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【Goblin】Starting Town’s World Quest【Army!】

1. Management
This is the thread regarding the world quest that has emerged in the Starting Town.
Please use it as a general discussion thread on the event’s topic.


860. Defending Adventurer


861. Defending Adventurer


862. Defending Adventurer
My eyes, EYESSS!


863. Defending Adventurer
I feel you, but calm down. I can’t see anything either...


864. Defending Adventurer
By the way, who is it that became commander, disregarding all famous beta players?


865. Defending Adventurer
I wonder myseeelf.


866. Defending Adventurer
Oh, there are people with crowns above their heads. So it’s Princess who’s the commander. My first time seeing her name.


867. Defending Adventurer
>>866 Princess? Did some kind of princess come to the town?


868. Defending Adventurer
>>867 No, she’s nicknamed Princess. An inhuman Immortal Princess girl. Thanks to her information, inhuman’s thread turned into a festival for some time.


869. Defending Adventurer
Message was removed by the management.


870. Defending Adventurer
Hey, what did he write...


871. Defending Adventurer
>>870 It was so fast I didn’t see it, but if you try to agitate stuff with “princess play" they get removed. Also, the inhuman thread was in festival state in more ways than one.


872. Defending Adventurer
>>871 If you overdo it you get teleported to a punishment room, too. By the way, you can say “princess play” and your intentions will be judged by brainwaves, so if your message is alive then you’re safe.


999. Defending Adventurer
What about next thread?


1000. Defending Adventurer
I guess management is doing the next one too?


1001. Defending Adventurer
It’s getting fulllll.


1002. Defending Adventurer


1003. Management
The limit of 1000 was an illusion.


1004. Defending Adventurer


1005. Defending Adventurer
It cannot be.


2321. Defending Adventurer
A’ight, it starts!


2322. Defending Adventurer


2323. Defending Adventurer


2324. Defending Adventurer


2325. Defending Adventurer
Sta… hm?


2326. Defending Adventurer
Stops at “Ready!” of all things.


2327. Defending Adventurer


2328. Defending Adventurer
So there’s a line from the commander!


2329. Defending Adventurer
Royal Authority it says, a Monster Skill?


2330. Defending Adventurer
Sounds like a commanding-type skill. No clue how big an effect it has though.


2331. Defending Adventurer
She’s a princess, it’d be no wonder if she had a high tier commanding-type skill.




2438. Defending Adventurer
Ha-HA! Goblins are nothing before me!


2439. Defending Adventurer
Feeling invincible here.


2440. Defending Adventurer
Profits timeee! ...Will there be profit?


2441. Defending Adventurer
Well, skill-wise it should be pretty sweet, right?


2442. Defending Adventurer
You guys sure got time to write in the middle of combat.


2443. Defending Adventurer
Same to you.


2444. Defending Adventurer
I mean, I’m just looking.


2445. Defending Adventurer
What a coincidence! ME. TOO.


2446. Defending Adventurer


2447. Defending Adventurer
It’s not like we’re typing, if you get used to it you can do it during combat.


2448. Defending Adventurer
Thought-controlled typing’s amashing.


2812. Defending Adventurer


2813. Defending Adventurer
Instructions from the officers in the back are pretty helpful.


2814. Defending Adventurer
I feel you. It’s better if there are some, you just can’t get your head over the entire thing.


