8th of May, Wednesday.

8th of May, Wednesday - Want to Eat? Won't Eat? Request.

Eating a boxed lunch with Mariko has become completely normal. Or rather, I was being given a boxed lunch to eat... or so.

From time to time I feel like making a boxed lunch and returning the favour to her, but all I can do is various types of curry. And curry... no matter how hard I try, it won't work for a boxed lunch.

When I told that to her, Mariko responded with "You're right, it's not really fitting" and laughed innocently.

Meanwhile the conversation turned into "Men who can cook are popular", but that's impossible for me.

Actually, as for cooking, there's a little sister who could be a good teacher but... I ended the topic without telling that to Mariko.

If I told her that I suddenly got five little sisters, she wouldn't believe it as that sounds like a fat lie.

While recalling all that, I rang the chime of Sayuri room's door.

"I have been awaiting you impatiently, Onii-sama!"

Sayuri, who opened the door welcoming me, bowed reverently.

"That's overdoing it..."

"There is nothing exaggerated in us, being alone together. It's little sister's providence."

She raised her face and made a wonderful smile.

Pulled by hand I passed through living room. Kyuu-chan the Myna Bird... was awfully quiet today.

"Hello, Kyuu-chan."

When I called out, Kyuu-chan's head shook to left and right in the cage.

『"Behave yourself when Onii-sama is here."』

It seems like Kyuu-chan was obeying Sayuri's command. Though, still ended up perfectly imitating what Sayuri told him.

With a blush on her cheeks, Sayuri spoke with trembling voice.

"U-umm... Kyuu-chan, please don't say that!"

『"Kyuu-chan, please don't say that!"』

So that's how parrots behave. Though, Kyuu-chan is not a parrot but a myna bird

It seemed like nothing she could say to Kyuu-chan would help, so Sayuri just faced downwards.

Now then, what shell I spend time on with Sayuri today.

"U-umm, Sayuri?"

When I called out to her, Sayuri vigorously raised her head.

"Yes, Onii-sama! Request anything you wish of me!"

"Nonono, I've got no requests."

"I'm happy just being of use to Onii-sama."

Sayuri appealed to me excitedly. When I look at her this way... she's a little bit like a dog. At her butt, I felt as if I've saw an illusion of a tail wagging.

"Ehh... oh right! Thanks for Maumauland. By having your guide, we we able to have a lot of fun time."


Her eyes sparkled.

"Yeah, really. This time you did a lot of work. That's why, if there's anything you'd like from me, ask without refraining yourself."

"Um, then Onii-sama, I have a request."

"What is it?"

"P-p-please reward me for doing my best."

Sayuri's entire body started trembling little by little.

Just recently, she bought some clothes and yet she had still awakened to a reward. Just what on earth does she want?

"Is there something you want?"

OOSY_v03_048"Onii-sama's heart!"

So that's her request!! Still, she means... one specific thing that goes beyond sibling love.

"Even if it's to my cute little sister's request, I can't give you my heart. I'll die."

"That's not what I meant when I said 'heart'! I want Onii-sama's heart, in non-anatomical way!"

"So, if I gave it to you, what would you do with it?"

"I would overlap our hearts and overlap Onii-sama's important thing with mine. Um, that is.. physically."

She's being bashful and is squirming, yet what she says is way too straightforward?!

Even though I rebuked her that we're siblings earlier... what should I do.

"Sayuri, we are siblings."

"Onii-sama, how many flags are you going to break until satisfied? Do you not know the saying 'it's an older brother's shame not to accept little sister's seduction'?"

"Don't you go modifying sayings."

"But, I did my best? I really, really did my best!"

Brazenly using polite speech, Sayuri approached me from the front entering close contact with me. Her still-growing breasts have been stuck onto my body...

I wonder, why do my little sisters love physical contact so much.

When I looked downwards, Sayuri looked up into my face.

"Onii-sama. I have a good idea."

"W-what idea is it?"

Since she looked serious, I ended up using polite speech.

"Wanting your heart is, um... the basis for negotiation, I have begun by recklessly asking, it's was a first swing before asking Onii-sama something of a lower hurdle."

"With you explaining it to me, isn't your negotiation technique spoiled?"

"Ha... uu, Onii-sama is good at negotiations."

No no, you just self-destructed. Normally she's composed, but Sayuri's temper is often unstable.

