Epilogue - The Stage Is Set

The weather was cloudy over Caernarfon Castle, as it often was during the winter season.

Standing on a hill at the entrance to the capital's harbor, the impressive fortification featured two layers of curtain walls molded from milky-white quartz. It was the only castle of its scale cut entirely from a single stone. Its central citadel towered high above the surrounding city, a testament to just how skyscraping the crystal once was.

The Faerie Lords didn't believe in 'construction'. Instead, their magic cultivated the earth and shaped it to their will.

Today, this ancient citadel tower -- reaching over twelve stories into the air -- served as the apex of human power in Ceredigion. Home of the Perennial Court, it featured lush, sprawling indoor gardens that took up the entirety of the eleventh floor, surrounded by clear-crystal windows from floor to ceiling.

A glass, Levitation-powered elevator climbed straight to the gardens and opened its doors. Out stepped a lady of surprisingly common bearing, except for the phoenix standing on her shoulder.

Two squads of guards stepped aside as she strode past them like the wind. Two dozen aristocrats and courtiers bowed in a wave of motion before her approach, this despite intricate garments which put her simplistic green-and-white dress to shame.

Not even King Elisedd of Ceredigion would remain seated in her presence, as he stood from his emerald throne and descended the platform to greet her.

"Queen Mother," the youthful King spoke in awe. Though she was more like his Great-Great-Great-Grandmother.

Elisedd ap Gwladys was thin-shouldered and tall, looking no older than his late twenties at most. Fair skinned with delicate features, his appearance held an elfin quality that the elegant, flowing robes and shoulder-length hair accentuated.

"Your Majesty," Gwendolyn stopped before him and dipped a perfect curtsy.

"This is... a most unexpected event..."

The King looked speechless. He clearly hadn't recovered from when the Seneschal informed him of her arrival. Nevertheless, his political training soon kicked in and lit up a beaming smile worthy of any family reunion:

"But it is a joyous one nonetheless, Queen Mother! For after centuries, you have returned to us at last!"

The secret diary of the Rhodri royal family was the only record of her truth: that their former queen left to 'travel the worlds', promising to return only when her people needed her most.

"I wish I were as optimistic, Elisedd," the Gwendolyn's polite smile vanished. "I'm back on business, and not the most pleasant kind."

The King frowned, clearly unsure of what she spoke of.

"You allowed the Caliphate into our lands without so much as moving a single battalion to stop them," the Oriflamme Worldwalker challenged. "I demand to know why."

Elisedd sighed as though Gwendolyn had just resurrected a beaten-dead horse for discussion.

"Queen Mother, the days of the Independence War are long past us now," the King gestured as he paced back and forth. "Both the Imperium and the Caliphate seek only peace with us. There is nothing to gain from upholding ancient, outdated promises to march to the Empire's banner -- especially when the Gaetane throne sees us as some backwater region only remembered when they are in need of us."

"You cannot seriously be that short-sighted?" Gwendolyn's brows furrowed as a shadow of contempt grew in her gaze. "The Gaetanes leave us alone because out of the four Kingdoms, we are the most geographically isolated and have the smallest population. But do you really believe that the Caliphate would just leave Ceredigion be once Avorica falls? Or have you forgotten those centuries after the First Imperator overran the Lotharins and enslaved entire tribes at his whim? When Imperial magistrates raped even the chieftain's wife and daughters with impunity?"

The King spun around, his lips pursed:

"Queen Mother, you've been gone for centuries. Do you even know what the Empire has become? For the past sixty years Emperor Geoffroi has expected us to support his wars -- to retake Lotharin lands in Avorica and Garona, to extend the Empire east until Weichsel's borders. We've paid in blood and money for his conquests, and for what? So he could dump the treasury building crown roads in the heartlands and boosting his own fame and revenues? What benefit does that serve us!?

"Meanwhile, the Caliph has not only offered us peace, but gold, and trade with the whole of the southern continent as well! He has even personally guaranteed our neutrality. And until yesterday when that exiled princess lured them into battle, the Caliph's armies have not molested a single Ceredigion village!"

"So tell me," King Elisedd strode back up to his throne and gracefully sat down. "Why should I risk my neck for a liege that gives me nothing, over a better man who actually respects me in return?"

Gwendolyn took a deep exhale as she nodded, slowly.

