Suddenly: CHAPTER - When Even The Heroines Have Had Enough.


Yes, it's been a seriously long while. There was lots of stuff, there still is lots of stuff. Work, sickness, games, lack of motivation and more games. Such is life.

For the time being I opened up two days worth of time to do some translations I haven't done in a while. And as a result, we're continuing the last hype train of Antimagic.

Not to prolong: the chapter link.

From other information: As someone pointed out in comments, around Christmas there's going to be second volume of OSO: Silver Muse coming out, I'll definitely be buying that one. Well, I'm a bit behind the schedule on translations, but it's not like they're going to run away.

PS: Make sure to purchase the books to support the publishers and authors. Yes, pay them monies.

PS2: There's another project I've been working on elsewhere, so I'll leave just a short notice but... I've been helping out with translation of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox (part1), which just recently has released the patch covering 99.9% of the story (yes, I focused on story translation), so make sure to check that out if you're interested. The translation patch is up on dargoth's translation blog.

PS3: As previously stated, continuing dropping visual novel recommendations in form of trailer links (you know where). Should I be writing a little more of a description about them...?




AMA_v13_029I'm back, and I have souvenirs from hell. Who's happy...?

Yup, let's get straight to the release stuffs. I have been working and doing stuff around the house while the weather is still good so I haven't had much time. But this chapter is fairly short so I did it quickly the moment I found some time. I hope you enjoy it~. So, to the link.

PS: I ran out of prank/funny links and stuffs to link through the illustration, so I'll be linking stuff I have been playing, watching or listening recently. Like, games or songs I really liked. I'll be keeping it to Japanese themed stuffs (like visual novels, for one). To start with one of the VNs I really liked recently. Well, just expect more varied stuffs. Questions welcome.

As always, make sure to support the author and the publisher by purchasing the books. Especially that the author seems to be writing something new now.


Minor Updates

Just a few minor updates for Daybreak to announce:

  • Rewrote the third scene in v3ch10 (the tactical meeting after Cecylia's encounter with Lotharin racism). I do have the habit of editing a lot and ch10/ch11 is being pulled on especially for being unsatisfactory in my mind. You can check it out or wait till later when the volume is finished and all the major edits have gone in.
  • Updated battle maps for v3ch13 - hopefully this version is less overcrowded / confusing. You may need to refresh page to see it.
  • Posted the Hyperion military structure/organization as a special chapter - I've tried to discuss this in story several times but... the writing just always feels so dry. Thus it'll just be attached as a supplementary information for those interested.

Comments on any of the changes would be welcomed, whether you liked or disliked it. Chapter 13 - the battle of Gwilen River - received a lot less comments than usual, so I've been wondering if people disliked it, found it confusing, inconsistent, or anything like that?