"Umm, so what's your real request?"

"B-be my first. Take my important thing."

It hardly changed?!

Impossibru. The hurdle hasn't gone down at all. As a person, as a brother, as a man and as a human, I have something important to protect. Please realize it, o' little sister.

"Listen Sayuri, that kind of thing is..."

"That kind of thing, precisely what kind of situation have you assumed, Onii-sama?"

Sayuri smiled like a little devil. No good, a leading question?

"W-what you ask... um, Sayuri's first... means, in other words.... uh."

"Onii-sama? Please be more clear."

"I-I said, taking away girl's important thing... oh right! It's something that shouldn't be taken away."

As I emphasized on it, Sayuri parried it with ease... or rather, she did a backstroke counter.

"I shall gladly dedicate everything I have to Onii-sama."

Sayuri gently coiled her arm around my neck. Not good, if I shake her off here I'll hurt her feelings, if I don't... w-what's going to happen?!

"Onii-sama, there's something like carelessness. As siblings were getting along, they were careless. An accident! Let's make it an accident!"

With completely red face Sayuri appealed to me. If she's to get embarrassed she didn't have to say that... good grief, Sayuri is more out of control than ever today.

"Don't pretend accidents! The best way to go through life is a safe way!"

Suddenly, Sayuri's face turned serious. She stared at me with a lonely expression.

Not good. If I'm stared at by Sayuri with such transient expression, I'll get chills.

"Does Onii-sama hate me?"

That question is... a foul.

"I-I do like you..."

Once again, Sayuri's happy and embarrassed expression returned.

"Then isn't this all right? Under consent of us both, let's cause a major accident."

"Sayuri, a-are you fine with an accident?"

"Of course. For me, no matter how, doing these things with Onii-sama first is more important than anything, it's a wonderful and fortunate thing."

This isn't good. It doesn't seem like I'll persuade her anyhow. In that case... can only do that.

So that at least there's no major accident, I need to crash it.

I hugged Sayuri gently as to wrap around her, I slowly moved my face closer to hers. Sayuri stretched out on her heels and closed her eyes.

"Ahh! Finally Onii-sama slipped into accident with me. It seems like car is going to slip from the cliff and cause great fire!"

I gently kissed... Sayuri's forehead.

Immediately she stared at me with enigmatic, criticizing gaze. Sayuri inflated her cheeks and protested.

"Um, Onii-sama? Right now at most the bumper got indented."

"What's with those comparisons. This is enough to make me so nervous my heart seems like it'll pop out."

"I-is that so! A kiss on my forehead being like the very top of the excitement mountain... oh Onii-sama... you're such a climber."

Her comparisons are strange! Heck, it's escalating...

Sayuri put her ear against the vicinity of my chest and focused on listening to the sound of my heart. It was pounding fast and strong as if I was right after sprinting.

All I could do was to calm down my rough breathing.

For just a while, Sayuri remained in close contact with me without doing anything. Gradually, my breathing and heartbeat had returned to the original rhythm.

When my heart was completely calm, Sayuri quietly moved away from me.

"If I stimulate Onii-sama any more than this, Onii-sama won't last until the night."

What's this about making me last.

I had no idea what to respond with to my little sister who happily narrowed her eyes.

Onii-chan is worried about Sayuri's delusion power. Or rather, I... I kissed my little sister. On her forehead though.

"Onii-sama, your face is red."

"O-o-of course! Never before I had such excessive physical contact with others!"

When I was kid, not knowing anything, when Mariko said "Forehead smooch! Do it. Cheeks are okay too!" I ended up doing it, but I haven't kissed anyone since then.

We're siblings and yet... yeah, what have I done...

"Can it be that you're regretting it?"

"I-I'm not."

If I said I did, I would end up hurting Sayuri.

"There's no need to pretend. Be more honest. You're not satisfied with just forehead, are you?"

Putting a finger on the clothes' button, she stared at me enthusiastically.

"That reminds me I have something to do, so let's leave it at this for today."

"There's no need to be scared, okay? But, it can't be helped. We were strangers just a few weeks ago, until Onii-sama becomes honest and makes love to me, his little sister, I shall cooperate brother rehabilitation... in short, brohabilitation."

"Don't make up new terms!"

"Onii-sama, until you at least stop resisting to enter bath with your little sister, I'll continue making you a respectable older brother."