2815. Defending Adventurer
Wai-waiit, this is bad! HELLPPP!


2816. Defending Adventurer
As if I could help you when you type as anon!


2817. Defending Adventurer
Instructions came from Princess.


2818. Defending Adventurer
We have something above us lol.


2819. Defending Adventurer
I only noticed when commander mentioned it.


2820. Defending Adventurer
Can’t tell cuz I’m not PT leader.


2821. Defending Adventurer
Speaking of which, this channel is only for squad leaders and above.


2822. Defending Adventurer
Thanks PRIN-CESSSS! They nearly passed by us.


2823. Defending Adventurer
What attitude towards the Princess. Prepare to be beheaded.


2824. Defending Adventurer
Restrain him!


2825. Defending Adventurer
Please don’t, I’ll die,


2826. Defending Adventurer
Capture the unchivalrous cur!


2827. Defending Adventurer
Stop please?! They might be weak one by one, but there’s loads of theeeemmmMMM!


2828. Defending Adventurer
Well, they ARE goblins.


3253. Defending Adventurer
Something big came out!


3254. Defending Adventurer
It’s a general!


3255. Defending Adventurer
And he has escorts.


3256. Defending Adventurer
Orders for anti-air fire came?!


3257. Defending Adventurer
Musasabi team goes anti-air! Oh, impossibru for me though.


3258. Defending Adventurer
What a coincidence, for me too.


3259. Defending Adventurer
Sky is beyond me.


3260. Defending Adventurer
Is it that? Ride Bugs?


3261. Defending Adventurer
Rideable bugs, huh. Well, name says it all.


3262. Defending Adventurer
The guys riding it are Elite Thief mobs.


3263. Defending Adventurer
Oh, that effect is【Aero Flak】!


3264. Defending Adventurer
The bow’s level 30 one. So they’re already on secondaries.


3265. Defending Adventurer
Quite a bit of them fell down?


3266. Defending Adventurer
But about half went past us? Won’t it end if they go to town?


3267. Defending Adventurer
Seems...they charged right into the commander’s headquarters.


3268. Defending Adventurer
Management’s mercy?


3269. Management
Intended mechanic.


3270. Defending Adventurer


3271. Defending Adventurer
It was a mechanic.


3272. Defending Adventurer
Well, there’s certainly few folks who have ways to deal with flying enemies, y’know...


3273. Defending Adventurer
At this point it would be too savage if they just passed by at this stage in the game.


3531. Adventurers' Officer
【Flash News】Princess is strong.


3532. Defending Adventurer
Considering your name you’re one of the guys in there!


3533. Adventurers' Officer
Huhhh? You’re right-degozaruna.


3534. Defending Adventurer
You reveal yourself the moment you speak.


3535. Adventurers' Officer
You trick’d me!


3536. Defending Adventurer
Shaddup NINJA!


3537. Defending Adventurer
So, should we be going to save her?


3538. Adventurers' Officer
Naw, unnecessary. Seems they aim for Princess, but it doesn’t look like she’ll be dying anytime soon.


3539. Adventurers' Officer
We’re all right over here, you can hold the lines.


3540. Defending Adventurer
Got ittt~.


3541. Defending Adventurer


4111. Defending Adventurer
Whoa, boss moved!


4112. Defending Adventurer
Hyahha! Wipe the escort!


4113. Defending Adventurer


4114. Defending Adventurer
...Lots of people just died, what happened?


4115. Defending Adventurer
Info came from commander, mages from the escort used【Explosion】. They’re tellin’ us to get rid of them asap.


