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201 thoughts on “About

  1. Gary

    I have added all of your novel chapter releases at Full Novels: fullnovelsDOTcom

    Can you check if I missed any of the chapters? And can you please add new chapters there whenever you post them? They are one of the biggest community of readers who are definitely interested in your translations!

    1. Hakurei06Hakurei06

      Is this one of those aggregator sites that scrape and rehost copies of translated works? Or something along the lines of Novel Updates?

  2. Magnus Chase

    Hi Krytyk, thanks for the Only Sense Online translations, just wanted to know if your still doing them or not since there seems not have been no updates for about four months, if you are still translating Only Sense Online then i'll keep waiting patiently (Well try to be patient lol), and if you've dropped the project then thanks for your hard work and best wishes for your future endeavors (yeah i know i'm long winded lol)

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I'm just busy with work, to the point my eyes are tired from the screen. I'm not dropping OSO, but it might take some time until the release.

  3. Rj

    Hello, is it possible to get a light version of the website instead of the night reading version. What I mean is dark fonts and light background.
    Thanks, awaiting your reply.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Not happening probably. There are plugins that "can allow users to switch" but they're unreliable and make lots of problems. And the dark basic theme will remain since that's what the most prefer.

  4. Alexander

    Is krytyk alright. I don't want to rush your translating or anything. I just wanna make sure you're still with us and you'll get to it again eventually.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Yeah, it might take a month, or month and a half more until the workload decreases.

  5. suzu

    Hi just wanna thank you for finishing up Taimadou. I loved the series so much, thank you very much for the hardwork on translating if for us.. =)

  6. Quizer

    I've begun reading the story 'Daybreak', and noticed one persistent mistake. You always use the word 'discrete' when what you really want is the word 'discreet'. It's a pity how 85% of people writing in the English language can no longer tell these two words apart. Please look up the meanings of these two words and get them straight in your head. I'd also recommend using search-and-replace to eliminate this mistake from all your writings and translations. It has appeared ~4 times up to where I've reached (chapter 10), and considering that the story I'm reading heavily features political intrigue, I'm going to assume it'll keep cropping up.

    Other than that, this reads more like an original text, not something that has been translated from another language. I'm very impressed. Keep up the good work!

    1. AoriiAorii

      wow, thanks for pointing this out. I'm not surprised I didn't know it, but not a single one of my beta-readers picked up on it either...

  7. kencat5

    hi not to be rude but i noticed that its hard to tell when you post updates on any light novels you post, can you ad something to help maybe a (new) symbol by the name of the novel? you do not have to but would be much appreciated. love your work cant wait for more.

  8. Calyzto

    Certainly this is a about section but why is there's no infomation regarding YOU??

  9. Doomedsoul74

    I appreciate all you do but I have one question! How does one get a pic beside their comments? If its possible for a lowly mortal such as myself to have one that is.


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