Nice to meet you, I'm Kazuma Jouchi.

I hope that you enjoyed 『ELYSION virtual region』.

It's a story based on science, concentrating on network technology that might, or might not be developed in near future. A stage where heretical siblings rampage, a science fiction battle action.

Actually, this is the first one I have ever thought of. I took my time building the setting and thinking of characters, little sister, Fuyuki is completely different now than she was in conceptual stage, the innocent cheerful personality in this work was passed down to Rui.

If you paid attention to the content of this book, you might notice that all characters had something edged in their hearts. Although they were blessed with talent and position, and yet were forced the cruel reality. But even though it was hard and painful, they decided in their hearts to move forward.

——And so, it might sound a little serious, but I 『I want to write a story about a cool protagonist and a cute heroine!』 just that.

Please feel the agony of devilish little sister's cuteness, and angelic Rui-chan's pure heart.

Ah, one more thing. Even though I love games (especially Monster Hunter 4 and God Eater 2), in fact I haven't played any MMORPG's. I have tried the two before, but after reaching the max level I unsubscribed right away, I wouldn't be able to stand the wait for next updates.

But that did not influence this work, 《Aries》 is not a simply an MMORPG. It's a game that has a meaning to its existence. Although the setting may be a bit funny, please don't laugh at it too much (smiles wryly).

The credits. I am indebted to all the people who allowed me to release this book. Takeishi-sama who took care of the editing and me before the debut. For telling me everything when I didn't know left from right. Thank you very much.

nauribon-sensei who took care of the illustrations for me, Thank you. No matter which illustration is it, the girls are very cute and attractive.

Editor-in-chief, calibrators, bookbinders, I am grateful to everyone who was involved in releasing this work.

And in the end, the biggest thanks to the readers who picked up this book.

Because of that I think I can write an exciting story from now onwards, Thank you very much.

Well then, let's meet again in volume 2.

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