What a cute creature, just adorable.


*tremble* *tremble* *tremble*

Uh, yeah chapter 6. Slightly delayed because I was busy doing the colour spread redraws and lots of them.

Let's see... this chapter's highlight? Of course this cute creature on the right. Adorable. Why do those sisters light such a fire in my heart.

There's also Mikadzuchi and Cloude on illustrations, did you imagine them like that? Did you imagine them differently? I wonder.

I already have epilogue and afterword translated... but don't expect me to release it anytime soon. I will redraw sense build data illustrations (4 of them) and release them along with epilogue and afterword for the volume's last, sizable release.

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15 thoughts on “What a cute creature, just adorable.

  1. Genosis

    Pretty much how I imagined them. Hair color and all.

    ... Except that Midkazuchi in my imagination was a male version of that illustration.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      All in all, even if Mikadzuchi is very mascuile, she's still a woman :P.

  2. Friendly Guy

    Mikadzuchi illustration was not too bad. But Cloud? Really? I actually pictured him as some muscle bound dude!!!

  3. lifeman120

    Would be cool if you could record yourself cleaning/typesetting or coloring images (if that's do-able for you ofc.)

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I tried doing that before but then realized halfway that I forgot to turn the video recording on. Haah. Maybe next time on one of the simplier illustrations. (more complex ones can take even hours).

  4. Demi

    Sei is so dam cute when she like that.

    Also, i was really hoping cloude looked like shiro from log horizon.

    Keep imagining him with shiro shadowy smile everytime he tries to get people to cosplay.

    Is that pvp guy serious? Has he not heard of enchant stones or enchants in general?

    How thick is he? I would think he would know about enchants by now since hes such a hardcore pvp manic.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Not feeling like it now, but maybe in future ;), and yes, I agree it's amazingly cute.

      1. victorrama

        Cuteeee krytyk. Cuteeeee sei. These ought to reinforce my heart before darkness....


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