To those I meet for the first time, those I meet again after a while, hello, I'm Aloha Zachou


You who have taken this book in your hands, A-san in charge of editing, Yukisan-sama who prepared wonderful illustration for this work, as well as all of you who read the main work have the great deal of my thanks.

This work was something serialized as a side story in Dragon Magazine and now has been released in paperback format.


Did you enjoy this OSO's spin-off of which the main protagonist's little sister – Myu is the protagonist? I hope you did.


So, how did this OSO spin-off begin? It all started with a single mail of the editor.

In early March, one day when the release date of the fifth volume was moved to May, scheduled to come out together with the comic version and I was preparing cheering comments and SS for it, I received a mail from the editor in charge about the spin-off series they planned to start up.

It was completely unexpected. At one time I did say that I wanted to write some short stories, but at the time I thought of some stories expanding the main story, but to think I would do the story with raging completionist berserk little sister Myu as main protagonist.

I was allowed to write a part of magazine series which was a short story I wrote after the first volume was released and it's been a year since then so I went "How many characters was it again?!" and "How much story and pages does it need for when it's released in paperback?!", in such rocky state of mind I challenged the meetings with editor.

I brought the story plot divided into structure with four parts and modified it through the meetings until it ended up in five chapters, with hundred thousand characters in total decided, I could start writing it confidently.

Like that I started writing it around the volume one's events and "gathering a party" theme, I aimed to make it something like a loose 4-koma manga with just girls in terms of atmosphere.

The parts of the story like that in the Golem battles were taken from places like Dark Soul's boss battles with awareness of safe zones both when attacking and defending.

In addition to that, the idea of dungeon's time attack this time was something I always loved. I think I might have been influenced by my favourite from olden days, the .hack series.

In short, the time attack in .hack series was a competition as to who will reach the deepest part of the tree word area first. What was an important key in there wasn't just the player's ability, but also the distance from the initial point to the dungeon that was based on the combination of three words, the levels and elements like combat count. So when speaking of time attack, what if all elements other than players themselves were random...? That's what the story is about.

Also, since it's a game I added part with cosplay which was popular, so I'd be glad if you enjoyed that loose part as well.


Please take care of me, Aloha Zachou from now on as well.

In the end, I'd like to once again thank you, the readers who have taken this book in your hands.

I look forward to the day I can meet you again.


Aloha Zachou

4 thoughts on “Afterword

  1. Lucasnox

    Yes, you input three keywords at the gate and that generates the dungeon for you

    Some words made the dungeon have a specific quality like it being a field or cave, or deciding what levels the mobs would be at, also secret custom dungeons if you put the right word combos in, that was always fun to discover

    So yes its three word area and not tree word area

    .//hack games are basically this light novel the game, is very similar

    .//hack GU for ps2 still holds up pretty well, the anime are fun too

  2. Dragon_ANGL

    For my recollection of the .hack series, three words were used to describe a Field/world that players teleported to, instead of just "Level #" or "Floor #" like in SAO. The three words also, but not all the time, described what that environment would be like, whether an Arabian marketplace, large grassy fields, a quiet abandoned temple, etc.

    .hack//sign, .hack//legend of the twilight bracelet, and .hack//roots are the 3 animes of that series that I recall, aside from the novels and console games.

    As far as I know, the .hack series was either among the forerunners, or the first, of the animes depicting people getting trapped/affected physically by playing virtual reality games. Of the 3 anime, .hack//lottb is the most "newcomer-friendly".

  3. Hakurei06

    >>In short, the time attack in .hack series was a competition as to who will reach the deepest part of the tree word area first.

    Wait, which Season/Game/Manga was this? Or is it a typo and it's supposed to be "three word area" (in other words, pretty much any field) and speaking generally?

    1. krytyk Post author

      I have no clue, I'm actually not familiar with .hack, so I translated it just as is, possibly making some mistake there. But it might be related to one of .hack games.


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