Yes, a release. Prologue and chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are out.

OSO_v02_CoverSo yeah, I've edited and released stuff. Now onto what should I write in this post... yup, I'm tired, the pace on this volume might be significantly slower.

Links: Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5

Now, as to comment on some comments and questions.

I will not pick up any other series in foreseeable future. Also, I will not translate OSO's web novel. I do not interest in webnovels as that's a raw project without professional editing, it's so raw it feels still alive... speaking of which, do you know webnovel version of Yun had short hair? ...back to the topic. I interest only in released novels, no matter what form they originally started with. They have the polish onto them that's worth paying for, as opposed to webnovel which can be written and published by anyone, yes, you reader A, you can write anything and publish on syousetsu website, and that'll be called a webnovel, for better or worse.

So yeah, I treat light novels and webnovels as completely different mediums, completely different books. Seeing people add light novel illustrations to webnovel translations seems silly to me, no, IT IS SILLY. The illustrations are a product a professional artist commissioned by a publisher draws for the LIGHT NOVEL. Not for some raw draft, which is so raw it smells of fish. I do not intend to insult webnovel fans, but I think people have to start realizing that webnovels =/= light novels.

My motto is: To read books the way it's supposed to be read. And that includes me too, the humble myself hasn't read the book beyond what I translated up until now.

That's why, do not put spoilers, summaries or google translations in comments. I'll delete them on sight.

Only Sense Online's light novel vol 3 is supposed to come out around 20th October, according to what I've been told, if anyone's curious about it.

PS: If you want to support the author, consider buying the book. Even if you don't want to pay for shipping costs, even purchasing the ebook version of it will support author. In fact, it's cheaper than physical version and the same amount of money goes to the author/publisher as if you purchased a physical version, you can purchase one easily if you have a credit card or paypal.

94 thoughts on “Yes, a release. Prologue and chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are out.

  1. Ashmedia

    i was out for days because of taco bell and opens krytyk's site and this is what i saw.....
    AWESOME!!! thanks krytyk-sensei!!!!
    Thanks taco bell (but i ain't eating that mucho macho chilli again, hurts right in the arse)

  2. Pinecone

    Thanks for the big update on translation! Although I'm kinda bummed that the next volume won't be officially out till next month.

    1. krytyk Post author

      The wait is also part of the fun. Wait, and hype yourself for it :p. By the way, I don't wait for the public raws to come out and buy my books, so translation will come right after the release.

      1. guy

        Nice. I can't wait for the rest of v2 and v3, I'm glad it's only a month or two. Thanks for the good translations

      2. Pinecone

        That is so refreshing to hear plus your translations are quick and fairly good as well. Thanks again for letting us read a good LN like this.

  3. Clessith

    Thanks for the Translation! I just finished Vol. 1 and I'm not sure if I should Start Vol. 2 now or wait until it's finished...

  4. Sanngrior

    if your after games, violence and suspense (with possibly a little romance)

    go find a copy of 'Ready Player One'. it should satisfy you. i need this OSO to relax and calm down after it kept me up 2 days straight reading it in 1 sitting lol

  5. kazzuya13

    I've got a question. I don't if it can be counted as spoiler but is the "camping" event end in volume 2 or does it continue to volume 3 you can just answer yes or no if it is ok with you

    1. krytyk Post author

      It ends at volume 2, not much of a spoiler since it's kinda obvious considering the time that has already elapsed.

  6. Oddmoonlight

    Krytyk I want to thank you once again for translating all these series. So, when can we get this in animated format? :P

    1. Sanngrior

      omg OSO the Anime would probably kill everyone here from noise bleeds and loss of breath. aslong as they use the right artists and plan it properly, it might manage to overshadow the LN

  7. moevora

    can't wait for next chapters...., nooo for next volume..
    October 20 huh.. a month + a week + ..... time + translation time = ... months?
    I think i will forget it.. --"
    anyway, thanks very much for the translations <3 :) Krytyk-sama...

  8. Bakahou

    Oh man this was beautiful. I'm loving this ln so much, thank you very much krytykal for the translations. Keep up the great work.

