Winter Debut

OSO_v09_037CLet's start with a small announcement:

Antimagic Academy's volume 13 (last volume) comes out on 20th of July. That is in less than two months, I really look forward to seeing how it ends - although I more or less have my predictions.

Now, back to OSO stuffs. To start with, a new colouring. It didn't take me much time and was kind of a hurried job, this time I used fairly bland colours as opposed to the usual vividness I make (the image just asked for it). I still think it came out well. Considering this volume is full of amazingly cute illustrations, possibly, most likely more colouring will come.

Now to move onto the link.

Make sure to support the author and publisher by purchasing the books after you have read the translations.


25 thoughts on “Winter Debut

      1. Evil Twin2146

        You look like a game character with blue hair at the moment, but I also remember Mari-chan and a red-headed loli and an elf before so going by appearance you could be many things.

  1. Caudyr

    Thanks for the hard work as usual Krytyk!

    Also, I really dig the coloring you did there...I agree that the "flatter" colors suit it more, especially given the setting of everything and all that jazz. ^^

    I also wonder if Magi-san might still be a little cold here... XD

  2. kayue

    At least give Yun some longer socks, Author-San!
    Nice coloring job. I agree the pastels are appropriate.

  3. Saed

    this makes me decide to think that Shun has a split personality(not really split personality) where during OSO his female personality dominates and when in real it becomes 50-50.

  4. B-Dom

    ... Why not dress pants (pretty much pants that reach to your ankle), but short pants again? It's suppose to be winter, or is he trying to show off his avatar's thighs, as if he's seducing people?

  5. Ivanator The Great

    Job well done on the coloring! and now that i look at the picture i didn't realize that there was such a massive gap in... proportions between Yun and Magi...but don't worry, it'll grow bigger given enough time so ganbare~ Yun-sama!

      1. krytykkrytyk Post author

        All right downloaded. Gonna do it after the current volume. Also: YAY, LETIA CHAPTER. Thanks!

  6. Kazekid

    Thanks for the chapter~

    That coloring picture is sick :) I never realized Magi-san's assets were so... prominent.

    1. Caudyr

      Haha, yeah...that's probably because her previous clothes didn't actually emphasize it THAT much. XD


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