Sougetsu: "God, now."


And so, I hope you enjoyed the eleventh volume.

It's has been a while. Yanagimi Touki here.

AntiMagic Academy surpassed double digits and the story reaches the climax. It's all thanks to you all, who have been with it.

Honestly speaking, as the author myself I didn't assume it would be continued for so long, in all this confusion, all happy I acted as I pleased.

Well well, they sure grew strong, that Small Fry Platoon. They've grown way too strong, can't you guys destroy the world by yourself now? I end up thinking.

The days where they were busy trying to earn points are nostalgic.

Since there's a great occasion, let's talk in the afterword about AntiMagic Academy's creation's secret stories, or rather, write something about the background. I mean, afterword this time is quite long.


Creation's Secret Story 1: "At first it wasn't about a school nor there were about platoons."

Suddenly speaking frank. I wonder if it can be said speaking frankly.

I think it's fine.

In the early plot school did not exist, the world it was set in was a complete fantasy world too. The title wasn't "AntiMagic Academy "The 35th Test Platoon" " but plain thing named "Treasured Sword Management Station". It was management of Magical Heritages existing in present work and a story of the organization sealing them.

The witches have perished and the only thing related to magic remaining are Magical Heritages... that was the setting.

There was no platoon. There was the protagonist and two novice management clerk heroines. I think it felt like something similar to a police drama.

This is way too plain, it seemed and so, it turned out as it is now.

To say one more thing, this story was rejected before my previous work "Re: Can an idiot save the world?". A prototype from a long ago.


Creation's Secret Story 2: "Kurogane Hayato was the protagonist."

He was. At first.

Well, rather than Hayato alone,

It felt like a character made out of both Hayato and Sougetsu.

Hayato and Sougetsu, what on earth was he... that guy...

How should I explain this. Cool and honest, sarcastic super wicked character? Something like that. That's no protagonist right, a character that made you want to retort like that (in fact, someone retorted like that).

Since it's hard to put an old man a protagonist for a light novel, Kurogane Hayato was a protagonist in his teens.

Hayato being a teenage protagonist, I'm scared thinking of it now. Even though I'm not too good at writing cool characters, there's the limit to protag's adventures.

And therefore, in fact Kusanagi Takeru didn't even exist in early stages.

His model had settled much later you see. Actually Ouka didn't exist either. Mari, Usagi and Ikaruga's originals existed, but they changed considerably. Also, Lapis was domineering.

Also the heroine was Oonogi Kanata-san's prototype.

It was Kanata-san.

——That person was the heroine!


Creation's Secret Story 3: "This work had three plans for it."

AntiMagic Academy has for better or worse, a chaotic setting, that's the impression I occasionally receive.

In fact, that's exactly it, even I as the author feel so sometimes... because it was formed from the unification of three plots I had for it.

No wonder it's chaotic! What outrage are you thinking of here! How dare you submit such a thing!

Even now I remember retorting to myself like this

But since a lot happened I started to write and it turned terrible. I can remember that too.

"What'cha'm gonna do..." I held my head after finishing volume one.

And this "What'cha'm gonna do..." continued after second volume.

I had no idea how to continue. There was a lot to reflect upon, but it was worth struggling. I love this work now.


Like that, after many twists and turns it took the form it has now.

No way, I didn't think it would receive an animation, I'm really glad.

It's really moving.

Now, since I have reached the number of pages required, let's write a follow-up for the animation.

Currently, the anime's official website was made and the teaser visual as well as key visuals have been published. Since they're stylish and cool, please take a look! Also, part of the cast has been announced!


In Kusanagi Takeru's role, Hosoya Yoshimasa-san!

In Ootori Ouka's role, Ueda Reina-san!

In Saionji Usagi's role, Ookubo Rumi-san!

In Suginami Ikaruga's role, Shiraishi Ryouko-san!

In Nikaido Mari's role, Itou Kanae-san!

In Lapis' role, Nomizu Iori-san!

In Haunted's role, Yusa Kouji-san!

So luxurious! Since a lot of information will be published from time to time in the future, look forward to it〜!


Now then, acknowledgements.

K-sama in charge whom I inconvenience more and more with every volume. Kippu-sama who draws lovely illustrations. Yasumara Youhei-san who draws really powerful action scenes for comic version. All of the anime production's staff. Everyone in Fantasia Bunko's editing section.

And, all the readers who have been together with us up until now, thanks to all of you.

Now, finally the time for fated sibling confrontation and——!


Let's meet again in volume twelve!


Yanagimi Touki

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  1. NekoMK2

    lol as always eh Yanagimi-sensei Afterword hilarious as expected well this time lacking Oppai thought :v
    after resolved every heroine per volume straight ahead to main problem nice way ah how i will miss this story after it end

    PS:didnt excepted Hayato taicho to be MC and Kanata-san to be main Heroine :v

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      If anything, it's just heading towards its natural end. "Axed" would mean its being forcefully ended, but it's not.

    2. NekoMK2

      how you can thing this one get axed ? if you compared this with Elysion & Maohime this one has proper end and not feel rushed. well if you compared it with long running series like DXD or Champione this one kinda lack in quantity, more over this one not even have side story compilation and straight with main story


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