Chapter 2 - Resistance Senses and Leveling

"Yun-chan! Some light food and a drink!"

"Some meaty food for us please!"

"Yeeess! Coming right up. ...heck, what the hell am I doing."

Haa, I heaved a sigh quietly. Wearing black slacks and white shirt, dressed like a waiter I walked back and forth 【Eight Million Gods'】 guild hall.

I took out cooking previously made and stored in an item box and carried it to respective tables.

While I thought 【Eight Million Gods】 guild's bad status resistance Senses leveling will start shortly, but apparently preparations were required and I was told to freely spend time in the guild home until then.

But I didn't know what should I be doing and considered making potions as usual, however, since it was a rare opportunity to visit I decided to kill some time by hanging out at the guild hall.

From time to time I went to the crafting room Langley and Otonashi were in and researched bead accessories. Organised unnecessary items in the basement and helped out the guild's 【Cooking】 Sense owners to put out snacks.

"Here. A light sandwich and plentiful teriyaki chicken meal set."

"Thanks. Uhaa! Looks delicious, Yun-chan's handmade cooking."

"Unfortunately, today's menu is leftover from yesterday. The ones I helped with will appear tomorrow."

The members expecting my own cooking slumped with disappointment, but still complimented the food for being delicious as they ate.

The reason why I did such pseudo-serving, was because I could enjoy the same thing I did over the 【Atelier】's counter.

"And y'see, then I said.—— "We're too long in this dungeon already, let's go back"—— and y'know, this guy said "I can still go on! I'm fine!", can you imagine that?"

"You weren't against it either were you, you're guilty as well."

"After that we encountered two strong mobs wandering around the area. Two at the same time. That's when we prepared ourselves to return to town by dying."

"So, what happened then?"

Dressed as a waiter I listened to various players' adventure stories.

The adventures players coming to 【Atelier】 spoke of were exciting, but in 【Eight Million Gods】 which was OSO's top guild, players had even more of various experiences. Even stories from the same areas differed from each other.

"——And then, I used this guy as a shield and somehow defeated on of them and we somehow escaped from the other one."

"Right. Back then despite the horrible situation your HP didn't go down at all. What kind of swordsman are you. More like a scout or a ninja."

The story the swordsman who ate the sandwich and his partner's who ate the chicken set was quite interesting.

"Yun-san. Sei-san is calling so please come for a moment."

"Ah, yes. I'll be going. Well then, take your time."

I headed to a place hard to see from the hall where the cooking equipment was installed in.

"Yun-chan, cheers for good work. How do you feel?"

"Well, I guess it's good for a chance of pace? And, what do you think about these clothes? I chose them myself but..."

The black slacks, black vest and white shirt with a black bow tie I had tailored for serving were quiite simple and I liked them a lot.

And, Sei-nee's reaction was——

"Mm. It's very cute. It looks like you're about to serve champagne in some restaurant at night."

"C-cute? Not cool?"

"Yup. Like a smartly-dressed capable woma... no. A capable person."

Sei-nee. Just now, were you about to say "woman"? Which means that even wearing slacks, I look like a woman...

Noticing the fact I slumped disappointed.

"? What is it, Yun-chan? Why are you hanging your head down like that..."

"N-no, it's nothing. So, what did you call me for?"

"Mm, I want you to help me to look for items required for your bad status resistance leveling."

That's what Sei-nee answered when I asked her for a reason.

"Got it. I'll change equipment right away."

I switched from the serving clothes to the Ochre Creator I usually have equipped and then together with Sei-nee we used a mini-portal installed in the guild to jump to the Second Town.

From there on we entered the forest and aimed at the deeper part of it.


"Yun-chan, sorry to make you help out."

"It's okay. Rather, I'm happy that you rely on me."

Also, the one who asked for resistance leveling was me. I'll gladly help out with preparations.

"So, Sei-nee? What are the items we're looking for?"

"Um, we're looking for 【Crazy Water Lily】, but I don't know what kind of item is it. Do you know of it?"

While saying so Sei-nee confirmed the required item's name in the menu's memo.

I happened to know about that item.

【Crazy Water Lily】——its appearance was the same as that of a water lily and the flowers didn't cause any bad statuses in particular.

However, if you purify the extract from the flowers, it turns out to be intensely poisonous flower you could make 【Sleep】 and 【Confusion】 bad state drugs.

"I do. Or rather, I have memories of failure when using it."


"Just a while ago I made extracts of various flowers to add scent to the 【Element Cream】 I made."

Previously I mixed materials from various mobs in with the 【Element Cream】 to verify, and I also added the flower extracts for the scent.