4116. Defending Adventurer
I see, area of effect magic that can be cast from range.


4117. Defending Adventurer
Nn-yeah. The one you learn from 2nd tier magic skills.


4118. Defending Adventurer
Then they will use bursts around them, too?


4119. Defending Adventurer
Activation trigger must be when they are “surrounded".


4120. Defending Adventurer
Let’s get rid of them right away from range.


4320. Defending Adventurer


4321. Defending Adventurer
This is why I hate priests.


4322. Defending Adventurer
This is why I always tell you to crush priests first, right?


4323. Defending Adventurer
Of course. They’re gone now.


4324. Defending Adventurer
Good job.


4325. Defending Adventurer
The moment priests disappeared, so did mages.


4326. Defending Adventurer
【Explosion】is pretty scary. Can’t be help’d.


4327. Defending Adventurer
By the way, the boss is?


4328. Defending Adventurer
Boss? He’s going on rampage now. HAHAHA… that guy’s badass.


4329. Defending Adventurer
He’s dancing all over the middle.


4330. Defending Adventurer
Ohh, that… whoaa… looks fun!


4331. Defending Adventurer
Hehehe… now you’re talkin’! Let’s join innn!


5279. Defending Adventurer
Takashiii! Don’t force yourselff!


5280. Defending Adventurer
Who the hell is Takashi.


5281. Defending Adventurer
Uwaahh! MOOOM!


5282. Defending Adventurer



5283. Defending Adventurer
Hey! That one makes me kinda curious!


5284. Defending Adventurer
No, I didn’t think there would be someone who’d get on it either.


5285. Defending Adventurer


5286. Defending Adventurer
...Wait, did you die?


5287. Defending Adventurer
Yup, back to spawn.


5288. Defending Adventurer


5289. Defending Adventurer
Got lured in-kumaa!


5290. Defending Adventurer
No mercy lol.


5291. Defending Adventurer
Dammit… the number of patterns went up.


5292. Defending Adventurer
And there’s no resurrect items...


6953. Defending Adventurer
Wait, isn’t general being weird?


6954. Defending Adventurer
Is he?


6955. Defending Adventurer
...Where is he lookin’ at?


6956. Defending Adventurer
Where you ask, um… hm? Where to?


6957. Adventurers' Officer
He seems to be staring this way?


6958. Defending Adventurer
They’re HUGE.


6959. Adventurers' Officer
To be precise, he seems to be staring straight at Princess.


6960. Defending Adventurer
Princess is really cute, I get how he feels ..


6961. Defending Adventurer
This guy, he doesn’t get it.


6962. Defending Adventurer
It’s ‘lil sis who’s CUTE.. Princess is PRETTY. OK?


6963. Defending Adventurer
My first time hearin’ that. ...I do get you though.


6964. Defending Adventurer
Yup, well. I think the general has different motives though… his eyes are bloodshot.


6965. Defending Adventurer
Fell for her so hard that his eyes are bloodshot, huh.


6966. Defending Adventurer
You wanna to take it there no matter what?!


6967. Defending Adventurer
He might be a goblin, but is actually an ORC.


6968. Defending Adventurer
^the hell is this guy on about.


6969. Defending Adventurer
I.e. K-KILL M...


6970. Defending Adventurer
Heyeyey, let’s calm down. Say no more.


6971. Defending Adventurer
You guys sure got time to chat?!


6972. Defending Adventurer
I mean, we ain’t in position to attack…


6973. Defending Adventurer
^i feel you. Can’t get any closer.


6974. Defending Adventurer
Orders came.


6975. Defending Adventurer
Hm. I guess we can’t attack anyway, so that’d be it.


6976. Defending Adventurer


6977. Defending Adventurer
Officers’ instructions! Line up!


7253. Defending Adventurer


7254. Defending Adventurer


7255. Defending Adventurer
…Princess is super cool, what was that just now?


7256. Defending Adventurer
I wonder.


7257. Defending Adventurer


7258. Defending Adventurer


7259. Defending Adventurer
Officers were blown awayyy! Heck, commander’s bein’ amazin...


7260. Defending Adventurer

Commander’s serious expression is wonderful!


7261. Defending Adventurer
^what’s dis.


7262. Defending Adventurer
Shaking boobies are wonderful! Can’t get enough!


7263. Defending Adventurer
Sorry 7260. You were pretty normal.


7264. Defending Adventurer
Right? ...almost seeing it…almooost...


7265. Defending Adventurer
He was no good eitherrrr!


7266. Defending Adventurer
Melons shaking with every move! Fluttering hair! WUNDERBAR!


7267. Adventurers' Officer
Don’t look at Princess, start attacking!


7268. Defending Adventurer
20min more!


7269. Adventurers' Officer
That’s helluva long?!


7270. Defending Adventurer
Then 30min!


7271. Adventurers' Officer
It’s going up dammit!


7741. Defending Adventurer
We won!


7742. Defending Adventurer


7743. Defending Adventurer
Oh, another line.


7744. Defending Adventurer


7745. Defending Adventurer

EEEK! Princess’ wonderful!


7746. Adventurers' Officer
Okay, thanks for hard work~.


7747. Defending Adventurer
AWw, my skills sure went up a lot.


7748. Defending Adventurer
It was a nice defensive battle. Will they get more intense from now on?


7749. Defending Adventurer
This is pretty much the weakest one after all.


7750. Defending Adventurer
Yeaaah. Thanks everyone.


【Hurry Up & Run】General Progression Thread 13【Vanguards】

1. A Passing-by Vanguard
This is the general progression thread.
Let’s write about progression in here.
Previous Thread: http://**********


>>980 Take care of the next thread.


