It's been a while, I'm Yanagimi Touki.

Now then, the third volume was a story about alchemists.

Ikaruga was the main, it's big tits turn. After last time's tiny breasts, the breast size sky-rocketed.

———This work, Antimagic Academy, will continue to present you various kinds of breasts.

Don't explode at me with 'you're not the one to talk about the big ones in the series', from girls with huge breasts to a boobless fuel tank, I wrote it with my unchanging love for all kinds of breasts.

In the end 'He' came out, just how the heck does he pick the timing.

And as scheduled, next time its big-breasted loli's turn.

Well it is scheduled, but it might always change, but for the time being it's big-breasted loli's turn next.

It's a big-breasted loli. Everyone loves big-breasted lolis. Even if not everyone loves big-breasted lolis, I really love big-breasted lolis.

Let me say it once more, I love big breasted lolis——eh, you were supposed to talk about the hard content, but you ended up talking about breasts... is it?

Boobs are good too, but there's an important announcement to make!

In February of last year, a comic version of this works has started at Dragon Age-sama. It's my first time to have a comic version of book, so I'm quite excited.

For the people whom I mentioned already, and those who i didn't, thank you very much for supporting this series!

Now at the end are the credits. First I would like to apologize to the S&Y-sama who is in charge of me and pushed my back and to whom I ended up causing a huge inconvenience. Kippu-sensei who draws wonderful illustrations which surpass my imagination every time. Hanao Sutarou-sensei who draws a wonderful, cute and erotic action comic.

And to all the readers who have picked up this book, thanks.

Then, I pray to see you next time.

Yanagimi Touki

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