I wake up in the morning and log in early as usual. I outed in the Starting Town’s central square, so I jump to my home and do form practice in the courtyard before logging out.

After eating breakfast I take some leisure time, do some exercise and kill some time during the maintenance. It is possible to use the boards, where posts flow faster than usual. Players who are usually focused on playing are taking part in discussions now.



I take a shower after gymnastics and take my time confirming the update’s information. There, my little sister comes over busily to tell me “maintenance is over!” and busily off she goes.

...Let’s log in.


Right after the maintenance I pass through the usual, must-have-log-in-queue and appear in my home where I logged out.


“Any problems?”

“None in particular. It’s the same as always.”


I ask a maid that is nearby and it seems there are no problems in particular, so what do I do today?


For now, I enable【Inventory Expansion】whose effect has been disabled by the maintenance.

The expansion that used 60% of my MP, has had its cost reduced to about 20%. It must be thanks to the key and the blessing. I have no idea how it is calculated, so I don’t know how much they decrease, but there is a possibility that the higher the Skill level and the lower MP consumption, the decreasing effect will become weaker.


Now, let’s confirm the newly added system. Spell activation keyword’s customization.

The amount of keys you can set is up to two for each spell. That would be three with the basic activation key.

It is possible to add three extra slots, making it a total of six possible ways of activating a spell

The additional slots aren’t one for each Skill, but one for each Art or spell. So it’s 100 yen for each Art or spell, huh… Adding keywords from scratch looks like a pain.

I only have two slots, so I’m not that troubled.


And so, let’s change the activation keyword for The Silver Key right away. I set the portal gate’s keyword as “Open”... there. Seems like it’s enough to set the destination with my thoughts.

Magic Missile is long, so I change it to “Magimis”. Explosion is also long so… I change it to “-plode” like the poison one’s.

For the time being it’s enough to shorten them.


What is left… it became possible to change the name displayed on the BBS to only use either first name or family name.

Full name was a bit long, so no wonder… Let’s just use the first name like everyone else.


Now… leveling, crafting, maybe gathering, or even learning… What a troubling choice. If I am to craft, it would be Alchemy. Gathering… I could aim for Servants’ equipment? Learning would be Divine Linguistics.

It might be good to go report to Lucianna-san in the church. She did tell me about the entrance to Nether, and I got a Blessing thanks to the quest, too?


Oh, I got a Clear Orb.


[Material] Clear Orb Rarity: Ex Quality: ―

Magic power gathered and solidified in a spherical shape.

Thanks to the lack of impurities it serves as a highly effective energy source, but it has to be treated carefully.

Cannot be traded.


When my equipment changed, the Orb that was generated by it has changed into Clear Orbs. Though honestly speaking, I don’t know just how different it is.

The number of created Orbs which had increased as I grew stronger, has returned to about the number that was created at the beginning.

I tried feeding #1 with it, and it appears to be about twice as effective. I need to look for a way to use those Orbs. No, I can just ask the Chancellor...

Let’s charge, right into Evernight Castle next door.



“Did something happen?”

“What can these Orbs be used for?”

“Hm. It can be used for various things, mm. It’s a Magic Stone of high purity, you can use it for Alchemy or for necromancy - so everything that is related to Magic Power.”

“So I should use them simply as a replacement for Magic Stones?”

“That is indeed it. However… it’s another thing whether you will be able to handle these, Sire.”



When one tries to process something that has a certain amount of Magic Power, they need to be able to use【Magic Power Manipulation】skillfully enough or they will self-destruct.

It is necessary to suppress Magic Power inside the object, arrange it and change its shape, which is why creating Magic Power-infused items is high-level crafting.

And it is not limited to «Alchemy»-type, but also applies to other crafting.

It is all up to how much one can preserve Magic Stone’s Magic Power, or even further add extra Magic Power into it as they craft. This is all up to a crafter’s own skill.


“Some inexperienced people even die, but you should not have any problem, Sire.”

“Is that so?”

“You are an Outsider after all, Sire. Ha ha ha.”



This isn’t “You can do it Sire!” but “There’s no problem even if you die, right, Sire?”. Isn’t he disrespectful?


“By all means we would love if you became stronger, Sire. While we will help you, we will not spoil you, hm?”

