Hello, new me.

I’m back, Starting Town.


〈Death Penalty: Your stats are temporarily decreased, gained experience decreased, possessed experience halved.〉

〈You have lost your left arm.〉


Farewell, my arm? ...So this is what losing a limb is like. My left arm has turned semi-transparent and has no collision with the surroundings.

I died a lot before evolving when I stumbled on Living Dead and to the sword, but it is my first time dying in combat after evolving… and I lost a limb to boot.


“Ah! Onee-chan, ‘sup!”

“HM? Ohh, Rina.”

“Onee-chan, your arm!”

“Celebration: first limb loss.”

“Is that something to celebrate…?”


Let’s use a part. Dark Part… and chose left arm. I put the arm that appeared to my body and it stuck. 180 minutes… I have three hours of stat decrease on my left arm alone. Looks like I’m getting decreases, but it is possible to access the arm’s equipment slot again in the inventory menu.

I put the ring and arm equipment back on, and everything is like new.


“To think Onee-chan would die… where did you go?”

“The third area. Both level and location-wise.”

“Ahh… you went to an area next to the second area. Yeah, we can get there but we are going to die if we get surrounded.”

“Yup, their reinforcements came during combat.”

“You were solo, right?”

“Just went to take a look, you see.”


I once again enable «Spatial Magic»’s【Inventory Expansion】.


Time-wise, it’s nearly dinner. Mom and Dad should be back already, let’s go off until the penalty wears off. I separate from my little sister, head to the inn and log out.




When I went to the living room, Mom and Dad were there. Looks like they are back already. ...Why are you already drinking? The driver is also drinking, looks like they have no intention of going back today… Not like I thought they would, though. ...The maids aren’t here?

I received some juice and started watching Akina’s stream. Looks like she has over ten thousand viewers. She’s gathering far more attention than the school chairman during the assembly. Looks like she is escorting Primula-san who she gathers materials. Inbamunt, is it?

During the escort, Nadia-san and Helen-san joined her.


“It’s the two girls who were eating lunch with us.”

“Oh, those girls.”


While we nabbed some of the side dishes they had to accompany the alcohol and watched the stream, the maid duo came back. It seems like they were out shopping. They bought ingredients for dinner, side dishes, alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks.


We did simple preparations for dinner by lining up the barbecue set on the yard. Putting meat on skewers and other preparations were undertaken by the two maids, so I went to call Rina. Through the comment section. “Rina, we’re having dinner" text has been displayed in purple color. It’s possible to set a particular color for different users, and it seems like I was made purple.


『“Dinner! MEAT!”』

『“Come to the yard.”』

『“So it’s barbecue after all?”』


A large amount of comments saying “BARBECUE IN THE YARD…?!!” has flowed, but let’s leave that to my little sister.

I put fire on, prepare water and start frying.



“Here, tofu.”

“Tofu…? Soybeans… plant meat… Well, still better than being given raw beans...”

“Here, soy sauce.”


I passed cold tofu and soy sauce to my little sister. This tofu is nice, so refreshing. Yup, I just randomly took it out of the refrigerator, though.



While the meat sizzles as I fry it, I talk with Mom and her company’s president, Noa-san.


“So, why did you come all this way to Japan?”

“Well, obviously, because we want to start a new thing.”

"What are you scheming…?”

“See, we are in the middle of negotiations with the Future Software company that owns the patents. And well, it’s hard for me to say as a friend, but as a president… I’m getting more and more eager to scout Tasha-chan!”


Hm? Mom told him before not to scout me because she will let me decide my future for myself, but… as a president, he got eager to scout me… Did I do something?

Mom started to silently strangle him .


“Ellie, you know something?”

“Nnn… I did not hear anything directly, so just a speculation.”


“Tasha, do you like fantasy?”

“Well, between like or hate, I like it...”

“Guess if you hated it, you wouldn’t be playing.”



I can see you are nodding, but I don’t understand what you mean in the least?



“Yeah…first…make it so...that I can...”


She’s still strangling him?


“Phew… ah, this is a secret, okay? A state secret!”

“Stop lying. It’s a company problem.”

"...Well, simply put, I thought of making her into a VR idol.”

“IDOLLLLLL…?”1Unlike the Western image of an idol and in anime, in Japan “Idols” are pretty low ranking entertainers compared to proper actresses/actors, and their image/reputation can be really bad. Well, just imagine cheap entertainers who are mainly hired for their looks and nothing else.


