25 Library Time Before the Event

“Then let’s move onto the awarding ceremony.”

“Winner’s podium - BAAM!”


Along with a *BAAM* sound of an explosion, the podium has appeared… not on the stage, but the stage itself turned into podium. In other words, the parts that were needless for a podium were exploded away.

This management is really...


“Ehh?! Why is everyone’s reaction so bad?!”

“That’s why I told you that everyone will be surprised by an explosion...”

“Well, some people showed a nice reaction so it’s fine!”

“Haa, you really are...”


Mitake-san sure has it hard, hasn’t she?

...By the way, my little sister is laughing frantically.


Looks like the podium is for best three, but everyone up to best eight are called. ...There sure is a high ratio of my acquaintances, isn’t there?

Kotatsu-san, Ruzebarm-san, Musasabi-san, and there’s even Alf-san. Furthermore, there is Cecil-san in the first place and Rina in the second. Six people I know out of eight… Is what I thought, but I guess it’s only natural.

I got acquainted with Kotatsu-san, Ruzebarm-san and Musasabi-san when they were officers during event, and I heard that Cecil-san was the winner of the beta tournament.

Alf-san is probably the only one with whom I met without relation to his strength. As for Ske-san, well, not only is he a complete rear guard, but he also ended up matching against a player with light magic, so he was sunk down easily.


There are two more next to me, so let’s ask them.


“Which place did you take, Tomo?”

“12th place, I lost at best 8 match;. Well, for a pure magic build, I got quite far.”

“And Sugu?”

“16th here. I had no luck and got matched against ranged.”

“Giants are a big target, aren’t they. For a tank it’s nothing big, but it’s harsh on attackers.”

“You should have participated, too.”

“I was busy earning money.”

“Heard you were thriving?”

“He he he...”


I earned far more than I expected. The hot dogs with buffs were super sweet. The sales in total were a whooping 4m. In other words, 4000k. Well, the four crafting mains nearby are probably earning more.

Ertz-san’s main were weapons and armor, Dantel-san’s was armor, Primula-san’s were weapons and Salute-san’s - potions. Equipment is a must have and it costs a lot, potions are a must have and are consumables. There is no way their merchandise won’t sell.


“Well then, here’s your SP and titles! up to third place you get 10! Up to eight you get six! Everyone else who won at least once get three points! Also, best eight get to pick a reward from a list!”

“You don’t have to pick anything right away, but you should select your reward within a month in real.”


Cecil-san and Rina have received a total of 20SP for the individuals and party competition.


“And with this, the first official Combat Tournament is over!”

“But the event continues a little longer.”

“『“OOo, OHH?”』”



『“Can you hear me? I shall bestow an oracle.”』


Suddenly, we heard a voice. It was not a voice of the two GMs. Since it’s an oracle, it must be the voice of this world’s god.


『“...We have observed how the Outsiders have been received, and since the world is stable, we are preparing to receive new Outsiders. A month from now on, we plan to accept twice the current number of Outsiders. Prepare yourselves.”』


“And so, we’re having an event the second batch is an excuse for!”

“Please don’t call them an excuse.”

“Eh, but Yamamoto-san did say so?”



Yamamoto… Yamamoto Ittetsu, was it? The person responsible for FLFO’s development.

Do your best, Mitake-san.


The world is stable… meaning, servers are stable? And twice the number must mean about 40k of new players. Which means there will be about 60k of players in total?


“Well, let’s put that aside. We shall explain the event. One month from now on… well, in game, so a week from now on, on the 1st of August, the second batch will come.”

“You had a hard time, haven’t you? Mainly with consumables! This time there will be twice as many new players as there were you, so do your best! Is what this event is about! The main target of the event are crafters, but don’t worry, fighters! There will be an increase in escort and gathering requests in the union, and extra rewards, too!”

“Also, during the event if you help people out, you receive slightly higher likability, and during escort quests there is a possibility of being attacked by monsters, too. Details will be put up on the website at 6 p.m., together with the event’s start, so please check it.”

“Any questions?!”


In other words, the combat tournament was targeted mainly at combat players… the fighting mains, but this time it will be an in-city event mainly targeting crafters?