“Maybe I should do it right next to you and involve you...”

“That is some cute harassment. Ha ha ha… damage is one thing, but furniture will get destroyed so please don’t. Environmental destruction isn’t a good thing, hm?”


Damn… I’m at a disadvantage now.


“Ohh, speaking of which. The refining circle you possess, Sire, it is one acquired on the surface, yes?”

“It is.”

“Then how about modifying it for the better?”

“...It can be modified?”

“As you are now, Sire, you should be able to read the refining circle with ease, mm. You only need to tweak it to improve efficiency, hm?”

“I see?”

“Well, that is if you are able to understand a refining circle.”

“Provoking me, huh…?”


Damn you, Elder Lich...

With that said, this is without doubt a nice piece of information, isn’t it? I should try it in the near future… no, even now. Let’s see.


“............Hm. It won’t be possible right away.”

“As expected. I will teach you how to tweak it. First, a Refining Circle is an amalgamation. Each part affects others, which ultimately affects efficiency. In other words, after optimizing each block you need to connect optimized blocks into a cluster. Naturally, when you form a cluster you need to confirm efficiency. You only need to repeat this.”

“Then first, I need to start with disassembly of a cluster.”

“Indeed so. You disassemble a cluster into singular blocks, then modify the words that blocks are composed of. Finally, you reassemble them.”


In other words, this is a circular magic circle-type program...

Well, efficiency is being displayed for me, this should make it easier.


“You tear it down, reassemble, try it, tear it down, reassemble, try it… it’s plain, boring work.”

“...Eh? But you can make each block to its maximum efficiency, then make a cluster out of them while checking efficiency, right?”

“...Can it be, Sire, that you can tell their efficiency?”

“Yes, I can...”

“O’ Book of Eibon… is it you…? How much do you think I have troubled myself…?”


Hohohoho… let’s do it bit by bit.


“Well then, I will go to the surface now.”

“Haa… please be careful.”


I leave the Chancellor who was completely dispirited and… before I head to the surface, let’s do an image change. I return to my royal villa and open Character Creation from the menu.

There is no need for premium since I have no intention of changing colors, right? Nn… ahh, those mysterious ribbon options that do not disfigure were premium options weren’t they.

I make my hair reach my butt and casually raise my forelocks a little above my eyes. I change the sidelocks to reach my shoulders and move them into the back around my ears and let’s tie them slightly loose, half-up style.

I leave the soft glossy style as is, and… oh? It appears there is a clasp matching the equipment. ...Isn’t this a Crystal Lotus? It’s treated the same as underwear… in other words, it’s a pure accessory without stats.

It appears that this much can be done even without premium, so I bought the cheap normal character edit. Let’s put the ribbons that I bought previously into my housing’s storage.



Now then, let’s go to the surface.

Up until now I ended up using the statue, haven’t I. Let’s try the Silver Key.


“ “Open...” ”


Ohhh…? The Silver Key floated, then a little ahead of me pierces into the ground and displays a choice of teleportation destination. I select the Starting Town.

The key rotated and with an effect of a shadow spreading, a staircase like one at the entrance to Nether, has appeared. At the same time, the Silver Key disappeared as if melting and with a ring it returned next to Athamé hanging from my belt.

This is a nice effect!


When I enter completely inside and start descending the stairs, the entrance closed and a stair landing appeared in front of me. From there, stairs continued up and I could see light ahead. It must be the light of the surface.

The moment I reach the top, the black stairs disappeared. Looks like I came out near the statue at the central plaza. Let’s go to the church.


Local purification caused by the church… I can no longer feel it affecting me. It must be either an effect of the immunity, or because Light is no longer my weakness… thinking normally, it should be the former.

Ehh… a familiar face… oh, let’s go with that person.


“Excuse me, is it possible to meet Lucianna-san? If she is busy, then I would like to ask when she has time.”

“R-right, please wait a moment.”

“Thank you.”


This person should know me from before evolution and based on his reaction, it should be alright.

...Will Doggo King appear if I pray here?

O’ King of Tindalos… can you hear me? I have something to ask of you...


Ah, he came.


“What do you want?”

“O’ King of Tindalos… I want you to teach me language.”


