You Can't Win Against Fate

AMA_AM2_CoverAnd Yun's fate is to embarrass himself to death, I'm sure of that.

Hey hello, been a while (two weeks?). I'm busy as usual so I'm not pumping out translations like a madman, sorry 'bout that. I'm sure better times will come one day, someday...

Anyway, one more chapter and epilogue until the volume is complete. That's when I move on to last volume of antimagic (aside from two Another Mission volumes)

And speaking of Another Mission... yes, you can see it on the right side. The new cover for the volume 2 of AMA's short story compilation, Kippu's art is so damn cute, as always. It will be coming out in two days, and it will be a definite end of the series. Well, I'll eventually get to translating those as well. There's no hurry since the series is ending.

Now the link to OSO chapter this time.

Update: Another Mission 2 is out and it's GREAT. There's also an illustration of a character who hasn't gotten an illustration yet. A highly requested one.


Fluffy Fluff Commonsenseless Paradise!


Dedicating the ref to other folks working on MGQ:P TLs, yay.

Behold. I found time, thus I release.

Yes, I know some of you expected me to continue on with Antimagic first but... not yet. I will do it, but for now I'm gonna finish OSO volume to catch up.

So, a new fluffy chapter and a new fluffy character. It's a huge shame that her cat ears and tail aren't real, but I'm sure, I'm certain a day will come when we have real kemonomimi in OSO... No, I'm not spoiling, really, I swear.

You can find the chapter link here.

As for the release schedule - irregular for the time being. I have my work and I can only translate stuffs when I open some time to rest.

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AMA_v13_CoverThe post title says it all. The size of this afterword is the greatest mystery ever since resolving the secret of Haunted being a ctuhlu sorcerer, contracted to elder god(s) (seriously).

So yeah. Contrary to all expectations I HATH FINISHED volume 12 before volume 13 is out! *clapclapclap*.

Well then, volume 13 is coming out today, and I'll be getting it today. And I'll be reading it today, can't wait to see how it ends... Although, according to author, the Another Mission 2 is going to have a short story of what happens afterwards, so that'll be nice too (Lapis wins Takerubowl YAAY).

So, links here: Epilogue, Afterword, Full Text.

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Edit: Volume 13 is out and I have finished reading it already. Now... I need time to get over it.


Happy en... NOPE, not happening.


Right, I rushed this chapter considering next volume is coming in a day and a half. Don't want to be behind more than one volume on anything.

Before I drop down link here, let me say this: really, Haunted? REALLY?

And now, we proceed to the link.

PS: I'll be getting busy again, but I'll probably drop epilogue and afterword if I open free time. And then maybe some OSO.

PS2: Make sure to support the author, buy the books. Don't be leechers.