Seems like Salute-san has something to ask.



“The mixing crafter, Salute, right!”

“By preparing consumables, you mean beginners’ HP potions, yes? Is there a bonus for them during the duration of the event?”

“Yes, there is one, although limited.”


“The items of the same or higher level as the crafter do not receive any bonus. However, in case of lower level items… especially, like in Salute-san’s case, if you make low level items you will receive an experience bonus for it.”

“Which means it won’t be pointless work.”

“Yes. Considering the content of the event, it’s all about making numbers, so while the bonus itself is low, the amount of experience is definitely much higher than normal. This applies to all crafting types, not just mixing.”

“By the way, there is good news for you who own fields! During the event the growth speed is increased, so do your best and sell those materials!”



A small group, one nearby too, raises voices of joy… heck, they’re full-on farmer style! They are wearing overalls and straw(?) hats, on the back they got hoes! It’s farmers! By all means, please sell me your vegetables.

“Farmer” text is floating above them. It’s the farmer title, isn’t it.


“Also, on the 1st of August there’s a maintenance! Also, update.

(”Huh? Update? What is he saying out of nowhere?”)

“The event area will remain until 6 p.m., but you can return to the previous area by using the menu, so please use that.”

“Then, farewell!”

(”Eh, what about update info?!”)


And so, the two GMs disappeared as if dissolving into the sky.




I’m sure all players’ hearts have become one.


It’s currently… 5 p.m., is it. There is still time until the official site is updated. My «Cook» is nearly level 10. I intended to raise it today, so let’s get it up to that point.

I wonder what kind of Art will I learn.


“Onee-chan, food!”

“Yes yes, a party’s worth for you.”


My little sister’s party has five members, so there will be a portion remaining for me.

Might as well make bread as well. I created baguettes with【Reproduction】and split two baguettes into three parts each, making six portions, then used【Set Menu】to merge them with the stew.


“It’s BEEF STEW!!”

“I was missing some ingredients, but the taste should be close to a restaurant’s taste.”

“Thanks for the meal~...”


With just a single spoonful she makes a satisfied expression. It seems like it will get high praise.

Still, this might sell for a nice price. Although, the MP consumption is no joke. But that aside, this is simply delicious.


Now, let’s make some roast beef using rump. I sometimes make it at home, so let’s do it the same way.


I removed the fatty part from the rump, added olive oil and three cloves of grated garlic, then brushed the meat with salt. Let’s use the bread-baking tool’s brush. I can clean it with【Clean】later.

After spreading salt, I coarsely sprinkled pepper over it and fast-forwarded time. Let’s have the taste sink in well.


Following that, I fry the surface crisp on the frying pan. Next is the oven… but I don’t have a normal one, so I take a baking tray and a mesh, put the meat with surface fried facing upward into the brick oven.

What’s left is to fry it for about three hours at low temperature. Once it’s fried, I cool it down and it’s ready.


Next, I use Rabbit Meat and【Reproduction】to replenish jerkies.



〈«Cook» reached level 10. Gained “1” Skill Point.〉

〈«Cook»’s Art【Tableware】was acquired.〉




My roast beef is B quality. Well, fine.

I take juices that came out of the meat when I fried it and gathered them on the tray to make gravy sauce. The ingredients I can use are limited, so I slice welsh onion finely, add red wine and butter before lightly stewing them. What’s left is to add mustard and adjust the taste to finish the sauce.

I register recipes for both.


Allows for creating utensils. Uses 1MP to create one. Utensils disappear along with food.
Throwing them does not deal damage.


Looks like Primula-san’s utensils have become needless? Well, let’s use up the ones I already have on me.

And let’s spread the info on the Art to the cooking board… done.


“SPI increase… and this buff is in real time, huh. It lasts almost an entire day in game, so the duration will probably increase.”

“There are six more tiers above B+, isn’t there.”


My equipment’s quality is S+, after all. So above B+ there is A-, A, A+, S-, S and S+, but it seems like it will not be easy to overcome the A wall.

Also, I need to investigate which ingredients and which cooking methods give which buffs. Let’s note the cooking that received buffs. When I gather it up, eventually I should find the trend.