  9. arandomdude6

    I think we should start calling you the "Godspeed of Translators" with how amazingly fast you put out these updates.

  10. Anon7

    Thank you very much for the hard work!

    Oh, Uhm...Can I share a PDF that I made (For personal reading but it can thin out the impatient ones)?
    For those who can't wait (just treat this as ver0.9 since Krytyk later release is a superior one):

    If it's just trouble then delete this please.

      1. kazeshindo

        Thanks for the pdf version. Now I can read it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over......................................................................................................................................................................... ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... ......................................................and over again offline :D

  11. Mish

    Awesome! Since i just noticed the release for me it's a weekend treat ! Thank you very much!

    I wander is there is a standard of 8 chapter per volume for this novel :-?

    1. mg021

      that was fun.... back to work. anyone have any tips for real analysis besides writing pages upon pages of proofs?

  12. Lettuce

    Well i gues all the readers here hope that u can't stop yourself from fast releasing the rest of the book like u did witj first one hehe^^

    1. kanel

      well now dont ask too much...
      thought i am the one to talk...i actually check this site 2 times today after the update...

  13. girish

    thanks man you are the great man/woman just you are great i didnt think 6 chapters at once thanks man again

  14. Bladedknight

    Whoa, I just started reading Vol 1 last week and I finished in a day. After that, I've been constantly checking to see updates. And then Bam, five chaters. Wow, thank you for all the hard work. It was a great read.

  15. Eirvem

    Prologue and 5 chapters, can't ask for more.

    Last time I said that you might do a whole volume at once, kinda near what I predicted. Patience as Yoda said we must learn patience :D I can't wait for the remaining chapters at all since there are 5 chapter released . Don't work yourself too much please, we might not get any releases' at all if you're not healthy. Thank you!

  16. guy

    Ahh I just clicked on the bookmark to recommend OSO to someone and boom there are 5 chapters out. Such a nice surprise... Thank you krytyk

  17. Sai

    Yoh! The translator-anator Strikes Again!
    Careful not to give people a Heart attack with the massive the Updates. ;)
    (There should certainly be a hazard sign here)

    P.s.: Thanks as always. Appreciate the effort Kry.

  18. Shiroe

    And so here we are again, waiting for the said week long release.
    Little did we know that Krytyk's basedness has already reached Godhood and his presence was too much for us to bear.
    Everyone died that night.

  19. A_D

    Uhm, so which LN will u continue next, krytyk? AntiMagic or Omae series? o3o
    And thank you for vol 2 of OSO!

      1. Seink

        Great! after finishing reading the 5th chapter I was like: wait!? the end? now!? no epilogue or anything!? nooooooooo~

        Cant wait for the other chapters ^^ thanks for the translation!

  20. Gradient

    Everythig said above, minus the stuff about OSO being boring.
    Really many thanks for huge release

  21. Byaku

    NOOOOO!!!! How did I miss the timing to be the first.....
    Thanks for the multi-release Kry.... I'm bawling my eyes out.... TTATT

    1. victorrama

      Sorry, it's mine :D
      I stalk Krytyk after all...
      That's what I muttered every single time I visit this site....

  22. Shiku

    Oh... and I also liked action Light Novels, Manga, Anime

    But it doesn't hurt reading this for once in a while
    and its story is good too XD

  23. Shiku

    It Might be Boring to you, but for us OSO is a refreshing novel.

    Why not give it a shot ?
    Not all VRMMO novels are action crazed one ...

    It heals you, just reading it ^^ ...

  24. Vision

    I just finished reading all the chapters, thanks for all the hard work on this series I am looking forward to the rest.

  25. reyfista11

    OMG thank you soooooo much

    i always check your website wondering wether there will be an update. and OMG! it suprised me

    this is hillarious

  26. krytyk Post author

    Everyone has their own taste, for you it might be boring, for others it is not. Simple as that.

    Antimagic is scheduled to be done, but I still need to gather strength before undertaking the abundant violence and darkness of vol 5. (and 20% more pages...).