I feel it would be better not to say the name of the book, so I only knock on it lightly to point it out.


“Ho-hooh? ...I see, so the original was in the castle. Very well, now?”

“No, next time.”

“Then call me when it is the time. I have nothing to do anyway.”


“Also… I see you have the key. Search for the gate inside Nether. Although, it is still early for you.”

“A gate…?”

“I think it was either Northeast or Northwest. Well, if you intend to aim for… right.”


He says so and leaves. When I have nothing to do, let’s explore Nether.

...Speaking of which, from Residents’ perspective Doggo King is a rare character, isn’t he. I only made a personal request to him, don’t mind me.


“Sorry to have made you wait. I will guide you now.”


I follow a sister with gray embroidery who came over.

...Hm? Didn’t sisters have a fairly low social position? But she does have gray embroidery, and Lucianna-san is also… Looks like real life parallels will not work here. It’s not like the church’s symbol is a cross, either.


“Welcome, Anastasia-san.”

“I’m sorry to intrude so suddenly.”


Lucianna-san waited for me in what is most likely one of the most luxurious guest rooms.

The person that guided me has left, then a servant poured us tea and left, leaving the two of us alone.


“First, a report. When I cleaned the chapel in the great cathedral, I received a blessing from Stellura-sama.”

“My goodness, it is very rare for Stellura-sama to give any blessing...”

“I would like to say thanks for making it possible to acquire a blessing, and to report that I safely managed to arrive in Nether.”

“Congratulations, but, you received a blessing thanks to your own behaviour so there is no need to thank me, you know?”

“Well, I bring some souvenirs by the by. Here, have these.”

“T-...these are… so many…?”


I gift her five Holy Punica.


“There are plenty of these in Nether, so don’t mind it. Also, I have something like this, too.”

“These are… phantasmal Crystal Lotuses… Is regular delivery of these two possible? How about making it a request from the church?”

“It depends on the number, but I am curious about how they will be used.”

“We will use Holy Punica to decorate the statues. Crystal Lotuses will be for lending.”

“For lending…?”

“Crystal Lotus reflects the true nature of those holding it… nobles can be made to hold it for example. If it turns black, it warrants a search of their house. We lend it out if there is a request.”

“I see. If you do that instead of me, then by all means.”


To start with, three flowers are enough to show things as they are. Four for the fruits, so I take one back.

Apparently these kinds of things have a special container to display them in, and Lucianna-san went to get it.

Let’s drink some black tea and wait.


Speaking of which, let’s use some leftover points from the event and exchange them for tea leaves.

I want to try making some blends, so let’s take a fair amount of each type. I will leisurely try them when I have some time open.


Lucianna-san returned and brought a lot of people. Each of them held a glass case in which I could see Magic Power.


“You know what these are, yes? Insert one into each case, place fruits in front of statues, one each. Place flowers between the statues. In other words, place fruits and flowers interchangingly.”



While there was no change to fruits, flowers that were picked up have lost a little of their white shine. With that said, commonly a person has a gray soul, so they are fairly bright as is.

They held the cases dearly as they left the room. It should be fine to think the event is progressing well, right?


Now then, about the reward… this one is a little troublesome. I only brought some stuff that was in Nether.

If the surface is peaceful, the amount of work in Abyss will decrease as a result, yeah? ...Though right after this starts, the amount of work will probably increase.

In a way, they do my job for me. Let’s just take a commission charge for gathering them. Carrying them here is easy enough.

I proceed with the conversation in that direction.


“A proof of my social status… isn’t needed, is it. If someone doesn’t listen to me, the church acting as a guarantor will not have much effect. It’s faster to just put out the aura.”


Aura-types have effect upon contact, so normally I set it as off inside the town. Especially now that it changed with evolution, at worst someone might activate Instant Death just by bumping into me.


After that, we speak about when to bring the next ones, then I receive the reward and leave.



Now then, I return from the church to the central plaza… but what should I do next?

This should be all for race-related events for now. The gate that Doggo King mentioned is… probably the next Race Quest? In which case I should have easily 10 Lvs worth of time, there is no need to hurry with it.

Gathering for Servants’ equipment… or Alchemy...





