too many comments on some pages displayed at a time, I limited it to 50 displayed at once with the rest available after clicking the link on the bottom. Second, I have made it so that the comments go from the newest to the oldest, from top to bottom.

While at it: OSO volume 4's cover has appeared in high quality (stunning digital 3000px version!) and can be found on OSO main page, OSO vol 4 illustrations page or few posts below this one.



38 thoughts on “Voilà, volume 8 finished. Now that that's out of the way...

  1. AvatarRevolvingOcelot

    NUUUUUUUUUUU, lapis is crying ;-; what happened to takeru??? i don't think he would pepsi since he's the mc.

    btw krytyk what's you translation schedule? seeing as how you will be translating OSO, one more AA, omae wo, and vanquish, what will be the order?

  2. AvatarDat one guy

    Krytyk, I am experiencing a problem with your site on my mobile devices(tablet and phone). Every now and then a menu pops up from the left and blocks out my whole screen. Is there any way you can fix this please?

    1. AvatarAnonymous

      That because when you swipe the screen with your right hand you make a pattern like "/" and it also opens the menu
      But if you swipe with your left it going to be like "\" so the menu won't appear

  3. AvatarAnonymous

    Thank you for the rest of the volume Krytyk-sama!
    Just my opinion but I guess if you change the comments section back to older first it would be easier for mobile users such as me as replies are going to be under the original comment and this site's mobile version doesn't show if it's a reply
    P.S. Finally found the website in Google!!!
    P.S.2 I already knew it but now it's easier for more LN lovers to reach this paradise
    P.S. 3 Sorry for the long comment

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Didn't really understand what you mean in the first part. But if I change back to oldest first again, you'll have to browse through 3 pages to find your new comment, in some cases.

      1. AvatarAnonymous

        Oh! Got it!
        But could you make the mobile version have something indicating which comments are replies?
        It's kinda confusing to read the comments from the oldest and suddenly read a reply tottaly out of context

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          Not possible. But replies are always under the original comment, even with the newest on top setting.

          1. KadiKadi

            I kinda liked "oldest on top, newest at the bottom", I could always skip to the end of the page and work myself up. Now the new comments are in the middle of nowhere... oh, well, I'll cope.

          2. krytykkrytyk Post author

            Yeah, well, it's about those pages that have over hundred comments, they also tax Simon's server more.

          3. KadiKadi

            So displaying the 50 latest comments in the "old" order is not an option? Too bad, but I see.

          4. krytykkrytyk Post author

            It is an option, but then again, to go to the newest post you would have click through to page two via the link on the bottom if there's more than 50 comments.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      On hiatus until I catch up with both AA and OSO. (1 volume each). Then I'll go back to Omae wo.

  4. AvatarMordant

    Great, finally gonna start reading 8th volume.

    And it was awesome timing. Tomorrow I've got almost 4 hours waiting time between lectures (plus around 1,5 hour on train to and from university). More then enough to read whole volume while enjoying some sweets in nearby cafe.

    1. Avatargotta catch em all

      oops. i mean like the specific names, etc. aside from the licensed ones.

      1. krytykkrytyk Post author

        Don't think so. But you can expect it to be severe to the point where half or most of it disappears ^_^.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      A break where I focus on doing tons of work is hardly a break from which I can come back feeling great :p.

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          Most likely, yes.
          I considered using OSO Vol 4 Yun, but after uploading and changing avatar, I realized It makes me too similar to Kadi.
          This one, that is.


          As compared to Kadi's. Sure that'd be confusing right? Imagine at half the size (avatar display size) - the mayhem.

          1. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

            Motion Seconded. Call to vote:
            All in favor? """Aye"""
            All against? *crickets chirping*

            By unanimous vote, abstainees and absentees excepted, the motion to have Kadi's Avatar changed is passed.
            Next order of business, regarding...

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Making... my own app? While I am all-talented, amazing and capable of anything, I am not omnipotent. I'm still bound by ruthless time. It doesn't allow me to learn all the skills at once. Thus, there will be no app since I only learned a little bit beyond basic scripting.

  5. AvatarShiku

    Whoohoo ~ ... Thanksies for the update(s)!

    And the waiting for OSO translations begins~ XD
    *Hope and Waits for vol.4 OSO public release to be faster*

  6. AvatarTran67

    I never noticed the blog links. Then again I'm on my phone.

    And thanks for the translations ^_^


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