This time I quietly spread boar meat, and some bear meat. The people from the cooking board bought it, so there should be more people who do verification.

Meat can seem expensive when you look at the price for each, but seeing the finished cuisine, people buy the finished products without hesitation. If they calculate the costs, they can go in black when they sell their cooking. ...That is, if they properly ask the Residents about the cooking method for it. I did tell the people from the cooking board about it, so they probably will.

If they have bear and boar meat, they should be able to get to «Cook» soon enough. Once they reach the latter half of twenties, they only need to fry some Angus meat. It’s a high level ingredient that uses a very simple cooking method. It’s difficult to fail and gives high experience. I got to the second tier with it myself.

Yeah, let’s put this information on the boards as well. Do your best, my successors! I intend to raise my «Alchemy» for a while just as I planned. To be precise, until I reach the second tier of the Skill.


“Now, it’s about 6 p.m.. Let’s go back to our original areas. And I need to leave the money at the union...”

“Onee-chan, what do you plan after this?”

“Seems like there is an event coming, so just as I planned I intend to raise my «Alchemy»”

“«Alchemy», huh~.”

“It would be nice if I could make the parts for lost limbs… you know.”

“AAahh… certainly. I forgot your limbs come off, Onee-chan...”

“I haven’t experienced it yet, but I probably will soon enough1Trivia: Probably biggest difference between LN and WN is that she loses her arm during the town defense event, it’s cut off by the Goblin General..”


I bid farewell to my acquaintances nearby, opened the menu and left the event area.



I returned to the main square in Belstead, so first I head to the union to deposit money. It’s only natural, but I have no intention of leaving safe zone with this amount of money on me. Let’s deposit before I forget.

I deposit 4040k in the bank, making it a total of 4090k; I have 18k remaining on me.

And I put out jerkies I replenished on consignment along with everything else that I had left.


After leaving the union, I teleport to the Starting Town from the center square. My destination is the library. I let it be until now, but cooking aside, there is no alchemy in the real world. In other words, the game’s basic recipes are necessary.

The magic stones that I sometimes get are likely used by «Alchemy». However, there is no information in regards to it, so I can’t say anything. It’s hard to judge what they are used for in this game.

It could be a catalyst for a special skill, energy source for magic tools, or for making equipment. There are so many possibilities that no one can tell now.


I got no hits when I searched “library” on the boards, but it can’t be that it wasn’t found yet, can it? Craig from the union taught me about it. Which would mean there just isn’t much of good information in there...

Well, my main goal is «Alchemy» recipes and information about this world’s gods. Thanks to my resistance it seems like I can enter churches, but this time let’s read a book. I haven’t had time for reading recently.


Using the direction assistance that appeared for me some time ago I head to the library. Around the middle of the Southwestern part of the town I saw a large building. There was a game-like red marker around the building, so that must be it. That must be an assist helping to get to the objective. When I approached it, it disappeared.

The building itself is large, but… kind of plain. No, it’s a library so I guess it will be plain. What is most important are the book types. Let’s enter.


“Oh my? Welcome, young lady.”


A dandy old man. His voice is also refined. Seems like a butler’s outfit would fit him well.

It’s my first time meeting a Resident of this type.


“I heard from Craig-san of the Adventurers’ Union that there is a library here.”

“Yes, this is a library. Do you need an explanation in regards to it?”

“Yes, please.”


To use the library it was necessary to possess some kind of proof of identity. An union’s card can be used. And it is necessary to pay 10k when coming for the first time.

It is possible to borrow books, in which case you need to pay 1000 for one book. The time limit is one week in real - a month in game. When the time passes, the book will return by itself.

The library is an area where it is impossible to drink or eat… It is possible in the courtyard, however. If I want to have tea while reading, I should use the courtyard, is what he told me. Most likely he told me about it because of this appearance of mine.

Feels like I could have an elegant cup of tea, which sounded quite attractive. ...I haven’t found the crucial tea yet, however!


I showed the union card to the dandy old man and paid 10k of the usage fee.


“Are there books regarding gods?”

“There are, of course. Do you wish to read the mythos? Or maybe details?”

“If possible, I would like to read the detailed ones.”

“Then, you should try this bookshelf.”