That's when the 【Crazy Water Lily】 who didn't have any bad statuses before extracting had turned out to cause splendid bad statuses.

So recalling that, I frowned a little.

"But why do you need the 【Crazy Water Lilies】?"

While it was a powerful poison, it was a little hard to use the poison purified from the 【Crazy Water Lilies】.

The purified drug can cause both 【Sleep】 and 【Confusion】 bad statuses. However, since 【Sleep】 makes players unable to move it was a poor to combine with 【Confusion】, it was treated as an unstable bad status inducing drug.

When lucky enough it stops enemy movements and if enemy goes berserk their movements turn monotonous so that's also fine. It was an item that had an element of gambling to it.

The difficulty of mixing a drug out of it was quite high and the demand was low so the material was rarely gathered.

"We'll use it for your leveling Yun-chan, but I also wanted to resupply 【Eight Million Gods'】 stock because we ran out of those."

"But not knowing where to find them, you asked me."

"Sorry, Yun-chan."

"Ahahaha, it can't be helped. The place is hard to find."

I laughed forgiving her and proceeded while brush away bushes in the forest. In fact the collection point for 【Crazy Water Lilies】 is not just hard to find, but there's also a trick to entering it.

"Sei-nee, we arrived at the place we can collect lilies in."

After saying so I called Sei-nee to the other side of the bush and we entered an open area devoid of trees that had a pretty stream flowing into a pond.

In it, there were pale red and blue as well as white water lilies blooming on the water.

"It's pretty, Yun-chan. It's here?"

"Yes, 【Crazy Water Lilies】 collection point. This is actually a safe area so there's no need to worry about enemies coming."

I said so, took off my shoes and coat then entered the pond.

"Like this you can break the stems in the water and pick the lilies.

To demonstrate I entered the water until it reached above my knees and put my hands in the water, I lightly broke off the water lily's stem and collected it by raising it up.

Sei-nee looked my way and probably thought she can do it, then entered the pond but——

"Kyah?! It's cold."

"Sorry, I forgot to note that it's pretty cold. Are you okay?"

"It's all right. I was just surprised."

And Sei-nee moved deeper into the pond, but I stopped her before she entered where water reaches up to her knees.

"Sei-nee, stop! Your mantle is getting wet. Also, it'll turn real bad if you crouch in that miniskirt!"

In a hurry, I drove her back to the edge of the pond.

"Yun-chan? Ah, you're right. You have short sleeves and short pants, but it'll be troubling if my equipment gets wet."

Sei-nee fidgeted holding down her miniskirt. Even if there is a correction making it so the inside of the skirt isn't shown, she must have felt embarrassed imagining herself take a bold pose.

Because she usually used water elemental magic she must have ignored the fact she might get wet. Then, she asked me.

"Yun-chan, what should I do?"

"Sei-nee, do you have any clothing suitable for collecting in here? Some equipment that'll be fine when wet."

"Um, well, I do have one but..."

Although she said that hesitantly, I judged that there's no problem if she had one and thrust my hands into the water to collect the water lilies.

As I broke off the stems and collected the flowers, meanwhile, Sei-nee seemed to have finished her preparations.

"Yun-chan, I changed equipment."

"Well then, you should join i... heck, what's with that equipment?!"

"I-is it strange? It's a swimsuit..."

She asked me with unease in response to which I held my head and groaned.

While it was indeed suitable for activity in water, Sei-nee's appearance was quite bold.

When she leaned forward to pick flowers her large breasts were emphasized and the form of her pretty butt's could be seen clearly.

OSO_v08_073This defenceless appearance of hers cannot be seen by some strange man——I will protect my older sister!

The moment I thought that I swore to protect Sei-nee with all Senses I had.

"——《Zone Clay Shield》!"

I created earthen walls in the periphery of the pond, blocking the visibility from the surroundings.

But since I was unable to cover everything with ten walls I made, I used an MP Potion and created the walls two times more.

"Sei-nee! Now you can be at ease. Now, let's quickly gather up flowers."

"Y-yes. So it's fine to gather them in these clothes."

"'s fine for now. But next time when you're working in water you should wear something with a little more cloth."

Normally she's a reliable elder sister, but she worries me sometimes with how defenceless she was in some aspects.

After that, nervous because of Sei-nee's swimsuit appearance caused me to work slightly clumsy. I desperately gathered the required number of flowers.

Before going home we took a break at the edge of the pond and our legs inside it, drinking tea. I was at peace of mind thanks to the fact Sei-nee had returned to her normal appearance.

"Sei-nee, why did you have a swimsuit with you?"

"Umm... that is, I wondered if there will be an opportunity to play in water with you and Myu-chan, you see? And then I had it made for me."

