Nice to meet you, my name's Aloha Zachou.

To those who have picked this book up, H-san in charge of editing, A-san in charge of secondary editing, yukisan who has worked on providing wonderful illustrations. And also the people who have previously looked at the work I published on the net. Thank you very much.

This time, I was able to début as a light novel writer at Fujimi Shoubo's Fantasia Bunko. This work has been first posted at a major webnovel website 『Syosetsuka ni Narou 』. Originally, I posted this work as a teaser on the net and was later invited by a publisher, ot was decided that it will be combined into a book. As I write this afterword I recall those events heartily.

Turning a work that has been originally posted on the net into a book had me divide it into chapters, even though it wasn't originally intended. That's of course natural. However, doing this with this work had bothered me more than I expected it would.

The novel that has been originally posted without being bothered about anything, it was recreated to match the book's framework and to have better tempo, as well as some sweet parts were added, I increased the amount of content in order to pull in people. As for some parts that seemed unnecessary, I spoke with editor in charge and others for their opinion and cut them out. After repeating such process it has gradually turned into a light novel.

And like that I was able to make a book everyone can take in their hands. I have realized that there's a lot of hardly-visible effort when providing entertainment to others.

By the way, for stories and scenes that were omitted, they were saved and stowed away.

The stories and scenes that weren't put in the book can be checked in the content on the web. Also, the stories that weren't published in the book version might have a chance to appear somewhere in my work. Or their concept might be fused with something and become a completely different story creating a chemical reaction for the new work.

And I intend to devote every day to these changes. From now on as well, please do take care of me, Aloha Zachou.

In the end, to all the readers who have picked this book up, I would like to thank you once again. I look forward to the day I'll be able to meet you once again.

February 2014, Aloha Zachou

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