I was guided to a bookshelf and passed a book.


“This bookshelf has books pertaining to gods. For the time being, read this book, and after you have a rough grasp on the gods I recommend moving onto the other books.”

“I understand. Then first I’ll read thi… hn?”


There is a shining book. Is my Intuition reacting to it…?

The title written on the book cover was ”Stellura-sama and Darklight Species” was written on it.2Kanji for Darklight are 幽明, you can look it up on jisho if you want. No particular, clear translation applicable here.


“Ohh, if you see that and know of it, it might be better if you read it, mm. It’s better if you don’t catch their eye.”

“Darklight species…? I’m an Outsider so it’s my first time hearing of them.”

“Oh dear, is that so. Then it might be better if you read it.”

“Considering it’s Stellura-sama, does it have something to do with Immortals?”

“If anything, this book is the one that explains it in most detail.”

“Then let’s read it.”

“Yes, please take your time. Ask if you need to know something.”

“I will do so, thank you.”


Let’s read the book I was given first. I sat down on a seat near the bookshelf.

I should list the main points I find.




The Supreme Deity, Creall-sama. Has golden hair and golden eyes.

  • God of Creation and Destruction,
  • Creator of the world and the chief god who created the three goddesses.

Goddess of the Cycle of Rebirth, Stellura-sama. Has gray hair and iridescent green eyes.

  • Goddess governing over light and darkness,
  • Goddess governing over life and death.
  • Goddess governing over time, space and destiny.
  • Goddess of contracts and judgment.
  • Commands Darklight Species?
  • Her symbol is a gate and a key, is a second in rank god whose height differs whenever she appears.

Goddess of Battle, Sigrdrífa-sama. Has red hair and red eyes.

  • Goddess governing over fire and wind.
  • Goddess of battle and victory.
  • Is said to command animals.

Goddess of Benevolence, Harvenshis-sama. Has green hair and green eyes.

  • Goddess governing over water and earth.
  • Goddess of benevolence and growth.
  • Goddess of nature and rest.
  • Is said to command plants.



I guess this is more or less the summary…?

It appears that oracles are usually given by the second-in-rank god, Stellura-sama. And at such times she appears to have various sizes, but always has ashen hair and iridescent green eyes.

The race that Stellura-sama is commanding over was not clear. It might be written in the other book.


There is almost no information on the chief god Creall-sama, so I know nothing.

It seems like Stellura-sama has the most faces. Which means… she appears most often? Of course there is no chance to directly touch her.

Also, there was something very interesting written in the section on Stellura-sama - “When one breaks the contract that was sworn under the name of the Goddess of contracts and judgment, repulsive monsters appear from the depths of earth… they are her enforcers. You cannot escape…” . This makes me really curious...


Umm… the mythology book is… oh, there is a picture book. Let’s note it down. Everything is in hiragana, so it’s really hard to read. Is it changed to hiragana based on the setting?



Creall-sama was born from the void, and created the world

From the boundary of light and darkness Stellura-sama was born and started to progress time.

Inside the time that started to progress, Creall-sama created a planet.

From the born planet’s water and earth, Harvensis-sama was born.

And next, from the fire and wind Sigrdrífa-sama was born.



〈Based on your actions up until now, «Linguistics» was unlocked.〉



Ohh, isn’t this a Skill necessary for reading books?


A Skill showing just how much you understand text and which helps with decryption.


Still, I am capable of reading even without this skill. We have no problem reading the requests in the union, either? However, since there is a Skill, there must be some kind of need for it…. well, let’s take it? It should go up when I read books, if I’m to take it, it’s better to take it early.

And so, I acquire it for 3SP.


Then next, let’s read the important-looking ”Stellura-sama and the Darklight Species”.




I don’t know whether I was lucky or unlucky… but thinking over it again, I was without doubt lucky. Since I learned this information, I will not die before passing it on.

I believe this will serve as my thanks for them.


The information regarding terms below has been collected in the form of a book, to make the world know.

Undead, Immortals, Outer Ones, Darklight Species, Nether, Abyss, Medium, Astral.


First, I shall lightly write about Nether, Abyss, Medium and Astral.