It must be because I was near the statue… a single player has logged in and appeared right next to me. Our eyes met; he was somewhat familiar...


“Ahh, is that you, Sensei?”


He raised his head to the sky, going “uhhhh-huh”.


“Ahh…so Princess is my student...hm? Then Imouto-chan is...”

“My little sister, as is.”

“I see… say no more. So there was one of the top in my class, huh. That black hair looks fresh.”

“Tomo and Sugu are among the top too, so there are three from the top our class.”

“So they’re here too… Did you do home… oops, I guess it’s boorish to ask you this.”

“I finished it a long time ago.”

“Well, just confirming that you didn’t forget it. Nnm… then, be careful with remarks that might reveal your personal information… that’s about it?”

“I am well aware of that.”

“Very well. Are you having fun?”

“Yes, very.”

“Yup yup, it’s a good thing. Well then, sensei will be going to hunt some… with students.”

“So you were caught after all...”

“What is so fun about playing with your teacher, hm?”


He walks away as he says so.

Well, he is liked to the point of students wanting to play with him, so… isn’t that a good thing? I feel that a teacher should be liked… It’s another thing that he ends up having to deal with students on his day off, in his game.


Well, let’s put that aside. What should I do?

There are several Skills that I want to get, but… my SP will be blown away… To be precise, it would be «Magic Catalyst» and «Shadow Magic»? The first one derives into «Book» and the latter one is Dark-type magic, so I receive a bonus to it. They cost 6SP together… I have 21 left.

The problem is that «Book» will take 6SP off me. «Shadow Magic» is a Monster Skill so I can take it for 3…

Still, thinking of Athamé and Eibon I should take «Magic Catalyst».

I’m also interested in proficiency-type enhancement passives. Critical Hit’s Damage Increase and Status Ailment probability increase.

Still, in general to increase SP it is necessary to raise one’s level or Skill level. Looking at the number increases as Skills go up, they should increase the higher the level, but...


Alright, let’s take «Magic Catalyst» and «Shadow Magic». I leave 16 so that I can take a Rare Skill if one appears.


〈“Athamé of Divine Protection” has adapted to its holder.〉

〈“Book of Eibon” has adapted to its holder〉


[Equipment - Weapon] Athamé of Divine Protection Rarity: ExGo Quality: S+ Durability: ─
【Libertà】: Consumes an Orb and grants bonus damage to the next attack.
【Element-Focusing Loop Mechanism】: Generates a blade using the holder’s element.
【Telekinetic Equip】: Athamé will fly to you when you extend your hand to it and call it to you.

«Identification Lv10»
Attack Type: Thrust, Slash
Applicable Skills: «Slender Sword» «Magic Catalyst» «Kokon Musou» «High-Class Magic Ability»

«Identification Lv20»
«Magic Catalyst»:【Element-Focusing Loop Mechanism】’s MP consumption reduction.
«Kokon Musou»: When using a derived form, the form’s effect is increased.
«High-Class Magic Ability»: Freely Extensible
Damage Increase When Countering: Medium
Effectiveness Increase When Defending with Weapon: Medium
Impact Absorption when Defending with Weapon: Medium
Effectiveness Increase when Parrying with Weapon: Medium
Critical Strike Chance Bonus: Medium
Critical Strike Damage Bonus: Medium
Magical Attack Power Increase: Medium
Channeling Speed Increase: Medium


[Equipment - Weapon] Book of Eibon Rarity: Go Quality: S+ Durability: ─
【Resonant Action】: When the holder is conscious of using magic, the item will float and follow the holder.
【Auto Spell】: There is no need to hold it in hand.
【Anti Spell】: Automatically resists enemy spells aimed at the owner.
Applicable Skills: «Book» «High-Class Magic Ability»

«Identification Lv10»

«Identification Lv20»
INT Increase: Max
SPI Increase: Max
Channeling Shortening: Large
MP Consumption Decrease: Large
Alchemycraft Quality Increase: Large


Hm…hm? The consumption with «Magic Catalyst» gets better… and I can call Athamé to me. ...Where am I heading? No, it is without doubt useful, but I feel like I’m dashing in some weird direction.

Book of Eibon had【Resonant Action】,【Auto Spell】and【Anti Spell】added to it? It’s nice as it seems that I don’t have to bother with the book and can focus on forms.【Anti Spell】’s details are unknown.