Mom, where did you pull that low voice from?


“Did I put it too simply?”

“Father… idols are a completely different category...”

“Should I say, a VR actress?”


Well, it is about my future so I ask in detail, and it seems like they intend to make movies with FDVR technology.

In other words, seeing the CMs, trailers and streams of FLFO made by Future Software, the president thought “Can’t we use this as a method for making a movie?”.

If there was a problem with it, it would be that a FDVR movie would mainly be work for stuntmen. To put it simply, wouldn’t it be too hard on actresses to act combat scenes? But if you ask whether stuntmen could do it, the answer is that it isn’t that simple because “acting” is necessary.


“So yeah… it won’t work, right?”

“Well… it won’t.”


Mom doesn’t play games, after all...

It’s VR, so it might be possible to change the person playing the avatar, but it’s best to have someone who can do “acting” and “combat” in “FD”. Especially in case of the main characters of the movies, it would be best if they were the same person.

They are using FDVR in order to make movies even more real, so… they want to remove all aspects that could make the things seem off.


“And above all, since we are starting something new, it’s best for popularity if we used the same person, right?”

“Well, it will definitely be better than using a double...”

“It’s a game so we can have large flashy wars! Magic flying all over! Also, the other company is in charge of fantasy outfits.”


Louis-san is making a peace sign, hm? Well, I get what they are scheming. In other words, they want to make super-real fantasy movies with FDVR.


“Wouldn’t that be too gory…?”

“About that, there is the FLFO’s gore function, right? We can do anything by tweaking that.”


Hm-mm… Well, they thought that part over. They ARE pros, after all.


“Those realistic videos taken for a movie… it’s possible to tweak the effects and angles of them, right?”

“Of course.”

“We can make a story in there, right?”


“I want to see it!”



Noa-san and my little sister are really excited… hmm...

Even bare live streams are really popular, and the official trailers have an amazing number of views. Releasing the game without any limitations in Japan, and if there is no problem, allowing connecting from overseas… is what the company seems to be thinking.


“But there is still time until it happens, isn’t there?”

“I guess. I mean, just like I mentioned earlier we are still in the middle of negotiations, so there is a possibility this plan will be discarded. But I feel that this will sell. And I think that their company will get on it. Well, it will take at least two years until we start?”

“Decide by yourself. If you want to do it we will support you, and if you don’t, we’ll have them give up.”

“There is still time, so you can think slowly. Oh but, be careful for VR idol contracts, okay? In case you sign one it might be hard for us to make a new one.”


Rather than hard, it would be pretty impossible, wouldn’t it?


“First of all, Tasha, if you become a VR idol your real body won’t get any screen time.”

“I know. I would hate that, and above all, I’m not interested in idols.”


I have been watching Mom’s back all my life. I would prefer to be an actress rather than an idol. I’m not interested in variety shows either. And that aside… looking at reality, right now before me there is a scouting offer from a president of a huge company… the wages will be... y’know?


“Would my real body get screen time if I became a VR actress?”

“HAHAHA, who do you think we are? Of course there will be. If you reach the same level as your mother, the red carpet won’t be a dream, y’know?”

“Also, Tasha! It would be surprising that the same person appears in VR!”


I guess what Abbie is saying has a point…?


“Certainly, VR idols in general don’t appear in real. You should do it, Onee-chan!”

“Rina-chan, you do your best RPing as well if you want to do it! We know well your personality and identity, as well as skill in FD games. What’s left is acting! We are pros, so we can’t compromise there, y’know? It’s especially important at the start!”

“Mm-nn… RP, huh...”


Well, it’s not like they will scout all of the top players. Above all, they are working adults or students, their personalities and identity is also unknown. Though I guess they would investigate it if they really wanted someone.


“First of all, I did not intend to RP aside from the motions… Certainly, I did play along during the event, but I had a line prepared for me back then.”

“If you want to do it, then do your best!”


So, he’s telling me to practice while having fun with RP. I do understand it’s easier to learn when you are having fun...

Well, it’s the talk of two years ahead, so at earliest after I graduate from high school. Let’s take my time thinking about it.


Then, we ate dinner while having fun talking, after which I took a bath and together with Ellie and Abbie, we had the so-called pajama party before we went to sleep. Forgive me, Ske-san… is what I thought, but I realized that I can just send him a message, so I did.