This is your mother's fault, she thought. Always fooling around with those sweet-talking bards and never paying attention to her own child.

"Yes, the Emperor's policies do seem biased," Gwendolyn began anew, her placid countenance revealing a hint of pity. "But the Lotharin heartlands also connect the four Kingdoms and serve as the breadbasket of the Empire. The crown's own demesne in the Southern Lotharingie Mountains is also abundant in timber and minerals. Geoffroi's investments has already driven down the price of food and materials in Rhin-Lotharingie -- conditions necessary to spur the growth of commerce and industry! And while trade with the south is tempting, it cannot possibly surpass those with our neighbors, bound not just by proximity but also a common cultural heritage!

"So even if -- and I say if -- the infidels could uphold their promises in the centuries to come when new Caliphs sit upon the throne, just how do you expect Ceredigion to prosper when rest of the Lotharin lands lay in beggary under a foreign whip?"

"I do NOT accept that," the young King pointed a gloved finger at Gwendolyn. "I will not be bound to some obsolete superstition that our fate must be tied to the rest of the Lotharins!"

"Superstition?" the former Queen's shoulders shook with suppressed laughter. "Have you not checked in with reality lately? We were nothing more than an Imperial colonial protectorate before the Rhin-Lotharingie Coalition threw off the Inner Sea's yoke. Since then, only the Empire's bulk has sheltered our lands from the wars that sweep the continent! Furthermore, the major powers of Hyperion -- aside from the Grand Republic -- all practice Mercantilism. They're only interested in selling us their finished goods, not supplying us with the raw materials to develop our own economy! Because of this, over seventy percent of our needs come from within the Empire..."

"That can change!" Elisedd shot back. "Skagen did it -- apart from us and the Kingdom of Gleann Mòr, they hardly even speak with the rest of Hyperion!"

"Yes, but Skagen is a naval power! They have the world's largest merchant marine and Frontier colonies to extract their resources! Even if the Caliphate and their traders were willing to fulfill our needs, they would only do so to exert their own economic dominance. It would turn us into their vassal instead, except this time on the front lines of their religious expansion!"

"Enough! Queen Mother!" King Elisedd bolted up to declare, his eyes now ablaze. "I shall have you remember that it is I who is the King of Ceredigion, not you!"

"Then act like a King!" She hissed back. "And not some ignorant child tricked by cheap sweets and promises of more candy!"

Elisedd's nostrils fumed. His knuckles clenched and twisted at his side, struggling to suppress royal impulses. Despite his youth, it was clear that the King had not suffered an insult for decades now.

"For your information, it is precisely my vision for the future of Ceredigion that made mother choose me over my brother to succeed her!"

"Yes," his Great-Great-Great-Grandmother raised her eyebrows, unimpressed. "I can see that somehow, stupidity has managed to settle into the family."

It was the last straw as the King snapped:

"This audience is over!"

"Sit your rear back down," Gwendolyn berated, summoning the clan matron of old. "This audience is over when I say it is!"

...Though Elisedd already wasn't listening.

"Guards!" He yelled, seething. "Kindly escort the Queen Mother out!"

The Oriflamme Worldwalker didn't budge a millipace. Quick glances to each side told her that even the royal armigers looked hesitant as they advanced, their faces full of doubt and uncertainty.

"You're even a greater fool than I had thought, Elisedd..."

"You will NOT address me in that way!" King Elisedd yelled as he strode down the throne's platform. "I am the King, 'Your Majesty' to you!"

"Yes, you are the King," Gwendolyn gave a tilted nod at the young man, his twisted fury barely an arm's length before her icy expression. "But I am the mother of all true Rhodri sovereigns, which gives me the right to judge your actions and be the Kingmaker."

The King's eyes suddenly bulged from their sockets. His lips quivered as a trail of blood slowly dripped out.

Looking down, he saw his ancestor's clear crystal sword buried into his chest.

The entire court was frozen in shock as his trembling gaze looked back up at his Great-Great-Great-Grandmother.

"Y-you would kill..."

"I once killed my husband to save my country," her spring-green gaze was steady and unmoving. "You're not that special."

"To the King!" Gwendolyn heard the cry emerge from the royal captain of the bodyguards, awoken from his stupor just a few seconds too late.

She pulled her translucent blade out with a splash of blood, dumping the King's body on the steps of the throne.

...And that was when the slaughter began.