Well, might as well look forward to it… The second batch started reaching second areas, so maybe areas near the Starting Town are open? Let’s try it out a little.



It’s been a while, Eastern grassland. There… is plenty of space to try things out.

«Shadow Magic» only has【Shadow Bind】at first, so rabbitses are plenty for leveling it. «Magic Catalyst» also has only a passive at this point.


While reading about «Shadow Magic» on the magic board, I try using it to confirm things.

When I become conscious of spellcasting and the channeling bar appears, at the same time Book of Eibon I have hanging by my waist removes itself and floats. The speed of channeling bar filling and pages flipping is synchronized and when channeling finishes, it closes and enters standby. Then it opens upon activation. This is cool!


【Shadow Bind】creates shadow strings from the shadow below the enemy’s feet and binds them. During cast, the thickness and number of strings is dependent on the Skill level and the caster’s INT, and bind’s remaining time is displayed by the effect gradually releasing the strings. The cooldown is on the longer side, about as long as that of AoE spells.

At this point, bind spells are only in Shadow and Wood magic, and in both cases bind comes from the ground. Because of that, it is difficult to bind a flying enemy, but since it’s simply targeted on the enemy and the strings follow the enemy it is not impossible. However, since flying enemies have special actions, it still requires more verification.

Details in regards to bind resistance are unknown… is it. It’s predicted that resistance is based on STR and SPI, as well as Size.


Hm… Mr. Rabbit can’t get out of it at all. It might be due to my Dark-type bonus, but the number of threads and their thickness are pretty high. With that said, I can’t say anything about their strength since the target is the weakest there is.

It either automatically peels off when the duration ends, or it is peeled off by the opponent as they resist. In Rabbits’ case, it peels off once duration is over...

Released from the bind, Mr. Rabbit charged right at me, tackled at my belly, and fell on the ground. I bind him once again.

In general, same as in other games it is treated as Status Ailment, which is why with every bind that is cast on the same enemy, the duration of the bind decreases. As a result, this time Rabbit was released from the bind early and attacked me, but it’s within range of «Physical Immunity»’s effectiveness so...

For now… I only learned one bind-type spell, so it should be fine to shorten the key to “Shadow”.

Well then, instead of pulling out Athamé… I point the palm of my hand at it and catch the Athamé that flew to it1

, then create a Death blade.

Huh…? Mr. Rabbit entered a damage taken motion, but his HP bar doesn’t decrease? Did he bug out? When I change to a Dark blade and slash him, his HP doesn’t decrease either. It does not feel like he is in much pain, either. My, MYYY?

Nnn… if there is anything suspicious, it would be «Sword of Judgement»? This is the last one that I yet have to examine. When I turn this Skill off and slash, I beat him.

...It looks like a Skill for torture, if anything. The reason that Mr. Rabbit isn’t in much pain, is because his soul isn’t black?

This will be off most of the time. «Judge» increases my damage based on the color of the enemy’s soul. «Sword of Judgement» is a Skill that does not deal HP damage… is it? A flavor Skill…?


Well, I have plenty of meat so let’s absorb his flesh. Oh right, I need to gather Capacity. I want enough Capacity to be able to use a Wyvern normally. With that said, I will gather it while Base and Skill leveling, so I guess there is no hurry.

For leveling a third area would be best… but fighting against ostriches is magic-based. I want to fight on the ground in order to practice forms...


As I returned to the Starting Town, I switch the BBS to a board with area information. There is a summary with enemy types and levels in each area, so it’s pretty useful.

The Eastern third area, Barburg. South of it has level 34~37… enemy types are Troll and Ogre higher race… apparently they have Barbarian, Soldier and Grappler jobs(?).

Belstead’s Trolls did not have any particular job. I did meet an Ogre elite mob before, haven’t I, and my left arm was physically blown away.

Hmmm… I feel like I will instantly die if I’m surrounded. Let’s try slashing some Troll-kuns in Belstead.


After entering the town I activate the Silver Key.

This time it floated in front of me and the destination selection appeared while it was in mid-air, and I select Belstead. When I do, the key rotates and something like a tear in space has spread there.

