Yes yes, the dawn has broke out, but not for long. Dusk has cometh.

TMG_v05_123The chapters for AntiMagic are turning longer, the chapter released this time is significantly longer than the previous, and the next one will be equally long... the one after that is even longer... oh well.

The dark stuff again, heavy, with strong feels. Make sure to enjoy it... if you dare.

Slowly progressing on AntiMagic, but all signs on heaven and earth point out the fact that I won't make it before OSO Vol. 3 is released, oh well. Slight delay (no, please don't cry), on that will probably occur. Well, OSO had 2 volumes released in short amount of time, and will have 3rd released when it's possible.

I'll address another question that's occasionally asked in comments - Omae wo Onii-chan ni Shite Yarouka!? - as for that project, it's not dropped, however it's a low-priority side project and it's stalled indefinitely until I sort out the main projects. I have OSO which is top prio project as the one I caught up with (to the newest released volume), which will remain as such (caught up), and AntiMagic which hasn't had many releases lately (The release schedule was AntiMagic —> Omae wo —> Elysion Vol. 3 —> OSO Vol. 1, Vol. 2 —> Now) as such it's imperative that I work on it for a while, possibly the schedule for volumes will be AntiMagic Vol. 5 —> OSO Vol. 3 —> AntiMagic Vol. 6 (the last one is subject to change, but unlikely, I doubt you'll want it changed either after you finish reading Vol. 5!).

Now, since Kadi's posting in here too, from now on I'll be putting an obligatory note on the author in the end, just to make sure you fellas don't mistake us.

—— Krytyk

15 thoughts on “Yes yes, the dawn has broke out, but not for long. Dusk has cometh.

  1. Avatarlesstea

    > Slight delay
    I almost got a heart attack after I saw that phrase

    ...oh welp. Going to indulge myself in hype-ing Alice for my dose fluffiness.

  2. AvatarKaiflame

    I kind of wonder if Krytyk would be like Yuuta from Chu-2 if he had chuunibyou.

      1. Avatarkazeshindo I never use the phrase "MOAR" before.

        However, I used OSO OSO OSO OSO OSO OSO OSO!!!!

      2. Avatarkazeshindo

        Now that I think about it...I didn't even know he had a BT page. Thanks for telling me about it!

  3. Avatarvictorrama

    Darkness.... more darkness. .....
    I need MOAR! Oh and thanks for the dark fluffy thing!
    Don't worry, I won't mistake the two of you.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Next time I will roll out the improved, corrupted version of alice, muhahahaha... you've seen her already, so you know I'm not joking...!

  4. Avatarforum

    Woo, release at the same time its raining hard. I'll be having a dark day indeed =D


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