Gwendolyn knew that to truly change a nation, it was not only necessary to replace the sovereign, but the entire senior administration as well. Otherwise, the interests of the old guard -- power-brokers of the crown's authority -- would simply carry over to infect the new blood.

Therefore, in her quest to change Ceredigion's state policies, she saw no reason to keep any of the current court alive.

...Not even Elisedd's pregnant wife. Especially not her. The last thing Ceredigion needed was a seed that could germinate into civil war.

Before Gwendolyn departed from the citadel, she used a broadcasting spell to emit a powerful infrasound. She had kept her entrance as low key as possible, but several castle guards and staff nevertheless met her on her way in. She had planted a triggered memory manipulation spell on each of them, her magic straining but nevertheless piercing the ether resistance of mortals. Now, without their accounts, any rumors that spread could remain nothing more than mere conspiracies.

With a deep sigh, the founder of modern Ceredigion strode into a tree on the eleventh floor. Her final thought recognized that this, was just another reason why the Worldwalkers have rules against interfering in the world.


----- * * * -----


Leaning over the war room table in the palace at Avis Avern, the former Duke and now Emperor Gabriel examined a map of Rhin-Lotharingie and its shifting war fronts.

The Central (Mountain) and Southern (Garona) Fronts had been deadlocked for weeks now, as exhaustion and supply problems forced both sides to encamp for the winter. Only in the Western (Avorican) Front did the Caliphate push forward and lay siege to Roazhon. The army of Saint Estelle -- no, it was Sylviane's now -- had retreated into the Ceredigion Forest. Then news arrived this morning that they had scored two costly but resounding victories.

The Caliphate's western thrust would never take the fortress of Roazhon by assault, not with their reinforcements routed and their elite troops annihilated. The city's supplies could withstand siege for two full years -- more than enough to hold out until a Lotharin counteroffensive relieved them.

In other words: the Cataliyan juggernaut that had caught the Lotharins off-guard had finally been stopped, at least until Spring when the war renewed itself. If the Empire ultimately triumphed in this Holy War, then these two battles would forever be remembered as the war's turning point.

It came as no surprise that the victorious news completely altered the political climate of Rhin-Lotharingie by evening.

Until today, only King Alistair of Gleann Mòr and Duke Raymond, Co-Regent of the Kingdom of Garona, had denounced Gabriel's worthiness as Emperor. Neither of them even mentioned Sylviane -- not even Alistair Mackay-Martel, whose clan always proved a friend to the Gaetane dynasty in times of need.

Meanwhile, the Oriflammes Cosette and Gervais, respectively in charge of the Southern and Central Front forces, had been sitting on the fence for weeks. They were neither willing to declare their allegiance for Gabriel, nor ready to denounce him and lose all future military support from the crown.

The pregnant Queen Katell of Avorica, depressed after her husband's death in the opening battles, had also dodged all political questions in the face of invasion. The Crusader Saint Edith-Estellise was no different, having announced years ago that she served only the Holy Father, and not the conflicting interests of Trinitian crowns.

Now, all six of them declared their public support for Crown Princess Sylviane's succession to the throne. That gave her backing from all of the front-line armies, plus three of the four kingdoms who paid homage to the throne.

Gabriel still retained control of the Lotharin heartlands and support from the northeastern Belgae lords. But even if his courting of Duke Hugh de La Tours -- whose family influence dominated the southeast, Haut-Rhône region -- succeeded, he would still be an emperor with only a third of his empire remaining.

In just one day's time, the balance of power had shifted against him.

You've done well, Sylv, Gabriel nodded at the interactive map in solemn acknowledgment. Better than anyone except your father could have guessed.

He opened the locket hanging around his neck and smiled.

People always assumed that he looked upon a shrunken painting of his wife when he did this. It certainly played into his 'devoted husband' image which earned the Church's approval. But the portrait that hung closest to his heart was not that of his devout wife whom he barely touched. Instead... it was an image of him being hugged by his little brother, both still in their late-teens.

Even back then, Geoffroi was bulky enough to dwarf him. The younger prince -- just months before summoning the phoenix Joyeuse -- had one arm around Gabriel's thin shoulders. The two of them smiled with heartfelt joy, innocent without a care in the world.

Emperor Gabriel felt his eyes moisten as he thought back to those childhood years.

What wouldn't I give to live those days once more...