Can it be that the stairs appear when going between the Present World and Afterworld, and this is the graphical effect used when going between towns? I can see Stellura-sama’s statue on the other side. The key has returned and when I pass through the tear, it closed and I arrive in Belstead.


While it has a requirement for its activation which is being in a Safe Zone, the Silver Key is really useful. I have no need to go out of my way to the statue, and most likely I can use it from Safe Zones outside towns, too? They are Safe Zones, after all.

Now then, I summon #1 as a Wyvern Zombie and fly to the Southern forest.

I arrive and dismiss the Wyvern and summon a Skeleton, a Skeleton Wolf and owl. It’s to have them be on guard in the surroundings while I fight with Trolls.


There you are. It’s been a while Troll-kun.

I activate Athamé with a Spatial blade. At the same time, Eibon also floated - is preparation for combat also a condition?


Trolls don’t use magic, so let’s deal with them using【Water Current Form】

I have my Servants stand on guard and I walk toward the Troll. Let’s lure him in with an arrow. An arrow is shot from the book which flipped its pages at high speed.

...Loads of his HP disappeared. Were arrows really this powerful? There are limits on the evolution bonuses, so it shouldn’t increase my damage that much… which means it’s the book and the key.

Ahh, no… if anything, it is the result of my overall equipment finally getting enhanced, so it’s better to say that it was too weak up until now? The book and the key do give big bonuses, but still, at times like this you can really tell you have gotten much stronger.


Enough of being impressed by equipments’ bonuses, the Troll is charging at me.

The first time using a form in actual combat! Yop…… hop…… yeah, is this Easy Mode?

Lana is so crazy stronk that she makes this Troll feel shabby... He’s slow, his motions are easy to tell apart. I made a straight face from the shock… In my mind I can see Lana make a V-sign with a smile...


It’s troublesome that I can no longer use【Break Parry】to force enemies to lose balance. Let’s jump after I parry a horizontal swing.

A swing from right to the left… though from my perspective it's the opposite. From a crouching posture as if I was carrying something, I use my legs to jump up high. ...Not only he lost balance, but even fell over.

I change the blade to Death and when I stab his weak point with【Ekriksis】, the Troll receives stabbing damage as well as damage from the explosion and dies.

Leaving behind only the lower half of the body.


“...Is this Art actually trash? At the very least, it has the worst compatibility with «Disassembly».”


I should think that it’s a saving grace that pieces of meat don’t splatter all over. If I remember well, there has to be 60% of the body left so that it can be absorbed? ...Looks alright, there were 60% of the Troll left.


Phew… for now, let’s change… the location… Now that I got used to Lana, Trolls are so slow that it’s actually hard to do anything.

Apparently Alf-san also got stronger… or rather, got better(?). I think he was being treated as a sandbag by Lana. He is a tank, so he only single-mindedly received her attacks.


“What is it, #1?”


Number wise #3 which is the owl has come and stared in one direction.

In the direction the town is… if it was a World Quest I would receive a notification regardless of where I am… hm? It’s faster to just look. I use【Visionship】and have the owl fly over.


The owl stopped on a tree and ahead of where it stared, there were players… I see, that is suspicious. Why are they sneaking like that?

Speaking of which, I did feel a stare of what seemed to be PKs before. I forgot about them when I holed up in Nether.


I’m done with what I had to do here so I can go back on a Wyvern, but… I have nothing on my personage that would trouble me if it dropped, and they should be more fun than Trolls.

For now, as insurance I use «Spatial Magic»’s【Raum Sphere】which blocks ranged attacks. It activates after parry, so it’s a nice insurance.



〈«Spatial Magic» has reached level 25.〉

〈«Spatial Magic»’s【Return】was acquired.〉




Returns you to your respawn point or the nearest town. Cooldown: 30 real minutes.

Cannot be used on event maps.


I see, it’s a spell you often see in games. Very useful. The cooldown being long is pretty normal for this, and 30 minutes is not a big problem.

If I don’t die in combat, let’s use this to return.


Based on my owl’s field of vision, there is a full party of 3 casters, 2 archers and 1 close combat fighter. Both archers have longbows. Close combat is most likely using daggers and has no shield. Two caster with a staff and one with a wand.

