Yes, release. Yes, cute. Yes, swimsuits. Yes, geass... wait what.

OSO_v08_073CSo, the first release in a while. I decided to use my day off to finish up a chapter and the colour illustration and release. Moreover, I'll add an extra, but I'll write about that later.

Overall the current situation still hasn't changed, I'm still busy with work and I won't translate much but still, I managed to finish up the chapter I started nearly two months ago. The colouring was quite quick - just three and a half hour of work... oh well. My blood sweat and tears are on the right side.

So, first, the link to Chapter 2 of OSO's Vol 8.

One more thing concerning OSO. Volume 9 has been set to be released on 20th of May, not so fast but on the other hand, it gives me time to catch up with Vol 8.

PS: I forgot to mention, DarkoNeko has been working hard on a new OSO wikia, despite adding stuff all alone he's amassed quite an amazing amount of info in there (wow, so diligent, much impressed). If any of you feel like it, you could check it up and help out if willing.



ISHS_v02_CoverAnd next, long long ago in a distant galaxy... not. When I still had lots of time and was still young (two and a half month ago, before OSO 8 came out) I ended up translating a small part of a certain novel. In the end it didn't interest me enough to continue translating it (volume 2 had turned the story in generic direction (doesn't mean the story is bad by any means)) but I translated a prologue and a chapter, so it's a splendid novel teaser for people interested. The novel's name is "Izure Shinwa no Houkago Sensou (Ragnarok)", with some creative translation (required here) it would mean "A Certain Time's Mythological After-school War (Ragnarok)" with "Izure" meaning unspecified time in the future when referring to an event happening ex. "he will come back sooner or later". Yes, that part of the title doesn't make much sense in original.

Anyway, the teasers links: Prologue and Chapter 1.

Now, a warning. Izure Shinwa will NOT be translated by me. It's STRICTLY a teaser. If anyone is interested in picking it up, go on. I repeat, I WILL NOT TRANSLATE IT ANY FURTHER. Don't ask about it or request me to translate it.

PS: I think some of you already know from various sources (the spoilers on 4ch), but AntiMagic Academy ends with Volume 13. Well, a bit of a shame because it had the potential to continue, but on the other hand, it's great that it has a proper and not drawn out end.


17 thoughts on “Yes, release. Yes, cute. Yes, swimsuits. Yes, geass... wait what.

  1. AvatarTheRandomDude

    So AntiMagic ended at Volume 13... Kinda makes me want to wish you'd sneakily continue translating it like a certain translator I know of. (I'd tell you, but I'd have to kill you.)

    Anyways, it's so nice to know that OSO ain't dead. A bunch of thanks to Krytyk-sama for introducing me to this series~!!!

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      It's not a big secret, and there's nothing "sneaky" about it. The whole idea is actually dumb.

  2. AvatarCaudyr

    Thanks for the hard work Krytyk! =D

    Hopefully you can work on the other chapters bit by bit when you have some time...but...well...I know how bad being busy in RL can be. ^^

    Here's hoping things settle down for you soon!

    EDIT: Also, is there a reason you didn't add the colored image to the actual TL of the chapter? It's still the black and white page there...not that I particularly mind cause it's still awesome...just curious. ^^

  3. AvatarEbisu

    Thanks for the chapter.
    After 2 months the cute finally came ! Yay !
    On another note, you shouldn't fear doing public status reports It's better than people turning crazy after hitting F5 too much... xD

  4. Avatarcryarc

    Your disappointment on the teaser LN makes me remember Tokyo Ghoul and Deadman Wonderland. Both started with unique concept and mysterious story but as the story progressing it becomes cliched battle manga. It becomes a story about "which group is stronger?" "what is his/her power?" with convoluted plot lines and too much characters just so the author can kill a lot of them to make it edgy.

  5. AvatarGod Ginrai

    A new chapter?! Praise the Sun!

    Thanks for the chapter, Krytyk. Good luck with your work.

  6. Avataromnigil

    For 3 and 1/2 hours of work, that is some extremely good colouring. Thanks for the translation.

  7. AvatarOwl

    **screaming like a fangirl in the background**

    Scream louder or you'll never pass me in the foreground. :)



    Now repeat after me.



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