Yaay, something new! A teaser! Applause, pachipachi pafupafu!

Yeah, I took a few hours to do translate and introduce a new teaser project. Yes, TEASER PROJECT. Because I like teasing just as I like bullying.

So, the teaser project. As some of you might have caught on what it might be, it's Antimagic Academy author's - Yanagimi Touki's - new light novel. Last Bosses in Heroless Worlds. Much out of curiosity of how will it be taken, and whether it will bring out starving Antimagic ghouls from their caves.

Right, to repeat again - for the time being this is a TEASER PROJECT I did not pick it up. I might, or I might not. Probably will also translate chapter 1 as a part of teaser (prologue is way too short even for a teaser), but that's later. Anyway, enjoy.

Next, of course back to translating OSO. Do not despair, my fluff addicts.



16 thoughts on “Yaay, something new! A teaser! Applause, pachipachi pafupafu!

  1. Celarian

    can't wait to give this a look. excellent timing, too, as i have just finished AMA vol 13 today.

  2. Acnologia

    Are you okay, Krytyk-dono? it would seem like something has happened to you, as you have not done anything for some time?

  3. Evil Twin2146

    Just a note, you can't access either of the teasers from the mobile version, unless you link them in a post.

  4. Abedeus

    Cover reminds me a bit of Hisasi's style, especially Netoge. Hopefully it'll be fun.

  5. Deemerald

    Whats this? Whats this? Something New and cool and taking More translation time off oso :)! Seems intersting will try and thanks

    1. Jay of the Void

      I'm pretty sure the primary reason is that it's the new novel from the author of Antimagic Academy. As stated in the post.


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