Yayy, azure volume starts~

TMG_v06_coverA very small release, sadly, but it's a good way to mark the beginning of translation efforts.

And so, AntiMagic Volume 6 prologue can be found here.

Yup, it's only 3 pages. Also, as usual - I don't promise when chapter 1 nor any other chapter will be out - even I slow down and take breaks once in a while. But the translation has started and will be slowly progressing...

I was wondering if I should release prologue along with chapter 1, but... I wanted a chance to use volume 6's cover on the front page post as soon as possible! I just love this volume's cover. The art is really amazing, and Lapis is lovely on this illustration... Although there's less darkness in this volume, I'm sure it'll be a good read just like the previous volume was.


EDIT 16/11/2014: kpoed has prepared AntiMagic Volume 5 PDF and EPUB for everyone, which can be found under the respective links, as well as the AntiMagic's main project page.

Also, because he's awesome he prepared new versions of PDF and EPUB for Only Sense Online Volume 1 and 2 (with all fresh edits in for more reading satisfaction). You can find them on the project page.


27 thoughts on “Yayy, azure volume starts~

  1. Pestanejando

    It's off topic, I know, but since you talked about it.... how do I do to set an avatar for myself?

  2. lens

    Thanks for all the hard work! XD

    ...eagerly awaiting the new chapters. :-) Hopefully the anime will cover up to this volume. XD

  3. michaelman90

    I seem to remember you (krytyk) using Lapis as your avatar not too long ago (and I think it was that same exact image).

      1. Coma

        in order I remeber: Myu (but not sure If I'm making confusion with someonelse avatar...), kiseki, totubi and now lapis... don't remeber what was there before (or if it was already like that since I started following this blog that was around the first translations of OSO)

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      That was 4 avatars ago, or 5 avatars ago. Not entire sure, but it was before I started changing avatars accordingly to the series I work on... (aside from oso vol 1 and 2, they were out of schedule :P.

  4. Ophis

    Thanks again Krytyk-chan~. I was really looking forward to this volume.

    Yeah, the cover for this volume is truly astounding. I can't help but admire whenever I see this cover.

  5. Coma

    OHOHOH... santa is coming early ^^ 2 serving of fluffiness + 1 of darkness... even if it's just an apetizer it's still wonderfull ^^

  6. Mampi

    Covers are great so donmai! There may be less darkness, but you never know when it will sucker punch you~


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