When I woke up and finished all preparations I looked to the courtyard, just to see Ellie having elegant tea time in there, so I charge right in.


“Abbie is still sleeping?”

“Isn’t it about time she wakes up?”


It’s nearly seven in the morning. Certainly, it’s about time she gets up.

Once I received black tea from Ellie and relaxed, Abbie has come over.


“Good morning.”

“Good morning, Abbie.”

“Did you sleep well?”



With Abbie joining us, we had a tea party with the three of us. Also, with breakfast included.

It seems like they will escort us to school, so we can take our time.


“It’s really hot despite the early hour, if it gets any hotter we won’t be able to have tea at all.”

“We rarely go outside during summer.”

“Then what are you doing instead?”

“Turn on air conditioning and stay near it.”

“I see...”


I can’t really relax unless the temperature is comfortable. Heat is one thing, but it’s usually hot and humid...


A little before the time to go to school came, one of drivers came and headed for the car. When the time came, it turned out that Abbie’s maid, Dori-san, will accompany us. The three of us headed for the car. The driver who went to the car earlier must have cooled down the car since it’s very comfortable.

We drove to the school in a limousine and got off at the parking lot for teachers.


“Should we wait until it’s over?”

“Hmm… they said everything will end after the ceremony and passing us report cards, but I don’t know how long the ceremony will take.”

“So, it will take about two hours at longest? We shall wait then.”


If they are saying they will wait, they will. We get out of the car and head for the classroom.




“Good morning.”

“It’s been a while since I saw that car.”

“You saw it before?”

“Some time ago?”


Classmates who were in the same elementary or middle school might have seen it. I came to school in it many times before.

Mom and Dad aren’t very interested in cars, so our car is pretty normal. They said it doesn’t matter as long as it drives… But they love beauty products and consumer electronics.


While I leisurely chatted with my classmates, a chime rang.


“C’mon, I’m taking attendance so sit down… okay, everyone’s here.”


I mean, you can tell just by taking a look.


“There’s an outrageous car outside which gave me a scare, whose is that?”

“From Kotone’s place, right.”

“It’s a car of acquaintances who came to visit.”

“Ahh… I see, I get it now. Well then, I’ll explain the schedule today. We do the ceremony, I give you report cards, and we disband. Everything is up to how long chairman will talk. Pray that it’s short.”


As far as I remember, this school’s chairman did not take much time. Looks like it won’t take long.


We moved as a group, and everything ended with a simple summary so short that we had no time to get bored. This might actually be the way to do things. Rather than talk without end and be ignored, it’s better to quickly relay what is important.

Next we return to the classroom, receive report cards and we’re free.


“Couldn’t we do this yesterday?”

“There are adult circumstances behind this. Mainly matching everything with the time the teachers end their work.”


“I’m entering vacations today! I don’t know how many of the second batch are here in this class, but don’t forget homework. I won’t say anything as long as you do what you’re supposed to do, so just stay quiet. Like the chairman said, when you are near water… when you go to the sea or play in the river or pools, be careful. Alright, go home!”


Far from taking an hour, everything ended in about 20 minutes.


“It’s a good thing that everything ended right away, but when it’s this short, the “did we come all this way for this…?” feeling is really strong.”

“Don’t say it, Suguru. Everyone thinks so.”

“I’m glad that we did not make the driver and Dori-san wait too long”

“Ahh, so she’s waiting. Let’s go then.”


When we headed to the car, my little sister and her friends have already gotten in. Let’s go home right away.




And we separated at our home. It’s still 8 a.m.. so it’s too early for lunch. Let’s go back home and play the game. Be careful on your way back.


““I’m back.””

“Welcome back, that was fast.”


I passed the report card to my parents, changed clothes and came to the living room.


“Yeah, same as usual, I have nothing to say.


My scores were all five out of five, Rina’s were half-half of 4s and 5s. Just like Mom said, there was nothing to say. It’s good that it was the same as always.


After talking for about thirty minutes, the presidents started preparing to go back, so we saw them off.


“Well then, Tasha. Let’s meet in game next time.”

“See you, Tasha!”

“Yes, see you later.”

“Alright, Tasha-chan, take your time considering.”

“I will try RP sometimes.”

“Yup, see you~.”


Abbie joined hands with my little sister, and after doing some mysterious ritual, got in the car. Why did the two jump like rabbits?

Ellie said “Farewell~~” and left. Yup, she sure is an ojousama.