Nether is a place that seems to be like an underground city, where all souls gather. In the middle of it, there is an absurdly huge and luxurious building called Evernight Castle.
Apparently, before souls enter Nether, they are judged and split between those who enter the Nether and those who enter Abyss.

This place is also a similar to an underground city, but it is where people who did bad things in life, or had evil thoughts gather.
They cannot leave until they repent, and the repentance time is different for every individual.

A detached world where Outer Ones gather. A paradise of monsters.
The only one they follow is Stellura-sama who provided them with a place of their own, as well as those who are granted authority by Stellura-sama… or so I hear.

The location where souls that redeemed themselves go through their cycle of rebirth.


Nether and the Abyss are locations managed by Immortals, and Medium is a world managed by Outer Ones.

And those four worlds are all said to be under the control of the Goddess of death and rebirth, Stellura-sama.


Next, about Undead who are known by everyone.

There are actually two types of Undead.

Their common perception is that “Undead have no will of their own, and only move according to instincts they had in life and lingering attachments. They are the dead who remain in this world for unknown reasons”.

While this is in fact correct, it is not everything. If anything, this type is very rare. Most Undead have no will of their own, and are merely knock-off magical creatures who move due to remnants of magic power.

But this does not change the fact that Undead are a target for extermination. The weakling masses are the latter type, the stronger ones are the former.


And in regards to Immortals.

To put it simply… Immortals are Undead who have their own will. They, who are something like a higher tier existence of undead, have their own will, thoughts and control their power.

Appearance aside they are not much different from us, humanity, and it is possible to come to mutual understanding with them. If anything, there are a lot of former humans among them.

Immortals in general spend their time in the place called Nether and they manage Abyss.

I have only one advice in regards to them. They are a bad opponent to pick a fight against, don’t do it.

They have wills. Therefore, they rank according to their individual strength.

  1. The newbies who aim to enter the Nether through the multiple entrances scattered across the world.
  2. The ones who spend their time in Nether. They are more elite than 1.
  3. The ones who spend their time in Abyss. They are more elite than 2.
  4. The ones who spend their time in Evernight Castle. They are the elite among elite who manage both the Nether and the Abyss.


Lastly, about Outer Ones.

They are literal immortals, these indestructible beings are called Outer Ones. They are beings removed from the cycle of life and rebirth.

Outer Ones are an even higher existence than Immortals. So to say, they are genuine monsters. However, let me just say that as long as you don’t screw something up, there is a possibility of understanding each other with them. Their appearance is horrendous, but it is possible to talk with them. Let me say it again, they look fairly abhorrent, but you can talk with them.


Below, there is a supplementation.

The ranks go are like this: Undead < Wall Called Existence of Will < Immortals < Nether Immortals < Abyss Immortals < Evernight Castle Immortals < Medium’s Outer Ones.

The ones that Stellura-sama regards to… the existences in Nether, Abyss and Medium, are all called the Darklight Species.

Among the Outer Ones there are Servitor Races, Independent Races and Ruling Races. From left to right they get stronger.3Reminds you of something? Here it is:


I did well to survive… or rather, when I got lost in there, the one who has helped me was an Independent Race’s Outer One.

They are good guys. Their appearance is fairly insane but… when I heard that they hole up in the Medium because of their appearance, I pitied them a little.

When you meet a Ruling Race, pray. Just by standing in front of them you feel like you are about to die. Your body wants to die on its own. Even Servitor Races are insanely strong, that is what you call someone being on another level.

Apparently there are Ruling Races capable of taking the form of humans, also, please stop partially showing your true appearance to play around with people. My heart almost stopped. Outer Ones’ jokes are too harsh on us. Put the aura way, seriously.



When you call Immortals “Undead” they snap, so be careful. They will chase you. Even if you die, you get to meet them in Nether, all smiley. I don’t recommend it.

If you want to spend peaceful days after dying, do not oppose them. Although it is rare to meet one before dying, you never know what can happen to you in life.


Oh, right. There is this famous thing regarding Stellura-sama, right?

“When one breaks the contract that was sworn under the name of the Goddess of contracts and judgment, repulsive monsters appear from the depths of earth… they are the enforcers. You cannot escape…”

This, it’s about Outer Ones. In exchange for Medium, they apparently received the duty to act as enforcers.