As Sayuri puffed up her chest, I held my head in my hands.

"Rather, didn't you declare you'll be my little sister?"

Recalling it, Sayuri faced away.

"Ah! What am I doing, I didn't even serve tea. Onii-sama, please sit down first."

In Sayuri's case, whether she becomes my little sister or not, I feel she's still going to be dangerous...

In any case, I could finally catch a breath. I sat down on a cushion relieved. In meantime, Sayuri brewed the usual tea for me.

"The tea is ready, Onii-sama."

"Yeah, thanks Sayuri."

The tea Sayuri gave me wasn't bitter, it had a rich scent and was delicious. The odd conversation from a moment ago seemed like a lie, it calmed down after just a short pause.

Sayuri was a splendid little sister that had nothing to be ashamed of. However, her personality was too extreme in some aspects, like a fly on the ointment, it made me worried.

She wet her lips with tea and stared at me intently. If it's continuation of the conversation from earlier, then please spare me.

"Onii-sama, can I ask you a question?"

"Umm, what is it?"

Among the little sisters, I don't want to try refusing Sayuri as much as possible. When her sisters are there, Sayuri acts mature and holds it in, so when we are alone she ends up behaving more extreme.

Though, earlier she overdid it a little.

"Then, Onii-sama, what's your favourite food?"

"My favourite food?"

"Yes. Favourite food."

The documentation with information on me Murasaki-san prepared should have said I like Japanese food and nikujaga... and Sayuri read that manual more thoroughly than anyone else, what's this about?

"Um, Japanese food."

"If possible, state something western-ish."

Is research on people's favourite food getting popular lately? Mariko asked me that as well...

Speaking of which, I did something bad to Mariko. In the end, I had no idea of my own preferences and couldn't cooperate with her research.

Sayuri stood still like a statue, awaiting my reply.

"Hmm... let's see."

Anything is fine? Something western-ish...

Recently I feel like I've seen a strange dream. I can't remember well, but I did eat a feast in it. Together with someone...

"Oh! Omurice!"

"Omurice, Onii-sama?"

Sayuri's eyes turned round like a cat's from surprise.

"That's right. Omurice."

"That's unexpected. But, perfect, in that case."

Even though I stated that, it was certainly unexpected. Or rather, what's with "perfect"...? When I wondered that, Sayuri tilted her neck.

"By the way, why omurice?"

"I don't understand myself... no! Of course it's true that I want to eat it, I'm not lying or forcing myself. Really... I don't know the reason, but I feel like eating omurice. Is it childish? Also, since Granny never made it, I'm surprised myself."

Sayuri nodded.

"That's great. Onii-sama properly requested something of me. I'm glad."

"I-I see."

"Leave it to me then, Onii-sama. I'll prepare the best omurice there is. By the way, for eggs do you want them sticky, or maybe lightly fried?"

"It was lightly fried. Also, with a flag on top of it."

"A flag?"

"Ah, no. It's nothing. Forget it."

Why did I say "flag"? Also the way I said "it was" felt strange even if I say so myself.

"Well then Onii-sama. Enough of flirting time and question time for now... let's do our best studying today. For the sake of my enrolling into the same Shichiyou Academy Onii-sama is in!"

"Eh? Ah... yes."

It suddenly turned out that we're going to study. Though I'm grateful for that.

For a while Sayuri and I have sat down side by side studying notes and reference books.

When we got to a break, Sayuri quietly stood up.

"It's about time I prepare dinner, isn't it."

"Is there anything for me to help you with?"

"Onii-sama must be tired from studying, please rest."

Sayuri put on an apron in the kitchen and started preparing dinner.

The scent of the rice being cooked drifted towards the living room. Then the scent of miso soup, aroma of a grilled fish burnt brown... e-eh?

In the middle I peeked into the kitchen and asked her.

"Weren't you making omurice?"

Sayuri raised her eyebrows troubled.

"T-that's... um, I ran out of ingredients..."

"S-sorry. You're right. It's just a request I came up with just now.

"I'll make omurice at next opportunity... until then I'll practice it."

She was a girl who once prepared, could do anything. But if she doesn't prepare, she'll be too insecure and will end up failing. And that failure would lead to more failures.

That's why the preparation time was more important than anything to Sayuri.

"I look forward to the omurice you'll make."

And so, today's dinner was Japanese food.

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