Hm… a longbow can’t use【Arrow Rain】. Ignored. Dagger is also ignored, I’m immune to critical strikes.

I change #1 from a Skeleton to a Skeleton Wolf and have all of them conceal themselves far away until combat starts. I leave three spellcasters to two wolves and also have my owl do a surprise attack from the sky. Oh and, they are Wolf Zombies. Need to make them strong against blunt attacks.

I heard from the Chancellor on how to deal with AoE spells, so I am confident I can withstand spells I have no weakness for. I only need to prepare for attacks on my weaknesses.


I use a tree as a shield to hide from the players.

Thanks to «Spatial Awareness Ability Expansion» I can check on them even without seeing them directly. Their souls are black, so they are definitely PKs. They are at the very least Red Players, there is no need to hold back.

I activate Athamé with Spatial, then raise my SPI and INT with【Light Enchant】and【Dark Enchant】. I hide Eibon behind my back. They will find out I’m channeling otherwise.

The first to find the other… has time to prepare. I’m in advantage now, you know?


“Oh my? Good day, are you hunting?”

“Hnn?! Y-yeah, we’re hunting.”


Either he intends to buy time, or maybe already thinks they won… How kind of him to join me in conversation.

To think they would wait until #1 and others get into positions...

The three casters and close combat are channeling. It’s obvious to an enemy that can see Magic Power that you’re channeling, you know?


“Is that so. It seems like you are second batch, so please be careful of Trolls.”

“Thanks for warning. As thanks for your kindness, a warning from me too. Recently PK’s been really active, ya know?”

“Is that so? Well, I have no intention to lose that easily, but thank you.”


““““【Lumen Explosion】””””


I knew it. I also use what I was channeling.


“【Dark Burst】”


I resist【Lumen Explosion】with a Dark explosion that occurred with me as the center. As expected, I couldn’t nullify four players’ worth of damage. Still, I lost only about 20%. Easy.

×4 Damage Taken is just not right in the head… This is pretty normal for ×1 damage from four people at once. If anything, I received less damage than I expected.



“Unfortunately, I have high MDEF… #1.”


Although the PKs scattered in a hurry, there, #1 and others gathered on the spellcasters… then used the tactic where they bite their legs and start dragging them around. Moreover, they get a lavish feast of Status Ailments from «One Clad in Death» that I gave them.

The owl attacked the head of the remaining mage.


“TCH! A flier?!”

“Oh my, you look composed?【Magi-Amp】【Hexa Spell】【Nox Magimis】”



That would be it for one of them. FAREWELL, ARCHER… he died with just two shots. I guess the second batch doesn’t have anti-magic equipment. Even the first batch rarely has any.

I deal with the dagger-user that came at me by using【Water Current Form】.


“【Light Lance】! Wha...”


I send it back with【Mirror Form】and gift him an extra【Nox Shot】, he must have been so happy with it that he ascended.

Next let’s use【Mirror Form】to play with the bored-looking Archer.



“This is great practice. I don’t mind if you shoot more at me, you know? Hitting the enemy with this is pretty difficult.”


“But that’s a really bad move...”

“【Charged Shot】”


Two arrows came at me, one diagonally from above and another that came at me straight, but I return them both.


“There is no problem as long as they don’t arrive exactly at the same time.”



It would have been harsh if it was Mead-san that shot it. This kind of thing is all up to one’s PS. All you need is practice.

Unluckily for him,【Meteor Shot】’s reflect hit him and farewell. I reflected some arrows at him earlier, so his HP bar was already low. While I did aim at him, it’s still pretty difficult. 


I had #1 gather the casters and I move there to use【Dark Burst】with【Magi-Amp】to blow them away all at once.


〈Your Race level has increased.〉

〈«Magic Catalyst» has reached level 5.〉

〈«Magic Catalyst»’s Art【Magical Smite】was acquired.〉



【Magical Smite】
A strong strike against the opponent with the user’s element. Medium knockback.


Hm… exp from them was pretty sweet.

This Art must be for opening distance, hm? In my case it will be the Death element, though...


I think you receive prize money for beating reds, right? It was more fun than beating Trolls, and I get extra income so I guess it’s fine.

Now then, let’s go back to Belstead.




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