Mom and Dad said that they got disrupted and left again for a date. After seeing everyone off, my little sister ran to her room. Maybe I should go play as well.




I log in to appear in the Starting Town’s main plaza.

From Ske-san I received a message saying “I started alchemy. I will put info on BBS once I get it.”. Yup, I knew it. Let’s leave it to him.


Um-mm… oh, right. What Monster Skills were unlocked? ...From the ones that interest me, it would be these four?


«Clinging to Life» 
There is a low probability that you will revive yourself when you die.

«Life Absorption» 
During close combat, absorbs enemy HP based on the Skill Level.

«Automatic MP Recovery» 
Automatically recovers MP based on the Skill Level.

«Automatic Recovery Trait» 
Increases the effect of Automatic Recovery Skills. You are a specimen that has high ability to regenerate.


I especially want  «Automatic MP Recovery»… but these four Monster Skills all cost 3SP… If I take them all I will have 9 remaining. Let’s say farewell to «Clinging to Life» of which I don’t know the probability. Let’s take 3 skills, I will have 12SP left.


I change #1’s «Physical Immunity» for «Life Absorption». #1’s «Physical Immunity» level is too low to even matter. It’s my fault for «Necromantic Secrets» being too low. Also my «Immortal Royalty» has become level 20, so I also add «Automatic Recovery Trait».


Now, I would like to buy some equipment for #1, but… naturally, Ertz-san isn’t around. ...Should I buy a mace at a store and go North? I finally acquired «Mining» after all. Can’t be wasting SP.


There was certainly a weapons shop next to the Adventurers’ Union.

Metal equipment… isn’t this expensive? Makes me ponder whether to buy it. I do want blunt attacks for the North, but I’m reluctant to pay 30k for something I will change right away. Let’s buy not bronze, but copper. And let’s buy a round shield as well. I pay 8000 in total.


I immediately make it #1’s equipment. The mace was not «Sword» but a «Long Handle» weapon. Skill-wise he still can’t take «Defense». I need to quickly level it up or the shield will remain as a decoration.


Well then, let’s head to the Northern town, Vershtet. ...But before I go, let’s take elimination requests at the union. I took requests for Rabbits, Wolves, Stone Caterpillars, Stone Turtles and will move forward while having #1 beat them on the way.


I summon #1 at the Northern gate. He’s wearing a copper mace and a buckler… a round shield. 


“Now, #1, beat the Rabbits that come at us.”



While watching as #1 does his best, I stab the Disassembling Knife into beaten rabbits. It’s about time I repaired my knife. Let’s ask Ertz-san to do it later.

When #1’s HP lowered below 60% because of the attacks, I used【Dark Heal】on him and followed after him. «Life Absorption» still being low is one thing, but I also did not know how it works so I can’t be too relieved.


Rabbit and Wolf Meat are all-purpose, so I disassemble them. When the number specified in the elimination quest is done, I proceed North. I don’t need caterpillar and turtle drops, so they are for ritual. I want to increase my capacity too, so it’s a good thing.


As we went North, the area started to become slanted, the grass disappeared from the plains and bare earth could be seen. Still, the surface wasn’t rocky yet.

With the change in the environment, the enemies also change… and so, Stone Caterpillar and Stone Turtle started spawning. They were caterpillars with stony back and literal rocky turtles - their back was made from a solid rock.

In other words, they were slow but had high defense. Both blunt attacks and magic worked well on them. It’s like a map for beginner blunt weapons and magic users. The view is good here, and I can see other players here and there.


“Go forth, #1, do it.”



#1 swung the mace with all his strength at the slowly-trudging turtle. The attack resulted in a loud sound of metal and rock hitting each other.

And all I do is watch. I need to have #1 do his best or my «Necromantic Secrets» won’t go up. For now, let’s have him get up to a level where I will be able to bring him with me everywhere.

Either way, in this initial area my fighting skills won’t go up. All the skills I have acquired have become second tier.



〈 «Necromantic Secrets» reached level 5.〉

〈 «Necromantic Secrets»’s【Life Assignment】was acquired.〉



【Life Assignment】

Life Assignment can be used when you have more than 50% HP. You give your HP to your Servant by 1% at a time.

The effect will disappear when the Servant is completely healed, the channeling is stopped, or your HP falls below 50%.

In case you have multiple servants with missing HP, you pass your HP by 1% at a time to all of them.


