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Daybreak volume 3 chapter 18 is posted (here). This should wrap up any cliffhangers left by the previous chapters, and most of the major themes presented this volume.

There's still a few minor scenes left... in the Epilogue. But while I originally wanted to post this before my trip out of the country, it doesn't seem like it'll happen. So for people who wants to wait until the volume is finished (at least another month), there's still one more, plus I have to make my general editing pass. There may also be another Daybreak Development Diary on the topic that ends this chapter... because it is a very important topic to me and one of the central themes of Daybreak.

At the same time, I hope it shows a fresh direction to take fantasy compared to (most of) the stories you've read.

~~ Aorii

14 thoughts on “Volume Closing

  1. An avid reader

    My hopes that krytyk ain't dead and we get some more fluff soon! Gl to w/e the fuck you're doin krytyk

    1. Hakurei06

      if all you want is confirmation of him being alive, the best place to check is #AntimagicAcademy channel on Rizon's IRC server.

    1. deemerald

      He's probably buzy with exams or work, as i'm very buzy with my exams, but somehow still find time to answer to your impatient asking. Just wait if we see him again, otherwise Aorii had already informed us trusty readers

      1. Owl

        That would be a relief, with all the crap going on in the world, if it was just exams its fine. Not like the incident in an online game when I asked 'What happened to XYZ' and got the answer 'He was killed in the Paris shooting'....

        So when people suddenly go MIA I tend to worry more these days.

  2. Aorii-chan, love

    at the very least, with all this misery happening, our protagonists won't be OP any time soon

    1. Aorii Post author

      Which is good news, because this series would be over if they're OP (I can't write/tolerate stories like that ^^')

  3. curious

    If one Samaran's general knowledge and some pass time of a single good mage is enough to create a nuke, why doesn't Samaran's Grand Republic dominate the world considering they have vastly more resources and likely reincarnated people with a much better know-how?

    1. Evil Twin2146

      Samarans don't know about nuclear fission, or the 4 main forces of the universe. Kaede does.

    2. Aorii Post author

      Samarans also epitomizes the virtues of the Samsara life cycle. Most Buddhist monks aren't very militant for a reason =P (Sri Lanka and Japan are the weird outliers).

  4. DeEmerald

    Wah! Thanks for uplodin something Aorii! Tough, deep in my heart i wished for OSO, you cant get everything in the world . I shall read this chapter with the humblest of thanks. Kbyenow its my need for reed


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