273. A Passing-by Vanguard
Next week there’s the combat tournament, huh. Should we go challenge a boss again this week?


274. A Passing-by Vanguard
It does kinda make sense from skill leveling perspective?


275. A Passing-by Vanguard
Aaa? Aaa-ahh… AAAA?! No way!


276. A Passing-by Vanguard


277. A Passing-by Vanguard


278. A Passing-by Vanguard
EAST of all things?!!


279. A Passing-by Vanguard
Anastasia… ain’t that Princess?


280. A Passing-by Vanguard
What, what happened? I’M ON AN OUTINGGGG!


281. A Passing-by Vanguard
“The party “DELIVERY TIME!” led by Anastasia has delivered the Eastern Boss. From now on, the Eastern Boss will be weakened and the distribution restored.”
It says.


282. A Passing-by Vanguard


283. A Passing-by Vanguard
Who is Princess in PT with?


284. A Passing-by Vanguard
She was hunting in the Eastern forest with Alf-san and Ske-san. Didn’t they just go to the boss while at it?


285. A Passing-by Vanguard
I see, the Immortal team. They should have high stats, and with their playstyles it kinda makes sense?


286. A Passing-by Vanguard
They can’t use potions racially, those people.


287. A Passing-by Vanguard
I see. They’re unrelated to lack of consumables, huh.


288. A Passing-by Vanguard
Mmm-yeah. Instead they need guts and high-level playstyle.


289. A Passing-by Vanguard
Princess doesn’t seem to be using BBS, but there should be information coming from those two?


290. A Passing-by Vanguard
Alf-san and Ske-san should be sharing. Hurrey.


291. A Passing-by Vanguard
Hurrey hurreyy…


292. A Passing-by Vanguard
More importantly you guys, read the log again. I do want to retort to delivery time, but the important thing’s the last part. Aren’t you curious?


293. A Passing-by Vanguard
Lasttt? “From now on, the Eastern Boss will be weakened and the distribution restored.”


294. A Passing-by Vanguard
“the distribution restored"...you say…?


295. A Passing-by Vanguard
What does this mean?


296. A Passing-by Vanguard
No, it’s literally what it says. Which on the contrary says that everything but East is going to get its distribution stopped?


297. A Passing-by Vanguard
Ain’t that real bad?


298. A Passing-by Vanguard
It probably is?


299. A Passing-by Vanguard
Speaking of which, there was someone who mentioned distribution…? Who was that?


300. A Passing-by Vanguard
Was there someone?


301. A Passing-by Vanguard
You can just look at the log.


302. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>301 Plisss dooo.


303. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>301 liishh dooo.


304. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>303 At least try.


305. A Passing-by Vanguard
I check’d logs. It was ‘ol man Ertz who mentioned it.


306. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>305 Good work!


307. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>305 Good work! You have my praise!


308. A Passing-by Vanguard
‘ol man Ertz, huh. Rather than vanguard, he’s a top smith.


309. Ertz
Yeah, that was info I got from Princess. It was a NP… a resident that she heard it from?


310. A Passing-by Vanguard
The person himself.


311. A Passing-by Vanguard
Well, seeing logs I guess the top will come over to look.


312. Akirina


313. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>312 Calm down.


314. Cecil
Looks like Princess beat East. The person herself is leveling Cooking, and it seems like East is where the field rations come from. She did mention she will be aiming for the East before.
If the distribution of field rations stopped, we’d be in starvation hell, ha ha ha.


315. A Passing-by Vanguard
>314 About how the situation would be unfunny.


316. Ertz
We heard about the distribution stuff last week. I guess it will start taking effect this week?
A fair amount of time passed in-game.




428. A Passing-by Vanguard
Hey, did you see the video on the usual site?


429. A Passing-by Vanguard
Yeah, saw it. This, it’s Princess’ right?


430. A Passing-by Vanguard
Eh, there’s a vid?


431. A Passing-by Vanguard
There’s one that got up under Anastasia name. The Eastern boss’ fight. Nice and warm based on the upload date & time.


432. A Passing-by Vanguard


433. Honehone
Heya Ladies & Gents! Looks like you found it! I got permission from the person herself, so I’m sticking it here!
I’ll stick the video I took of the 2nd area, too.