In the end, there was no opportunity to use it, she said with a bitter smile.

I felt somewhat happy that she was thinking about us. For a while I enjoyed myself talking together with Sei-nee, our legs in the cold water, Ryui and Zakuro forcibly appeared from the summoning stones in my inventory.


"Woah?! Ryui, Zakuro?! I didn't forget about you, but sorry to have fun without you two."

Ryui and Zakuro rubbed their heads against me. Then, Sei-nee reached out to Ryui.


"Fufufu, your Ryui is so comfortable in touch. I might get addicted."

Ryui who normally doesn't let people touch him allowed Sei-nee to, Zakuro too was stroked under his chin and narrowed his eyes comfortably. Maybe because they remembered the events from the camp event and accepted her.

"Now, it's time to go back."

"You're right. I need to make poison from the 【Crazy Water Lilies】 once we're back."

"You don't have to worry about it, Yun-chan. Leave it to others and do your best with resistance Senses leveling."

I was shocked by what Sei-nee said.

Despite coming to 【Eight Million Gods】 for a change of pace my thinking had turned towards 【Mixing】 again.

Not just Sei-nee, even Ryui and Zakuro stared at me intently.

"Yup. I'll take it easy once we're back."

"There are players with 【Mixing】 in the guild so let's leave it to them."

Sei-nee's expression softened and a smile spilled on her face.



With resistance Senses leveling preparation finished, aside from me, Myu and her party members also gathered in the training field outside the 【Eight Million Gods】 guild's home.

While we were waiting, Myu somehow ended up patting Ryui and Zakuro.

Already used to it, the two seemed to let out an aura saying they want it to end as soon as possible.

"I look forward to it, Onee-chan. What kind of method do they have for leveling, I wonder?"

"They'll induce bad statuses with potions and such, I guess? But using potions like that makes you feel sick so I'm not good with it. Speaking of which, Lucato and others have come here to pick resistance Senses too, right?"

When I asked, Myu's party member confirmed.

"Yes. We were interested in the inner-works of 【Eight Million Gods】 guild so we decided to experience it by joining Yun-san's resistance Sense leveling."

"We too are unaffiliated with any guild, but it's not like we aren't interested. We're actually touring just like you, Yun-san."

Adding on top of what Lucato said, Hino explained further.

On the other hand, Kohaku, Toutobi and Rirei were discussing as to what Senses they are taking.

"What Sense are you taking? 'm gonna pick 【Curse Resistance】."

" are a mage so losing MP must hurt. I think I will take 【Poison Resistance】. After all, I have acquired the Sense already but haven't leveled it at all."

"Fufufu, what shall I do then. Honestly, I don't mind picking any of them but let's make it 【Curse Resistance】. I'll cover the rest with equipment."

I listened to what the three were talking about and it seemed like they didn't intend on taking all eight Senses like I do.

That's when Mikadzuchi and Sei-nee who were to help us with leveling resistance Senses have come.

"So everyone's gathered. Well then, I'll explain a few things before we begin the 【Eight Million Gods】-style resistance Senses acquisition boot camp."


"Well, it's nothing stuffy. Just the methodology for leveling resistance Senses and explanation of advantages, disadvantages it has."

"And after hearing it, think well what Senses you take, okay?"

Sei-nee followed up after Mikadzuchi, then after confirming no one had any questions Mikadzuchi started explaining.

"Well then, first, for the method of leveling resistance type Senses, speaking simply – we're using strong poisons right from the start."

"Before we explain details, let's talk about advantages and disadvantages. For advantages, you will be able to level the resistance Senses you want in a short amount of time. Multiple members of our guild acquired their Senses like this. On the other hand, for disadvantages, if you take multiple resistance Senses the amount of SP acquired increases. If your overall acquired SP increases too much, the amount of HP recovered by potions will be limited."

Sei-nee looked my way as she said so. Certainly, just like the amount of HP recovered by Beginner's Potions is decreased upon reaching certain total of SP acquired, there was a similar limit to Potions and High Potions.

In fact, the guild's verification and leveling maniacs haphazardly acquired Senses and as a result of increasing the amount of their SP, ended up having to use limitless Blue Potions.

So, either prepare yourself for the risk and acquire multiple resistance Senses or in consideration of the future select Senses carefully. We had to pick one of the methods.

Myu and others seemed to know that already and have acquired one or two Senses, then cover the rest with equipment, items and recovery magic.

"Yes yeees! I thought of picking up 【Charm Resistance】!"

Myu raised her hand and said so.

"Then you'll be together with Sei. I'll give you two powerful bad status drugs so slowly raise your levels together."