An Art for healing Servants? This means that at most I can lose 5% HP at a time, right? I can use this, use【Dark Heal】as well as put automatic recovery and «Life Absorption» on them. As expected of Undead, they sure are resilient. As long as light doesn’t come, that is.

But the problem is, the method to heal myself.


While I checked the skill, I absorbed the bodies that continued to increase. The 1 capacity is sad.

Although it is a second tier Skill, it looks to be fairly easy to level up at the start. Good.


My #1 has a lot of things boosting him up, so a normal cost summoning is good enough for the initial area. If it’s just attack power, then I think summoning him with double cost will be enough. Should I make him an attacker for the boss? But for now...


"#1, resummon time.”



In order to improve the hunting efficiency let’s summon him at three times the cost. It’s possible to hunt here with initial cost, but the stronger he is the faster we can go around.

Although it would be good to summon a Skeleton Wolf for speed, this hunting grounds has the worst compatibility with them so I leave #1 as a Skeleton. I summon and follow him.


By the way, the Northern boss was the Rock Golem, but after being weakened he became a Mini Rock Golem. Can I use【Dark Ritual】on him? I wonder if I will get a blueprint for a golem. If it’s possible, then it’ll be worth absorbing him.


The turtle that took four hits started to die with just two. While absorbing bodies, I head for the boss.



Nnn… Should I go for the boss after my «Necromantic Secrets» gets to level 10? At level 10 I will be able to summon #2. Also, I will be able to increase the number of basic Skills on them. Furthermore, maybe I will be able to summon a Red Skeleton? Alright, let’s level it. It does seem like it’s going up faster than other second tier Skills.



〈 «Necromantic Secrets» reached level 10. You gained “1” Skill point.〉

〈 «Necromantic Secrets»’s【Necromancy】was acquired.〉




Gives the target an Undead element.


So… it means the Light and Holy Damage Taken increases? And probably purification will also work. However, the target would receive resistance to Dark element, so it’s useful in PT? Doesn’t look like I will use it.

No, wait? Would this mean that my buff skills will work on allies? Need to verify later. If they work on allies, then there’s a possibility I will use it… no, it would limit the recovery methods of theirs. And it’s not like they will receive automatic recovery, so it would be harsh. Hmm-mm...


Well, I have reached my goal, so let’s give #1 «Defense».

I summoned #1 at triple cost and still have 40 capacity remaining, so I can summon #2 at double cost. However… based on information there is on golem, it’s best to go with fewer numbers. Let’s go with just #1. Looks like I can now summon Red Skeletons and High Zombies, but the cost went up all at once. It’s (10×10)×2 now.


"#1, make sure to jump when the enemy strikes the ground.”


“Also, don’t go behind him.”


“Enemy has blunt attacks, so avoid them with all you have. Prioritize avoidance over attacking.”


“Let’s go then.”



I increase my own INT with【Dark Enchant】and charge in.


Although it did not seem that much different, the boss area had large stones lying all over it and the map color changed.

My body’s control was taken away from me by the system and a large rock suddenly shook, and eventually rolled before becoming a golem.

It had two teardrop-shaped legs, a rectangle-shaped torso with sharp edges and two cylinder-shaped arms. It did not have anything acting as joints and its parts were levitating. Sometimes its arms even rotated.

Apparently it used to be as large as to make the players look up at it, but this one is a Mini Golem, so it’s about as large as an adult man.

The golem pointed its arms backwards and roared to mark the start of combat. It always makes me wonder in games but… ...Where does that voice come from?



Putting voice aside, I attack preemptively. I use【Dark Lance】amplified by【Magi-Amp】and【Overspell】at the golem.

Oh, it took 20% of his HP, hm? No wonder considering he is lower level than me, weakened and is weak to magic. Looks like I won’t have much trouble.


Before the heavily-walking boss reaches me, I gift him a【Light Lance】. While receiving it, the golem cleaved with its right arm. I crouched and parried it with rapier, deflecting it above me, and meanwhile, #1 struck the left leg from the side.


The golem did not have many attack patterns and his movements were simple. The cleave from just now, a rotating attack when you go behind him, a stomp attack when his HP decreases. Also, a left straight punch.

The right arm has cleaves, the left - straight punches. The roar from the beginning is an action it does before rotating. And when it raises its right arm, it means that a stomp attack is coming.


