We interrupt Krytykal spam for...

I swear Krytyk is actually a robot, out to make everyone else's release schedules look bad =P

Anyhow I've been on a trip out of the country for the last few weeks which is why the latest Daybreak chapter took a while... again. The available chapters in volume 3 are also due for a general edit, except I've been too stressed lately to work on it (sigh).

At any rate, v3ch4 is long and covers a lot of genres, so enjoy =P The chapter title is still pending; I'm still looking for inspirations.

It may also be the last slice-of-life oriented chapter for a while... *sadface*.

~~ Aorii

P.S. I know a lot of Daybreak's readership are strategy gamers... so any one of you play this? Been reacquainting myself with it after discovering FAF. Game is 8 years old and still the most epic in its genre.

P.P.S. Recently realized that I still owe a certain reader (Fos) an email channel; except wherever I kept the email address didn't survive the laptop death late summer. So Fos if you see this and still want to talk, make another post with your actual email in the post's email field please.

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17 thoughts on “We interrupt Krytykal spam for...

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  1. God Ginrai

    "I swear Krytyk is actually a robot, out to make everyone else's release schedules look bad =P" <-- I agree with this.

    However, that's what makes Krytyk so awesome.

    1. Trainee35

      Js06.exe's translation speed is the most ridiculous of all. He's translating at least a chapter a day.

  2. Caleb8980

    Supreme Commander!!! It seems we like the same games...after Tears of Tiara 2 now SC...

    Nothing goes over the nuclear explosions in this game - and I love how simple yet challenging the resource system is.

    Recently I got my friends to play it at a LAN, after they got the concept it was beyond epic :D

    Just a tip: don't even bother with SC2...I don't know how they could cut sooo many cool features of part 1.

    1. AoriiAorii Post author

      I've actually played SupCom2 years ago when it first came out... and enjoyed the campaign enough to like it. They successfully added a very human and societal dimension into a game full of automated, self-replicating killer armies. Now gameplay wise? It sucks.

      The only downside to SupCom compared to popular RTS like SC2 (actually Starcraft =P) is that its learning curve is ridiculous. The amount of multitasking ability needed to play this... like managing 2 bases, resourcing operations all over the map, constant guerilla attacks, plus fighting on 2-3 main battlefronts at once, is beyond the brain capacity of most traditional RTS gamers =P Honestly, it's so stressful to play that I prefer watching replays most of the time ^^;

      Did you check out FAF? They've set up a pretty impressive multiplayer community after the maker went under. Not to mention cool maps, awesome mods (both graphic-enhancing and game-rebalancing, like the much needed T3 mobile anti-air; because flak is useless against strate bombers)

      1. Caleb8980

        Yeah SC=StarCraft came to me 1 hour after posting it...well nevertheless I agree SupCom is a game with much micro going on and constant decision making but thats what I like about it as every match plays completely different.

        As for the campaign of SupCom2, I agree as well - it actually entertained me till the last mission and I was always eager to see how it went on after each mission.

        But no I've never played FAF, as I don'T even own FA -.- (tried to find it anywhere in Retail as my inet is of the wood type xD) Well someday I'll buy it at Amazon...I just keep on forgetting it ^^

  3. Bareus

    My first RTS was Command & Conquer: Red Alert, but I grew up with C&C Generals (and its expansion Zero Hour). I played SupCom 2 the first time 3 or 4 months ago and later acquired SupCom 1 and its expansion pack Forged Aliance, though I couldn't find the time to play it yet. Maybe I should start it now, that I've got some time to spare... but I also still have Homeworld remastered version to play.....

    1. AoriiAorii Post author

      Ah C&C:RA, the game that allowed me to master typing and learn that European gamers are so much more mature than American ones...
      I have Homeworld:Remastered lying around too, except 3-4 missions made me realize that I've kind grown out of that traditional RTS formula.
      Fond memories though~

    2. God Ginrai

      Red Alert was my first RTS as well. God I loved that game. It's a shame what EA did to Westwood...

        1. God Ginrai

          It's what EA does to every series. They see a successful series, buy out the company that made it, shut down or use politics to force everyone who cared about the series out, and then release hollow shells with the series name for consumers to purchase and subsequently be disappointed by.

          That's their modus operandi.

          1. AoriiAorii Post author

            I'd believe that more if RA3's BS didn't receive so many acclaims throughout the gaming world for being 'more fun that its predecessors'. It's like the market wants increased stupidity.
            Just like how C&C:Generals was way more popular than Tiberium Sun (despite TS being far better in both gameplay and storyline).
            Not that RA/C&C series was ever particularly intelligent; but it certainly wasn't outright stupid in its serious initial installments.

  4. Loco15

    "Age of empires 2" and "Command & Conquer: Red alert 2" where my childhood. Nowadays I might play a little "Sins of A Solar Empire" and "Dawn of War" once every blue moon. But I think my favorite was Homeworld, it has a new and fresh feeling to everything else, you have to plan in advance, and I loved the plot.

  5. Armaell

    Ahaha, I don't play a lot of RTS. But for me, no other RTS have beaten the feelings I had while playing Empire Earth.

    1. Moissonneur66

      I loved that game. To me it was basically a what if age of empires went past the medieval age and into the future? Then the expansion added space combat and i couldn't stop laughing about using the meteor shower ability. That been said my first strategy game love was Star Craft 1