And I——

"Then Yun-chan, what about you?"

"I will... pick all of them after all."

"Kukuku, so you're onto the harsh course Missy. Fine. Then pick up the Senses. I'll explain the method for leveling them after you equip them."

Prompted by Mikadzuchi I acquired eight resistance Senses and equipped them.

Possessed SP27

【Dosing Lv42】 【Cook Lv11】 【Poison Resistance Lv1】 【Paralysis Resistance Lv1】 【Sleep Resistance Lv1】【Curse Resistance Lv1】【Charm Resistance Lv1】【Confusion Resistance Lv1】 【Stun Resistance Lv1】【Anger Resistance Lv1】


【Bow Lv46】 【Longbow Lv20】 【Sky Eyes Lv12】 【Swiftness Lv10】 【See-Through Lv20】 【Sorcery Lv11】 【Enchant Arts Lv36】 【Earth Element Talent Lv27】 【Alchemy Lv40】 【Synthesis Lv41】 【Crafting Knowledge Lv42】 【Taming Lv14】 【Engraving Lv23】 【Swimming Lv13】 【Linguistics Lv24】 【Climbing Lv21】

"Then I'll explain the process of receiving bad statuses, when you receive a bad status attack you gain experience corresponding to its heaviness when you recover. Base stats give resistance to bad status depending on the type, it's DEF for body types, MIND for mental types. If your stats are high you can weaken or avoid them."

Through logic, if you have high enough DEF and MIND you don't need resistance Senses, said Mikadzuchi. As if to protest against that declaration, Sei-nee put on a bitter smile.

"The role of those resistance Senses' role was to increase DEF and MIND against those bad statuses to invalidate them, the higher level of the Sense the harder it is to level them and you recover faster. But this part is unnecessary for this time's leveling so we'll ditch it."

"The heck?!"

"Oh right. Like I said earlier, we're using strong poisons. To be precise, you gain far more experience when recovering from 【Poison 5】 rather than recovering from 【Poison 1】. Because of that we're going to use 5's right from the start, then reapply it continuously to gain experience faster."

For that sake, Mikadzuchi and Sei-nee will be the ones managing the bad statuses.

"Well, these are the basics of leveling, we'll postpone the ones that affect player's will and actions 【Charm】, 【Confusion】 and 【Anger】 for now."

"Well then, we'll lend you out tools for corresponding Senses."

With that said I started moving towards Sei-nee and Myu to join them, but I was stopped by Mikadzuchi.

"Whoops, Missy, you're with me."

"Not with Myu and others?"

"Missy, you're going through special course for taking all eight at the same time. First, we'll start with 【Poison】, 【Paralysis】 and 【Curse】, then 【Sleep】 and 【Stun】. The last one will be 【Charm】, 【Confusion】 and 【Anger】. Three-stage leveling."

And, the accessories passed to me looked quite familiar.

"These are... accessories inducing bad statuses, right. And this many, too..."

What Mikadzuchi took out were accessories acquirable during the summer camp event, it was unique cursed equipment that induced bad statuses on the players.

I also had all eight types, but because they had such powerful bad status effects I only used them as reference for design and decorations rather than using them.

"These are 【Poison】, 【Paralysis】 and 【Curse】 inducing rings. Once you equip them you'll receive high level bad statuses.And, every time you level up their effect will weaken."

Other than these, we'll be using bad status poisons prepared by guild for the leveling. She added.

Nearby, Myu and others already started leveling their selected resistance Senses, to join them I equipped nine bad status rings on fingers of my both hands.

I feel like a nouveau riche, I thought and drank poisons Mikadzuchi passed me, one bottle after another.

"Uehh, nasty..."

"Bear with it, it's for leveling's sake."

The poison had a harsh taste, like vinegar. Then, I drank the paralysis drug which numbed my tongue and I was unable to tell taste of anything else.

Because my body was paralysed and I couldn't move my arm well, I was unable to swallow the 【Curse】-inducing drug.

"Shongue, rumb, kant, shalk. Fvelz howwibre."

"Kukuku, just lie down. It might be painful because of poison and paralysis, but as you level up it'll get more comfortable."

While staring at the poison's effect burning up my HP I laid down on top of a sheet spread on the training field.

The strength of the bad statuses I received from poison and paralysis drug were 3, but together with the rings' effect it increased to 5.

More specifically, it felt like I was struck down with a cold.

"My mouth is no longer numb, but that only made me feel even worse."

"Your HP is decreasing nicely, here, a High Potion for recovery."

Lying down on the side I somehow managed to hold the potion's bottle and carry it to my mouth. The tip of my tongue wouldn't move well so a little of the potion spilled onto my chin, but I had no time to bother with that.