Snapping the locket closed in his palm, Gabriel spun on his heels and strode out from the war room. There was no time for sentimentality. He still had a mission to accomplish, a continent's future to change.

It was his divine calling, even if the Devil might approve more than the Lord would.

But what about after that?

You've proven yourself worthy, Sylv, the Emperor smirked. Now come and face me.


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  1. pato

    I can't wait until the next volume is finished.
    Even your research was a good read for someone moderately interested in world history. Good stuff.

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    I was just wondering. Did the fact that you described King Elisedd as "elfin" mean that there are elves in the world of Daybreak, or just is it just for us readers to imagine him? It stood out to me because while I know that the modern image of elves are not similar to those of mythology, I know that mythology does play a role in the creation of several races in Hyperion.

    1. Aorii Post author

      No. It's just an adjective of his build P=
      I'd consider the word anachronistic, but... they have fae.

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    I've rarely seen fantasy novels revolving around a female lead and suddenly found myself wanting to read some with such elements any recommendations?
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    1. Aorii Post author

      Nope. Use a recommendation thread in a forum for that (for example reedits' LN boards).
      I don't really read much fantasy novels since some of the common tropes in the genre really annoy me. Instead I end up cracking open more fantasy campaign settings (tabletopRPG) because there's usually better worldbuilding and more intriguing character design.

    2. Hakurei06

      If superhero fic counts as fantasy, Have you tried Wildbow's Worm? Alternately, Eratticerrata's A Practical Guide to Evil is closer to a more traditional fantasy setting, though since the setting grants the important characters metafictional awareness, perhaps I shouldn't say traditional.

      @Aorii: any tropes in particular you want to elaborate on?

      1. Aorii Post author

        No. It'll devolve into a rant and I'm not in the mood for one right now.

        I actually started reading [Practical Guide to Evil] recently - admittedly haven't gotten very far yet since his tendency for HUGE, unbroken run-on paragraphs and unnecessary details really makes the reading unpleasant for me. But it's not traditional by any means (otherside the 'common races' setup. In fact the way it tackles Good.vs.Evil is a nice punch against to my most hated fantasy trope (black-vs-white morality).

        1. Hakurei06

          I said closer, not close. The comparison was to a superhero deconstruction fic. 😛

  5. AVR


    the days of the Independence War is long past
    the days of the Independence War are long past

    the Imperium and the Caliphate seeks
    the Imperium and the Caliphate seek

    in her quest to Ceredigion's state policies,
    in her quest to change Ceredigion's state policies, (or something like that)

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    1. Aorii Post author

      If I write another story... it'll likely be set in this world too. Hyperion has been by FAR my best world design.

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        The real question is whether or not you'll include Worldwalkers who originate from A—*hmmph*


      2. Nyururin

        Well you got me awestruck with how you were able to come with such a well structured and a vest universe not showing any obvious flaws where each character and place has a story to tell Its comparable to award winning high fantasy novel wouldn't mind having the story told in the same world with the different prospective
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    Thanks for the chapter, as well as all of your work.

    The intro of the announcement post almost looked like you would stop writing; if that's how it is, please don't, if that's not, please don't scare us like that.

    I have to confess that the first time I knew of this series, long ago at B-T, I started reading but couldn't read past the first 10 lines; it was only when curiosity spurred me on, after you brought it here, that I got hooked. As tiome goes by, the improvement on your writing style becomes crystal clear, and while it's true that it has yet to reach the level of a commercial title checked by a certified editor of a major publisher, don't think that such a level is out of your reach; at this pace, I believe that by volume 5 as the latest you shall have reached a level enough that, if the whole series were to be rewritten and printed, no one would think that it doesn't come from a well-stablished author from a proffessional publishing company.

    Keep your good work, hoping to see volume 4 as soon as you're ready.

    1. Aorii Post author

      I didn't say I was going to stop writing... I said I'm not tackling a theme that ambitious for a while.
      Thanks for the vote of confidence.

      I'm not terribly enthusiastic about trying to become some published author, for a few reasons:
      - I suck at audience targeting. Daybreak's genre combination is a mess by Western publication standards. But for someone like me I need the quirky combination between serious geopolitical warfare (which I weave plots around) and slice-of-life nonsense (which I enjoy writing the most). Crack open a few western novels and this is really not a normal combination, especially with genderbender thrown in (which I sometimes regret, honestly).
      - My own sense of ethics don't line up with most English-speaking audiences, and I certainly share none of the populist views about freedom and individuality. It's been discussed in comments again and again but, I don't create easily relate-able characters.
      - People often remark my written dialogue is... stilted. Well, my everyday speech is stilted; it's 'normal' to me.