  27. kanel

    -the pace in this one will be much slower-
    checking the 6 updates in the screen....


    thank you very much fo the translation it gave me great joy today...thought i must resist it a bit cause i have exams..
    maybe if i read only the prologue......gotta...resist....the Yun...

  28. SandyBoi

    krytyk. Bloody awesome job as always bud. Keep it up. (Make sure you're getting rest of course!)

  29. xacual

    Thanks for the translations krytyk. I really wasn't expecting this many to drop at once.

  30. gohanish

    ahh ahhh such bliss thanks a lot lord krytyk . i am ...cant express yet i can only thank

  31. Shiku

    6 releases AT ONCE !?

    I thought its my birthday ! XD (jumping all over the room)


    1. Lucied

      Oh? I didn't realize they have updates. Thanks a lot man, btw I finished reading it within 2hr as the chapters are shorts. Well it took me the same time I used to read OSO :D

      1. kazeshindo

        I already knew about it lol. I was so excited that I just stayed up all night reading it. I am currently doing my daily exercise of refreshing this site. I hope there is a new update soon :P

        1. Sanngrior

          i've been reading the chapters as they are posted to a certain pastebin page. currentlyat45 waiting for 'ch46 - escape kick, again' cause i REALLY want to see firo kick motoyasu's balls for the 6th time xD (once at beginning, 4 more encounters 1 which we hear a cry of ;P) but this time i think its gonna be personal haha

          looking forward to see how volume 2 continues and concludes, gave up trying to bother with the WN and GT

  32. Kadi

    Reading the prologue, I just thought "Thank god there's no players going 'Yun-tan's my waif!" - "No, mine!"- "No, MINE!!!"... there aren't, right? It's such an annoying classic, I almost didn't notice its pleasing absence... OSO really heals the soul. YUN. IS. JUSTICE!

    1. kazeshindo

      it just weird me out that she/he keeps telling others to calling him a man...I think she/he should just accept the double life.

      1. Kadi

        Easy for us to say, though. I think he's stuck between being unable to do anything substantial about being called a woman and being really bothered by it...

        1. Sanngrior

          true but he doesn't seem to truly hate it that much xD

          course if i had the choice i would switch places with him willingly

  33. tharael89

    i shouldn't have checked right away this morning :(
    now i've to go out for most of the day and i won't be able to stop thinking about OSO ;_;

    ps: can we consider volume 01 edited? if not i'll wait to redo the kepub.

    thanks for the hard work :)

    1. krytyk Post author

      There's some pending edits I need to look over. A decent version should be finished... lets say 2 days.

        1. Kadi

          Even assuming he TLed something wrongly?

          I found a few cases when looking through the prologue for V1... and that was TLed when he was the least exhausted!!! (and had the least idea of what was going on and how stuff would be used later~~)

          1. kazeshindo

            If you have been reading the raws directly for a long time, without using google translator or any of those stuff and force to use the dictionary for any kanji or characters you don't recognize, would stop caring for minor translation mistake. As long as it make sense, it does not matter lol.

          2. Kadi

            And here I thought using google translator made you stop caring about any kind of accuracy, but you say not using it does? Oh, well, w/e.

            For one, if you start translating with that mindset, you've already lost.
            For two, I'm an editor by heart, caring for such mistakes is one of the things I do.
            For three... the mistakes I mentioned did lead to mistaken perception of the game system at least. Thus, the translation as a whole stopped making one consistent sense. Thus, you should agree they should be fixed...?

  34. Ratatoskr

    Holy shite, when you said multiple release, you really deliver.
    Respect! All hail lord kry!!

  35. Newton Li

    OMG I LOVE U SO MUCH (true) for the releases. I was checking this blog like 10 times a day and im so happy that a do :D

  36. Reader30891

    Damn I thought I was dreaming.

    Took a while to notice it was real, shouldn't have browse when I was half-asleep.

    Nonetheless this is the best breakfast for this morning.

  37. Lucied

    HOLY CRAP! HOLY CRAP!!!! Massive releases!!!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!! *bow* *bow*

  38. kazeshindo

    All hail Kyrtyk!!!

    I didn't even expect an update! I simply opened the website today like I usually do everyday and what do you 6 UPDATES!!!!



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