This isn't as bad as to call it unbearable, I thought and repeated breathing shallowly, my eyes closed tight.

Seeing me lie down Ryui and Zakuro snuggled up to me, worried.

Haa, it feel really warm. Thinking so I hugged Zakuro. Ryui sat down behind my back and warmed it up.

Although normally Ryui would use Purification to cleanse the bad status, since this time the bad status was used for leveling he only used healing to recover my HP.

"...oh right, what about Myu and others?"

I moved my head and saw others also seemed abnormal.

Toutobi who was leveling 【Poison】 resistance looked the worst and was sitting down. Well, her symptoms still seemed lighter than mine...

The ones with the lightest symptoms were Kohaku and Rirei who chose 【Curse】 resistance. Only a little languid, they worried about other members.


"And those two are sleeping."

On the other side, Lucato and Hino were lying down and asleep.

"That's leveling for 【Sleep】 and 【Stun】. Both of them immobilize you, but it's also safest leveling. Once their level goes up the bad statuses won't work any more and they'll just wake up."

After explaining Mikadzuchi added "You'll be doing that later too, Missy", hearing that I felt like switching to that leveling as soon as possible.

Then, Rirei walked up to where Lucato and Hino were to look at sleeping faces.

"Fufufu, defenceless pretty girls exposing their faces as they sleep. Haa, haa, this is great. And over there, Yun-san looks as if she had a cold, the way she endures the nausea makes her look so bewitching."

"They look comfortable as they sleep, don't disturb them."

"Rirei, don't ya dare lay a hand on 'dem. Got 't?"

Myu, who still hasn't started her resistance leveling and Kohaku had took on the role of Rirei-stoppers.

Sei-nee was watching over everyone so there should be no problems happening. I thought and closed my eyes again, focusing on repeated shallow breathing.

Hurry up and go up, my levels. While I continued to wish so, the bad statuses and recovery were reapplied multiple times.

In the middle of that I felt someone move beside me, when I quietly opened my eyes I saw Mikadzuchi's appearance. She was holding her hand out in my direction.


Seeing a sparkle in her eyes and a mischievous smile I felt an indescribable anxiety.

I tried twisting my body to escape from her but I still had 【Paralysis】 applied on me and it wouldn't move as I wanted it to, moreover I felt nauseous and feverish because of 【Poison】 and 【Curse】. I shook my head slightly to stop her.

Seeking help I looked towards Sei-nee, but she didn't notice anything. Moreover, she also seemed strange.

Mikadzuchi extended her hand to my right leg, imagining what is she trying to do I paled.

And then——


I couldn't even scream because of the paralysis.

I felt agony as my numb body was tickled.

Excited like a little kid Mikadzuchi moved her hand to touch my sides. Seeing this, Rirei made an ecstatic expression.

That's when Mikadzuchi's movements stopped, the temperature in the surroundings had gone down all at once.

"Looks like you're having fun, Mikadzuchi."

Sei-nee's voice spread out loud and clear over the field, her appearance spreading cold air all over the place. Moving like a rusted machine, Mikadzuchi turned around towards her.

"T-this... I was just a little curious. Don't get so angry."

"Is that so. See, my body feels really hot now. It's so hot I can't bear it."

Cold wind spread in Sei-nee's surroundings as she said that and the earth's surface gradually froze.

"Ah, no fair Onee-chan! Me too! I'm itching to do something so hard I can't bear it! I wonder what's this strange mood." Myu also pulled out her weapon, the longsword and raised it up.

Judging from the way the two breathed shallowly, it didn't seem like they were completely sane. Their faces were reddish and they smiled bewitchingly.

"Haa, haa... M-Mikadzuchi, what's up with Myu and Sei-nee?"

"Don't ask me, I have no clu... hm?"

Mikadzuchi herself was confused seeing the two like that.

I turned towards other Myu party's members, before I realized Toutobi had moved to where Lucato and Hino were sleeping. In there, there was chaos. Kohaku who looked like she was in bad condition was desperately trying to stop Rirei from going berserk.

And seeing a bottle beneath their feet, Mikadzuchi seemed to have been struck by headache.

"I might have mistaken some liquor for bad status drugs and gave them that."


"I'm saying that I thought I passed 【Charm】 drugs to Sei, but it must have been the cocktail with 【Charm】 drug mixed into it."

"What happens once you drink that?"

"In case of players who are over twenty it works like a normal food item. Unless you drink too much there won't be any problem... but if minors drink that they receive 【Drunkenness】, a special bad status."