433. A Passing-by Vanguard
Wooohoo! A fresh vid!


434. A Passing-by Vanguard
There’s the info!


435. A Passing-by Vanguard
...I can’t concentrate because of the captivating cleavage in the first-person perspective, on the bottom left?


436. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>435 ...I feel you.


437. A Passing-by Vanguard
The destructive power of the lower left.


438. A Passing-by Vanguard
Bottom left is amazing.


439. A Passing-by Vanguard
Strongly agree.


440. A Passing-by Vanguard
I mean… I’m a boy...


441. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>440 It feels sad but… My eyes are unconsciously taken away...


442. Honehone
No comment in regards to that, but it was quite desperate in the second part y’know? Especially for the two.


443. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>442 Meaning, it wasn’t so for you… huh?


444. Honehone
>>443 I’m a complete rearguard after all!


445. Akirina
Onee-chan’s boobies are MINE. Not giving them to anyone. I’ll CHOP YOU OFF!


446. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>445 Hiee.


447. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>445 Hiee...


448. Management
Let’s stop this talk or we’ll all start crab-walking. The guys who started crouching were taken away by female GMs.
Listen, boy. If you don’t want to join them, enjoy it alone...


449. A Passing-by Vanguard


450. A Passing-by Vanguard


451. A Passing-by Vanguard
Flat chests are supreme.


452. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>451 Stronk.


453. A Passing-by Vanguard
Looks like guys just all got grouped up and are being glared at by female players around them, what is that? It’s scary.


454. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>453 Look up.


455. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>454 Ah… let’s pretend I saw nothing… That silence is scary.


456. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>455 Uwaa...


457. A Passing-by Vanguard
Both big and small boobies are equal!


458. A Passing-by Vanguard
Shut up go look at manboobs or smth.


459. A Passing-by Vanguard
Wonderful! What splendid muscles!


460. A Passing-by Vanguard
^this guy srs?


461. A Passing-by Vanguard
His sins, they’re too deep.


462. A Passing-by Vanguard
Bwahh! He’s stuck in...


463. A Passing-by Vanguard
A backdrop lol.


464. A Passing-by Vanguard
That was SPLENDID…


465. A Passing-by Vanguard
Woow… that’s terrific.


466. A Passing-by Vanguard
Mr. Bear from up close.


467. A Passing-by Vanguard
That weapon parry is amazing, as always...


468. A Passing-by Vanguard
It is. A parry-type subtank, huh. If not for Princess they’d be gone here.


469. Honehone
>>468 I would die right away! And Alf’s healing wouldn’t make it either!


470. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>469 Healing IS a weak point of Immortals...



580. A Passing-by Vanguard

Hmm… no damage huh, this is interesting.


>>580 About that, we plan to verify it after Princess comes back from dinner.


582. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>581 Thanks!


583. A Passing-by Vanguard
Inhumans’ evolution is full of dreams, isn’t it… But trying it on myself is… that.


584. Honehone
>>583 Come! Animal Cros...


585. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>584 Say no more.


586. A Passing-by Vanguard
A horse’s nice, really nice. It must be expensive though...


587. A Passing-by Vanguard
There’s a gate between towns so it’s not necessary, but I would like to ride around some.


588. A Passing-by Vanguard


589. A Passing-by Vanguard
I guess it’s time for revenge against the boss.





【I Feel Good Today Too】Crafting - Cooking Thread 4【My Meal is Tasty】

1. Nameless Cook

This is the thread for Cooking crafting.
Talk about things related to cooking here, for other stuff go elsewhere.
Previous Thread; http://**********
General Crafting Discussion: http://**********


【Knowledge of Boiling】and【Knowledge of Stewing】exist.
Don’t food-terrorize!


>>980 Take care of the next thread!



621. Anastasia
Hello. I bring information on Belstead, the town to the East of Starting Town.


622. Nameless Cook
Seriously?! Princess' here!


623. Nameless Cook
Princess is here! We’ll be grateful for information!


624. Nameless Cook
No need to be bothered about spoilers! People who are bothered with those don’t look at the boards in the first place.