When you meet the Outer Ones, if you scream or lose consciousness, they will forgive you. The worst thing you can do is to go semi-insane and attack them, so be good and faint.


I eagerly wish this will be of use to you.




Phew… this was more dense information than I thought it would be.



〈You have acquired information about the “Undead” “Immortals” “Outer Ones” “Darklight Species” of this world. In conformation with this information, status and Discern will be updated. Will you share this information with your kinsmen?〉



Wait, it would be a bigger problem if I did not share this information. If they were unable to differentiate Undead and Immortals, and attacked an Immortal it would be a terrible sight to look at...

There is a low possibility… but since it’s pretty long, I can’t be bothered writing on the BBS. Let’s leave the rest to the system.



《Player Anastasia has acquired information regarding “Undead” “Immortals” “Outer Ones” “Darklight Species” and shared it. With this, status and Discern will be updated. Please check help for details.》



The four races have been added to the help.

The status… hasn’t changed. We Outsiders have will, so we are treated as Immortals, which is fine. We are on the surface, so rank 1? In which case, it might be good to aim to get to Nether. The problem is that we don’t know where the entrance is.

Still, Evernight Castle… and I’m a princess… makes me really curious, yes.


『”What is this, Onee-chan?!”』

『”When I read a book in the library, I received a system message, so I shared with everyone.”』

『”...Eh, huh? There’s a library? Where?”』

『”Hm? In the Starting Town, of course.”』

『”Hmmmm? I think there was a verification group going around screaming “is there no library?!” before…”』

『”Isn’t it one of the facilities that requires you to hear about it from a Resident? I heard about it in the union.”』

『”...Can I mention this on BBS?”』

『”I don’t mind, but it’s a library so don’t make a fuss, okay?”』

『”Well, I don’t think there will be that many users…”』


Well, it’s not something that needs to be hidden. If she wants to write about it, then let’s leave it to her.



《There was an oracle from the gods! New Outsiders will appear in a month. The preparations campaign has started, cooperate with Residents and prepare for newcomers!》



Oh, the event seems to have started. Let’s confirm the official site.




Hello, this is FLFO’s management team.


This time’s event will be a city event.

Starting Town and the four nearby towns are all event areas, let’s resolve the problems that Residents of those five towns have.

There are combat events where you receive the requests at Adventurers’ Union to help with transportation to other towns, so contribute as you like.

Although the escort request mechanism is the same as usual, the amount of escort requests increases and unlike normal, there is a possibility of event monsters appearing. There can be an extra reward and experience bonuses, so please try challenging these.

As for crafters, let’s deliver a lot of C Quality goods. If you continue to deliver goods and leave a good record, you might receive requests to craft items from already-prepared materials.

If you craft lower level items, the bigger the level difference is, the higher experience bonus you receive.

Good news for material crafters such as farmers.

During the event, the speed of growing and harvesting is increased, so let’s deliver a lot of goods.

Gathering points’ recovery speed will increase, and the number of possible gatherings will also increase. It is possible to contribute herbs and ore as well.


While unlike in your case, the surrounding towns are already unlocked, but we predict two times as many players as there were of you, so we believe the environment will be similar for them as it was for you, so please do your best.




I see, for now… Are there «Alchemy» recipes somewhere? Let’s return the book to the bookshelf and go to ask the dandy.


“I’m sorry, but are there books on «Alchemy»?”

“If you want basics, then yes, there are.”

“I don’t mind those.”

“In that case, the books on Skills are that way. From the closest part to furthest they are categorized for close combat, ranged combat, magic combat, crafting and books on other Skills.”

“Thank you very much. I will go look.”


Umm… close combat… ranged combat… magic… hm? There is something shining. A book on magic, is it? Let’s secure it.

Crafting… Alchemy is… this one. Then let’s go read it right away.