It seemed that aside from 【Charm】, Sei-nee and Myu also had 【Drunkenness】 applied on them.

While 【Drunkenness'】 effect seems like a bad status no different from 【Confusion】, 【Charm】, 【Sleep】, 【Stun】 and 【Anger】, it's something completely different.

Moreover, it seems that combined with 【Charm】 status it turns really troublesome.

As I listened to Mikadzuchi's description the bad status on me started to fade and I finally could tell that my resistance Senses' level had increased.

Clad in absolute zero-cold air, Sei-nee approached me.

"Yun-chan, Myu-chan and I are going to play with Mikadzuchi for a little bit so just rest here for now."

She said so with a cheerful smile and then, the ring on my fingers were all removed to be replaced with different ones.

The new rings' effect activated immediately, due to 【Sleep】 and 【Stun】 states my consciousness had gradually faded.

The last thing I saw was Myu's and Sei's figures clashing in PvP against Mikadzuchi.



Once 【Sleep】 and 【Stun】 leveling had completed I stared blankly at the scene spreading in front of me.

A gouged-up and frozen-over training ground. Also, Lucato and others who have finished their leveling before me, staring at it.

The ground was scarred by Myu's and Sei-nee's battle against Mikadzuchi.

"Phew, well, I guess I'll forgive you with this? Why did you pass us liquor for resistance leveling, really."

"Sorry, it was my bad. Still, Sei! You sobered up in the middle of combat but you didn't stop attacking!"

"Once my sanity returned, I continued to punish you for giving us that cocktail and for playing with Yun-chan. Look, Yun-chan woke up, go apologize now."

"I get it."

Mikadzuchi seemed quite roughened-up compared to how she was before I lost consciousness, her PvP with Myu and Sei-nee was over and she had approached me.

"Sorry. I felt a little mischievous when I tickled you, forgive me."

"Haa, it's all right. It seems like it's over already."

I spoke carelessly and looked away from Mikadzuchi to overlook the surroundings.

This devastation wasn't strange considering Myu and Sei-nee were the ones behind it. But, unable to tell how specifically was the field devastated I asked Mikadzuchi.

"Hey, what really happened here?"

"No, um, well. Nothing you need to worry about, Missy."

"How did you fight for this to happen...?"

"Sei and Myu were just rampaging because of 【Drunkenness】. More importantly, meanwhile you had 【Sleep】 and 【Stun】 rings on you for leveling, check on your Senses now."

With no intention to explain any further, Mikadzuchi fell silent.

I tried looking around to find an explanation, but there was none.

Despite feeling a little anxious I opened my Sense Status window to confirm the leveling's results.

Possessed SP42

【Dosing Lv42】 【Cook Lv11】 【Poison Resistance Lv31】 【Paralysis Resistance Lv31】 【Sleep Resistance Lv34】【Curse Resistance Lv30】【Charm Resistance Lv1】【Confusion Resistance Lv1】 【Stun Resistance Lv32】【Anger Resistance Lv1】


【Bow Lv46】 【Longbow Lv20】 【Sky Eyes Lv12】 【Swiftness Lv10】 【See-Through Lv20】 【Sorcery Lv11】 【Enchant Arts Lv36】 【Earth Element Talent Lv27】 【Alchemy Lv40】 【Synthesis Lv41】 【Crafting Knowledge Lv42】 【Taming Lv14】 【Engraving Lv23】 【Swimming Lv13】 【Linguistics Lv24】 【Climbing Lv21】

Five resistance Senses have grown at once and I also acquired 15 SP.

With that I approached the limit of Potion recovery limit, but since my total SP still hasn't reached 100, High Potions can be used the same as usual.

Although there isn't any higher Sense for resistance Senses at level 30, but if you have 【Poison】, 【Paralysis】, 【Sleep】 and 【Stun】 Sense resistances at level 30, you can merge them into one 【Bodily Resistance】 Sense.

I could either continue leveling all the Senses or decrease the amount of SP I acquire in the future in order to delay the time I reach the High Potions recovery limit.

"Take the possibility of higher Sense, or take the merged Sense... all right!"

I wondered for a few moments before using 3 SP and acquiring 【Bodily Resistance】.

At the same time the four Senses integrated into one, the four appeared on the list of Senses I could acquire.

"——Oh right, Missy. I forgot one thing, this boot camp's goal is raising resistance Senses until they are practical in use, make sure not to take 【Bodily Resistance】 or 【Spiritual Resistance】. They aren't dead Senses when it comes to usability, but there aren't many merits in taking them."

Mikadzuchi told me that right after I took 【Bodily Resistance】 Sense.

"Well, it's a Sense that integrates the four."

I responded with a trembling voice.