Among these, the most tricky is… the left straight. He does not do rotating attacks unless you go behind him. Stomp can be avoided by just jumping. The cleaves can be avoided by crouching.

If there was a problem… it would be the fact that even Mini Golem’s arm is larger than I am. Due to the size differences, I can’t completely parry it… in other words, my posture breaks. It means that in a way, size can be a strong point. Although in some cases it can turn you into an easy target...


When fighting a large enemy like this, I feel like it might be best to jump and receive the attack in mid-air. In real something would break though. Well, in a party it would not be too stable a tactic, but a party will have a large shield’s【Heavy Stand】.

In any case, my posture broke from straight punches and it was annoying...


With that said, it could be said that was the only issue. I used【Dark Lance】empowered with【Overspell】and【Light Lance】in between.


"#1, it’s about time for a jump.”



Oh, there it goes up. When the right arm was raised and then swung down, an effect ran through the ground and #1 had avoided it by jumping. Well, considering the distance, he jumped the moment the arm hit the ground.

The stomp attack had an exaggerated motion and right after it was performed, the enemy was full of openings, so it was the time to aim for. Mixing magic in, I smacked him together with #1.

#1 avoided the second stomp safely as well, and finished the boss off by attacking the leg. The golem fell over, it crumbled and its parts scattered.



〈 «Darkness Magic» reached level 5.〉

〈 «Darkness Magic»’s【Nox Shot】was acquired.〉

〈Servant Level has increased.〉

〈With the elimination of the Northern boss, you are now capable of entering the Northern area. You gain “3” Skill Points as bonus for eliminating the boss.〉




“Looks like my Skills went up quite a bit, so I guess this is fine.”


I learned Shot, huh. This magic has high power and quick channeling, but also an extremely short range.


Now, time for【Dark Ritual】.


〈【Dark Ritual】has acquired “Mini Golem" Body.〉

〈【Dark Ritual】has generated “3” Capacity.〉


Hmm… Skeleton Mini Golem and Mini Golem Zombie. The size is Small. After evolving it becomes a Golem and will have Medium size. I don’t have enough capacity...



Well then, let’s head straight for the town. And let’s also call #2. Give him «Sword» skill and… what should I give him? «Footwork» sounds good, and so does «Strength Enhancement». Let’s not think about how muscle strength increases in bones’ case.

I plan to give him a greatsword, so maybe I should give him «Balance Control»? I retain the Monster Skills same as #1’s and summon!


"...You are both #1, yes?”


“Well, let’s call the first one I summon #1. I will call the second one #2. You used a greatsword before, so there should be no problems, yes?”


“Very well. Let’s go then.”


I leave the boss area and proceed forward. For now, let’s make unlocking the portal the objective and hunt some afterwards. I also need to investigate where I need to go to mine.


There are still plenty of things to do. That’s good, truly.

Name: Anastasia
Race: Immortal Princess Woman Lv20
Element: Dark
Genus: High Immortal
Family: Royal Zombie
Skill Points: 19


«Slender Sword Lv7» «Enten-Style Princess Self-Defense - Slender Sword Lv7» «Light Armor Lv8» «Luminous Magic Lv4» «Spatial Magic Lv4» «High-Class Magic Ability Lv7»
«Sensing Danger Lv5» «Intuition Lv5» «Butō Lv11» «Cook Lv10»  «Alchemycraft Lv4»  «Collecting Lv1»  «Appraisal Lv23» «Disassembly Lv21»
«Identification Lv27» «Discern» «Linguistics Lv10»




Monster Skills:
«Darkness Magic Lv5» «Necromantic Secrets Lv11» «Aura of Darkness Lv28»
«Physical Resistance Lv30» «Physical Immunity Lv27» «Magic Resistance Lv10» «Life Absorption Lv3» «Super HP Recovery Lv14» «Automatic MP Recovery Lv4» «Automatic Recovery Trait Lv2» «Supervising Undead Lv11»
«Immortal Royalty Lv22» «Royal Authority Lv22» «High Immortal»


Elegant and Calm Princess: Improves the impression given to others and makes it harder for them to become wary of you.
Liberator of Belstead:  A commemorative title given to the first to liberate the town East of Starting Town.
Liberator of Inbamunt: A commemorative title given to the first to liberate the town South of Starting Town.
Cook: A title given to a full-fledged cook.
Alchemist: A title given to a full-fledged alchemist.
Alchemist’s Disciple: You have become a disciple of the Starting Town’s Megan.


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