〈«Alchemy»’s Recipe “Beginner’s HP Potion” was learned.〉

〈«Alchemy»’s Recipe “HP Potion” was learned.〉

〈«Alchemy»’s Recipe “Beginner’s MP Potion” was learned.〉

〈«Alchemy»’s Recipe “MP Potion” was learned.〉

〈«Alchemy»’s Recipe “Wooden Arrow” was learned.〉

〈«Alchemy»’s Recipe “Stone Arrow” was learned.〉

〈«Alchemy»’s Recipe “Wooden Bolt” was learned.〉

〈«Alchemy»’s Recipe “Stone Bolt” was learned.〉

〈«Alchemy»’s Recipe “Fertilizer” was learned.〉



There’s lots of them… That’s a good thing.

Now, let’s read the book that was shining. ...I’m unable to read some parts. It seems like my «Linguistics» might not be high enough. It’s not a very thick book, so maybe I could try re-reading it? While filling the lacking spaces inside my brain.

The content is about magic… the very basics. It’s making me curious, so let’s read it slowly.



〈Specific requirements were fulfilled, «High-Class Magic Ability» was unlocked〉



«Linguistics» seems to have reached level 10.

Having the «Magic Ability» of level 30 AND learning knowledge regarding to magic… must be the requirement for unlocking it?

The used SP is 6. Of course I’ll take it. My remaining SP has turned 36.



〈“Faded Rapier of Protection” has adapted to the holder.〉



【Magic Power Manipulation】
A passive Art. When using magic, it decreases the wasted MP, lowering the MP costs.


Yup, it’s a good Art that’s better to have if possible.

So, what about the rapier again? ...Ohh, the applicable skill only changed from «Magic Ability» to «High-Class Magic Ability». As a result, the efficiency of the【Spiral Magi-Amp】seems to have improved

It’s a good thing.


For the first time in a while I head to the general store’s granny, let’s buy an Alchemy Set. If I’m not wrong, it cost 7000. I barely have enough on me, so let’s head straight to her.

I put away the book on the bookshelf and leave the library.


“I will come again.”

“Oh, we will be waiting for your return.”



Behind the Adventurers’ union… away from the main street, there it is.


“Oh, it’s you.”

“Long time no see. I came to buy an Alchemy Kit.”

“I hear Outsiders are coming again, ehh? It’ll be 7000.”

“Yes, it’s a good opportunity so I thought of starting Alchemy.”

“I see, I see. For Alchemy, repetition is everything. Put your guts into it.”

“I have been gathering materials all over so I have a lot of them, I will do so.”

“is that so… When it becomes «Alchemycraft», come again. I will teach you some nice things.”

“«Alchemycraft», yes? Understood.”


What will she teach me, I wonder? If I’m not wrong «Alchemycraft» is a second tier Skill, so let’s come here when I get it.

I need to go to the union and pull out things like herbs that can be used for «Alchemy». While at it, let’s withdraw some money. I might be using them for materials.


Let’s pull out the herbs, Stimushrooms, Shadlysishroom and Distilled Water that I deposited before. I should take about 100k with me.


Alright, let’s do iiiiit.

Name: Anastasia
Race: Immortal Princess Woman Lv18
Element: Dark
Genus: High Immortal
Family: Royal Zombie
Skill Points: 36


«Slender Sword Lv4» «Enten-Style Princess’ Self-Defense - Slender Sword Lv3» «Light Armor Lv4»
«Light Magic Lv29» «High-Class Magic Ability Lv1»
«Sensing Danger Lv3» «Intuition Lv3» «Butō Lv7» «Cook Lv10» «Alchemy Lv5» «Gathering Lv20» «Appraisal Lv22» «Disassembly Lv20»
«Identification Lv26» «Discern» «Linguistics Lv10»




Monster Skills:
«Darkness Magic Lv1» «Aura of Darkness Lv25»
«Physical Resistance Lv26» «Physical Immunity Lv23» «Magic Resistance Lv5» «Super HP Recovery Lv9»
«Immortal Royalty Lv18» «Royal Authority Lv18» «High Immortal»


A Calm and Elegant Princess: Improves the impression given to others and makes it harder for them to become wary of you.
Liberator of Belstead: A commemorative title given to the first to liberate the town East of Starting Town.
Liberator of Inbamunt: A commemorative title given to the first to liberate the town South of Starting Town.
Cook: A title given to a full-fledged cook.


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