"Don't be fooled by the description. Certainly it does integrate the Senses and reduces the space they take but the resistance it gives isn't any higher than before. If anything, it's lower because the level goes down."

"You're kidding, right? I go through all this nausea to have it level down again."

"Also, it's quite slow in leveling. Roughly calculating, it takes about eight times as much time for it to return back to practical level. Well, all four bad statuses give you experience so you can level it with the easy one but..."

Because of the shock I felt Mikadzuchi word's hardly reached me.

Thinking about the time it would take me to get 【Bodily Resistance】 to level 30, I was astounded.

"What is it, suddenly falling silent... did you pick it up? You didn't, did you?"

"Ahahaha... kinda did."

"W-well, I guess you can take the resistance Senses again? The effect seems to overlap."

Said Mikadzuchi and averted her eyes.

"Hey, why are you looking away?"

"But if you take those four Senses again and increase the amount of SP, the amount of HP recovered from potions will decrease."

"Haa, it can't be helped. I can only continue leveling the 【Bodily Resistance】 Sense to practical level. But before that..."

"What is it?"

"It feels bad to have the spirit-type resistance Senses on low level so help me level them until they're merged into 【Spiritual Resistance】."

"Haa, what a hassle. After Sei and Myu-chan, this time it's Missy. And, if you level too many Senses at once you'll end up reaching recovery limit."

"Mikadzuchi, it's your fault in the first place, you forgot to explain the merged Sense. If you had time to tickle me, you also had time to explain."

I pursed my lips not even hiding my bad mood and blamed Mikadzuchi.

Having that pointed out and unable to argue, Mikadzuchi roughly ruffled her head and stood up.

"It can't be helped. I'll help you out for a little."

Mikadzuchi shouldered the hexagonal stick that was her weapon and we moved to the devastated field's centre, then she greeted me with a smile like that of a mischievous child.

"Welcome to 【Eight Million Gods'】 eight-resistance Sense leveling boot camp's annual practice, Mikadzuchi's PvP dōjō. For now, once bad statuses are applied you're free to attack me all you want. This is a competition where we compare how much we can hit the opponent until the leveling is complete."

After saying so, Mikadzuchi send me an invitation——for PvP: Hit Count Battle.

While overwhelmed by her as she held the stick in a stance I took a step forward.

Sei-nee approached me and changed the rings from 【Sleep】 and 【Stun】 to 【Charm】, 【Confusion】 and 【Anger】.

With the three bad statuses applied to me I was unable to use any skills because of 【Confusion】's effect, but thanks to 【Anger】 my attack-type stats increased.

"Well then, let's have a good match."

After saying just that, I surrendered my body to the bad statuses.

Right after the PvP started the three bad statuses struggled for initiative. I didn't try resisting them and only focused on Mikadzuchi's movements.

Mikadzuchi's reach with the stick is long, but I can take more distance with the bow.

My body moving in auto-mode held up the bow, pulled an arrow from the quiver and shot.

I shot three arrows with ATK increased by the 【Anger】, but Mikadzuchi struck them down with the stick.

"Hmmm. Well, you can do continuous shooting with the bow, but the control isn't too good. Also, with bad status on you you can't use feints, so even if your stats are higher..."

She said and took a step to the left, leaning in heavily as if to fall.

My body predicted ahead of time where she will be and shot an arrow, but Mikadzuchi's movement was a feint and she avoided all the arrows immediately by moving to the right.

"If you want to catch me you need to shoot at least ten arrows!"

I continued to shoot arrows mechanically, but all of them were either avoided or brushed away with the stick.

And in meantime, the quiver was emptied.

There were many arrows struck down by Mikadzuchi and no longer usable so the arrow's automatic recovery wasn't working.

With my arrows running out faster than usual, I was forced to change my action pattern.

I stowed the bow in the inventory and took out two kitchen knives.

In my right hand I held the Dismantling Knife – Blue Dancer that was reminiscent of a Japanese sword. In my left, I held the Meat Cleaver – Heavy Black, that was like a hatchet made of thick Black Iron.

After raising them my body charged right at Mikadzuchi and I slashed with the dismantling knife.

"This time you switch to close combat, huh. It's good to have multiple means of fighting, but your movements are monotone."

Mikadzuchi twisted her body lightly as she said so, avoiding the dismantling knife and attacked my chin with the stick.

Receiving an attack from below onto my jaw I fell on my back, but the struggling bad statuses caused me to bounce back up immediately and I assaulted Mikadzuchi again.

After avoiding my roundhouse slashes with dismantling knife and the meat cleaver, Mikadzuchi countered with a stick thrust and a cleave.

