Yeah, well. That.

OSO_v04_001Another chapter out, this one was quite long plus there was illustration to redraw and typeset. Hopefully this chapter will put an end to one of never-ending questions about certain something Yun didn't do.

Second thing, next chapter is big-ass huge and also has a colour redraw, to top it off, I'm seriously busy. Probably there'll be nothing out for 3-4 days.

Chapter link.

EDIT: AA's 35th Test Platoon volume 10 release date was announced! Yay! It comes out on 18th of April and the Japanese volume title is "Witch Hunt War (beginning)"!



39 thoughts on “Yeah, well. That.

    1. AvatarAnonymous

      No, I don't work for the company nor anything of the sort. I really just think it's interesting because there are people from many different countries that read your translations

    2. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I have hundred times better tools than that one, I have precise statistics for countries, browsers, time on the site, what link you used to come, what did you open, what did you click, I've got a list of links leading to this blog...

    1. AvatarTruth

      Its only been what almost a week? Lol. Give it time im sure krytyk will release it when its ready.

      1. krytykkrytyk Post author

        They'll be out when they'll be out :). That's why I say not to have any expectations when it comes to release speed.

        1. Avatarmaster_tonberry

          Expectations no, hopes.....

          But seriously though thanks for all the chapters and take as long as you need. I'll still be here. Waiting. Plus I just got a friend interested too.

  1. AvatarJustin Do

    Lol I clicked on the picture to make it larger than suddenly ended up on YouTube.

  2. AvatarShiikun

    Krytyk-san can I ask again the links(?) for learning Kanji?

    I wanna start learning again~~
    Not much study workload right now... So I can focus in learning

    Thanks in advance! ( =w=)/

  3. AvatarNatsumi

    Thanks for the Chapter and cannot wait for the following ones and Antimagic!! =D

  4. Avatarskurai

    Wow... seriously krytyk this is just too amazing i can see now why you have quite the good rep, speed AND accurasy... you can consider me as truly impresed

    1. Avatarvictorrama

      Easiest way is to keep the page open and press 'F5' every 3 hours or so. It works!

  5. AoriiAorii

    Sheesh krytyk you call this "seriously busy"? You're TLing faster than I can find time to read! XD
    Totally not complaining =3=
    Thanks for your hard work o/

  6. Avatarvictorrama

    Been a while since i last heard it.... Still like it tho and thanks as usual Kry-sama

  7. AvatarStryke

    And.. I got Rick-rolled twice to make sure I didn't do it to myself. Thanks for the Chapter. It's a pleasant distraction from the grind at the office.

  8. AvatarSDG

    Thanks Krytyk. I discovered this site a little while ago and have been enjoying the translations (including the original by Aorii). So a big thanks to Kadi and Aorii too.

  9. AvatarLoco15

    Heh, if I have learned anything in this site, is that you can't trust Krytyk when he says "ETA for OSO next chapter is XX" or "No new chap in XX" you can be sure he will somehow upload the next chapter before that. That's the power of justice at work.

  10. AvatarLuminaris

    So you say... But if another chapter appears out of the blue.... Well what can i say? Yun is justice!

  11. AvatarZarethKnyght

    And I got Rick Rolled...>.<
    I won't say how so others will get Rick Rolled too!

  12. AvatarTruth

    First to thank Krytyk yay. Yeah looks like long one from what i can tell. Oh i got my books yesterday lol


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