625. Nameless Cook


626. Anastasia
Understood. Then, let’s go heavy from the start. Please wait.


627. Nameless Cook


628. Anastasia
First, enemies are piggies and cows. For drops, I confirmed pig ribs, cow rib meat, shank and rump.
The number of piggy drops is the same as that of the boar drops in the Eastern forest. Cows drop one level above that.
Cows seem to also drop entrecôte, but it’s likely a drop exclusive to «Cooking» holders. It did not drop for Ske-san or Alf-san when they disassembled them.


Following, these are the food ingredients sold here.
Nappa Cabbage, Radish, Bean Sprouts, Tomatoes, Eggplants, Welsh Onions, Cucumbers, Burdock, and Sweet Potatoes.
Milk, Butter, Margarin, Cheese, Honey, Eggs, Raisin, Potato Starch, Wheat Flour (three types).
Tomato Ketchup, Mustard Seeds (three types), Vinegar (three types).
Wheat Flour has hard flour, Medium Flour and Weak Flour.
Mustard is oriental, yellow and brown.
Vinegar has Grain Vinegar, Apple Vinegar and Grape Vinegar.

Furthermore, while expensive, they are selling Portable Vegetable Storage, Bread-Baking Set, Brick Oven Set.
Omitting the sold ingredients, I will stick the screenshots for the meat drops, the storage and sets.


http://********** x10


629. Nameless Cook
Wonderful! This summary is wonderful!


630. Nameless Cook
A Bread-Baking Set and Brick Oven Set?! ...It’s expensivvv...


631. Nameless Cook
But, you’ll buy it, right?


632. Nameless Cook


633. Nameless Cook
There is no choice not to buy.


634. Nameless Cook
Well yeah.


635. Anastasia
By the way, I just finished shopping, so I have yet to see how it all works.


636. Nameless Cook
A brick oven huh, it must be quite difficult...


637. Nameless Cook
Oh right, Princess, what is your Cooking level? If possible, we’d love some information on Arts.


638. Anastasia
Ohh, I don’t mind.
20 gives【Reproduction】and【Knowledge of Deep-frying】.
25 gives【Knowledge of Smoking】
Was it? I am currently at 27, so I don’t know the 30 yet.


639. Nameless Cook
Ohhh, this helps! 27, huh, that’s high.


640. Nameless Cook
So what knowledge is there left…?


641. Nameless Cook
Frying, boiling, stewing, steaming, deep-frying, smoking, which means next is…?


642. Nameless Cook


643. Nameless Cook
Ahhh… ROASTING… roastingg...


644. Nameless Cook
Would you use that?


645. Nameless Cook
….Hard to tell. At this point, there are no ingredients you can roast...


646. Nameless Cook
Like, coffee… or roasted green tea?


647. Nameless Cook
We haven’t found either of these yet.


648. Anastasia
There was no coffee or tea… I want black tea myself.


649. Nameless Cook
Speaking of which, Princess, was there yeast for bread?


650. Anastasia
Of course, there was none? Ha ha ha, let’s make natural yeast~.


651. Nameless Cook
Ah, yes. Well, there are raisins so it’s like they are telling us to make natural yeast?


652. Anastasia
I thought so myself and I bought some. For now, I intend to try challenging it once my Cooking skill reaches second tier. When it does, I will come to share Arts information again.


653. Nameless Cook



654. Nameless Cook
This helps a lot!


655. Anastasia
Then, I’ll be off to hunt some cows.
By the way, when you use Eastern forest’s meat you need to use game-specific process on them, so I recommend talking with aunties to gather information.


656. Nameless Cook


657. Nameless Cook


658. Nameless Cook
So that was the reason why the quality was so low and it was so bad despite me doing my best to make it!


659. Nameless Cook
I see, since they are living in this world they need cooking knowledge… So if you ask residents, you can learn the way to process things.


660. Nameless Cook
Let’s go and ask some residents I’m getting along with. Yup, let’s do it.


661. Nameless Cook
I don’t know if it’s game-specific, or other world-specific… Both but boars and bears in the Eastern forest are treated as monsters, aren’t they. Meaning real cooking methods aren’t enough.


662. Nameless Cook
The feeling that this game will be the same as the ones before hasn’t left us yet!


663. Nameless Cook
Regardless, it’s been just a month since it has started.


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