This PvP mode was not limited by amount of HP players had and the victory or defeat was decided by the amount of hits received. The number "32" had already floated above my head in contrast to Mikadzuchi's "0".

It was hardly a proper match, but as we continued to fight my resistance Senses must have slowly leveled up since the deprived control of my body had partially returned. With that said, it was just that during attacks I was able to move the point of my knives to shift timing of Mikadzuchi's attacks.

Seeing the change, she furrowed her brows for a second.

"It's still awkward, but there's a change in your movements. Resistance levels must have gone up, huh."

She analysed the change and once again struck my side with the stick, forcing me on my knees.

I tried standing up like a zombie, but my shoulder was mercilessly hit with the stick and I fell on my back.

Then, aiming at my head on the ground as if it was a golf ball, Mikadzuchi swung her stick.

——This is bad!

Instinctively sensing danger the 【Sky Eyes】 triggered automatically and the time I experienced had stretched out.

As the perceived time stretched out with 【Sky Eyes】 I avoided the incoming stick with movements like that of a beast.

"Ohh, so you avoided that. Your character's specs are so-so, your avoidance skills are high. However, without combat-type Senses' support or past experience your movement's are downright amateur."

Mikadzuchi said and attacked.

I slashed with the meat cleaver in my hand many times, but the stick changing like a snake had blew it out of my hands.

And, the stick had struck my arms, legs, belly, shoulder and head time after time again. However, my body dominated with bad status didn't stop attacking Mikadzuchi.

After that, as the time passed I regained the control of my body and the speed at which I swung the dismantling knife I held in my both hands had increased.

But I only continued to receive hits from Mikadzuchi, not even one attack of mine hit her.

Then with a little longer until the match's time limit ended I completely recovered the control of my body from the bad status and swung the dismantling knife upwards.

In addition to that I used a magic skill that was sealed until now with 【Confusion】 for a surprise attack.


I aimed the 《Bomb》 at Mikadzuchi's coordinates and swung the dismantling knife at the same time to attack her with everything I had. But——

"Both your aim and grip are naive. ——《Kidoukon》"

Mikadzuchi shifted her body sideways, then cladding the stick with the Art she flicked the 《Bomb》 magic overhead away.

At the same time as she negated the 《Bomb》 that was to explode imminently she struck the dismantling knife's handle forcing it out of my hand.

She hit my head appalled increasing the count over my head and at the same time, the buzzer announcing the time limit had sounded in my head.

The signal ending the PvP, and match ended with Mikadzuchi's victory by a landslide, "91" to "0".

I literally couldn't do a thing against her. I pulled off the bad status rings and sprawled out on the ground.

"Haa〜, I lost! Completely lost!"

"Cheers for hard work. But it looks like your bad status leveling went well."

Just as Mikadzuchi said, the three bad status Senses exceeded level 30 and I was able to merge the four spirit-type resistance Senses into 【Spiritual Resistance】. I was able to but...

"I'm unconvinced."

"With what?"

"The surprise magic attack was avoided and even my last attack sealed off."

"You see, I'm a guild master of a few dozens of members. There's been lots of them doing the same thing as you, and I trained with them countless times. C'mon, the boot camp is over, let's do the clean-up."

"Yeah, got it."

I stood up in response. I recovered the meat cleaver that was blown away and when I returned to where Myu and others were, I was greeted by everyone.

"Welcome back, Onee-chan. Still, it's a shame you couldn't get a single hit in."

"Uhhh, it feels horrible to see my little sisters has so low expectations of me."

"I mean, the opponent was Mikadzuchi-san. Especially that when Sei-oneechan and I attacked her when under 【Drunkenness】 state she fended off even more severe attacks. There's no comparison."

I didn't see it, but it seems their PvP under the 【Drunkenness】 state was amazing.

"Now, even if you can't die in PvP your HP was reduced to half. I'll heal you up. ——《High Heal》!"

"Myu, I'll heal up the rest myself. Still, there's only this few left so Potion will be enough."

Normally I would use a High Potion or a Blue Potion, but considering the small amount required I thought a Potion would be enough.

"Eh? It didn't heal me completely. Or rather, the amount recovered went down?"

The potion's item status was normal but the potion didn't work as usual, the remaining 10% of HP wasn't all recovered.

I used another one to try, but the recovered amount had clearly lowered.

"Ohh, congratulations. You reached the Potion's recovery limit."


"I mean, your level went up by that much, didn't it? Also, there's no problem for you Onee-chan since you were using High Potions in the first place."

Told so by Myu, I guess so, I thought.

Leaving the investigation of the lowered recovery amount for later, I decided to rest a little.

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