      1. Just Another Daybreak Fan

        Lol Aorii, i actually relate with Kaede and Pascal a ton. Feels like wrong body? Check. Smart but often ignored? check. Weak AF? Check. Can't comfort others like Pascal? Check. The list goes on... Personally, I love this type of writing. But your right, its not suited for Western Audiences. Might do good in Japan though, b/c all western stuff seems to have an overly simplified plot xD

      2. nipi

        Nah! Your doing good. Personally I think that mixing slice of life and geopolitics is not a bad thing. It gives a bit of variety to the story and allows the reader to see the characters in a different enviroment and role. People arent one-dimensional, at the end of the day your religious zealot or natzi or whatever goes home to spend some quality time with his family ect. Actually I dont think theres been a lot of slice of life for a while now. I mean dealing with the fallout of war is not what Id call slice of life.

        As for freedom and individuality. Everything can be taken too far. Personally I suspect that human societies are like a pendilums swinging from one extreme to another passing the point of equilibrium at max speed.

        And one cant just force modern values into a medieval world. Trying to do so would likely result in failure or a system collapse. And you dont want to collapse a system as that results in chaos and everyone will suffer for it. Rapid change is rarely good.

        Then again I quite liked Three Worlds Collide:
        Its boring when fiction is always confined to the socially acceptable plotlines.

        1. Aorii Post author

          v3ch1 - ch4/5 are arguably all slice-of-life =P

          "human societies are like a pendilums swinging from one extreme to another passing the point of equilibrium at max speed."

          Not necessarily max speed, but you'd be right -- according to my historical readings at least.
          I've been watching videos on late Roman Republican politics recently and was like, gosh, its sheer divisiveness reminds me of the current political trend. Keep it up for fifty more years and people will demand a dictator again to restore social stability.

          I like the writings at LessWrong, but gosh do their people love putting themselves on a pedestal and declaring what is "the right way".

          1. nipi

            Havent lurked there too much so I wouldnt know. But I guess moral relativism isnt something that most people accept as true. Especially the religious folk. After all morality comes from God and is thus well defined. Sorta. *Looks at how slavery is addressed in holy texts* (They have their excuses and I dare say delusions about the past.)

            "Keep it up for fifty more years and people will demand a dictator again to restore social stability."
            Hopefully the Roman kind then. You know democratically elected and with a time limited short rule.

            "I've been watching videos on late Roman Republican politics"
            Sounds interesting. Mind sharing a link?

          2. nipi

            "Eastern religions are fairly good about moral relativism..."
            Probably so.

            I think the problem is that monotheism by its nature is more rejecting of differing views. By comparison Romans as polytheists added the gods of conquered regions to their pantheon. Christianity of course was a problem as it rejected all other gods and thus was incompatible with the existing system. Seen as an insult to all gods perhaps.

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        What I want to say is, I really enjoy reading your story. Don't worry too much about ethics and stuff don't really line up with most English Speaking audiences. There is people who like those parts from your novel and I wish you Good Luck.

        1. Aorii Post author

          I like the genderbender aspects myself, both when it's played for humor and when it's used to discuss social conventions. My main regret is that it's a very... divisive topic, not to mention a questionable reputation, so it turns a lot of people off.

          1. Calvin

            I don't mind the genderbender aspects in this story because it is written logically. As for people being turned off - there are a lot of people just looking for an excuse to feel offended. I'm sure there were also a lot of people who felt offended when you brought in Pseudo-Christianity and Pseudo-Islam into Daybreak. Ditto for Pascal inventing a magic nuclear bomb spell, the dimension travellers, and no doubt many other things I can't recall offhand.

            Just write Daybreak the way you want to write it. As long as you keep it interesting, logical and properly explain any violations of logic, common sense or physics in a timely fashion, it's all good.

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            Not a fan of genderbenders but I can tolerate it. I guess it adds to Kaedes struggle to adjust "Who am I? How much has my head been messed with?"

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        Even if it doesn't help this time it won't be unfruitful it helps broaden your creativity and thinking capacity give it a try ;)


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