11th of May, Saturday.

Everyone. Gathering. Happy Weekend.

The Saturday morning was lively.

Completely familiar with it, early in the morning Sayuri entered the kitchen and immediately started preparing breakfast. Preparing the table and the arranging the dishes was Mika's job.

When I tried to help "Nii-chama just rest!", she had gotten angry at me. Incomprehensible.

As from time to time Mika seemed like she'll trip, Yuuki gently watched over her. There was nowhere for me to help out.

Selene was as usual, in her own pace, she lied down on the sofa in the living room and was watching television. As she did so, Tomomi had approached her and slapping her lightly on the butt, made her stand up.

"Then, Selene will do laundry with me."

"...why? It's not that difficult is it?"

"Mm? It's a simple mission even for me alone."

"...yup, do your best."

As Selene once again curled up on the sofa, Tomomi let out a forced sigh.

"I see. Nii-chan is watching, and yet just Selene won't do aaanything. But it can't be helped. You're NEET attribute after all.

I sat down on the sofa without anything to do... as I sat down beside Maple, Selene silently sought help from me.

"T-then, how about you become a TV observer in my place?"

I can help with laundry. In the first place, I was the one hoarding it. And when I thought that, Tomomi instantly rejected my proposal.

"Nii-chan, you're spoiling Selene too much."


"...not really."

Selene interrupted with a murmur. The moment we let her out of our sight, she lied down on the sofa again. What a dreadful neet soul. Tomomi's shoulders slumped at Selene's lack of motivation.

"Well, if Nii-chan is fine with that, I don't care. I'll go turn on the washing machine and come back. Um, put in the laundry, detergent, press the button and it's done, right?"

Selene stood up quietly.

"...separate patterned and plain things, easily torn ones put in the washing net. For things that don't get washed in the washing machine, wash by hand. Be careful not to leave dry marks. Make sure to measure the amount of detergent, make sure to put softener into the dedicated port or the clothes will be pitiful..."

The things I wear don't have any dry marks though...

Tomomi pursed her lips.

"It's fine isn't it, without being so precise!"

Selene made a troubled expression. It was unusual for her, as she normally didn't display much emotions on her face.

"Hey Selene. Won't you teach Tomomi?"

For a moment, Tomomi made a discontent expression. But soon enough she smiled, it seems like she guessed what I was thinking.

"Having an expert would be really helpful. Is there a knowledgeable laundry sage anywhere near?"


Quietly, Selene raised her hand.

"Nn then! Let's go?"


The two had gone to bathroom that had the washing machine. And like usual, I remained behind bored. I should have gone with them to help out as well.

While I thought that, Mika's cheerful voice came from the dining room.

"Dishes are prepared!"

Sayuri peeked out from the kitchen to check on the state of dining room. On top of the table were lined up dishes for several people.

"Thank you very much, Mika-san. Leave the rest to me."

Mika headed towards the kitchen at brisk pace.

"Mii-chan wants to help with cooking!"

"Is it all right?"

"I want to check my potential."

As Mika displayed her motivation, Sayuri laughed, troubled.

"I see. But, the preparations are mostly complete."

Before we realized, the scent of baked bread had begun drifting around us.

"Was Mii-chan useless?!"

"Umm... that's..."

This time from the kitchen, a line of sight pleaded for my help. Apparently, Sayuri was bad at dealing with Mika. On the other hand, to say, Mika admired Sayuri for being able to cook and stared at her with sparkle in her eyes.

Yuuki who watched their exchange the entire time made a proposal.

"Then, Mika-chan together with me will pour everyone's soup into cups, how about it?"

"Mii-chan's in charge of soup?"

"Indeed. Right? It's fine isn't it, Sayuri-chan?"

"Y-yes! Please do it!"

It seems like the three over here were doing well too. I stood up from the sofa and proposed.

"Then I'll help t..."

"Niichama please sit."

"Nii-san can just rest."

"I can't have Onii-sama help out."

The three said so at once and forced me to tumble back onto the sofa.


Everyone finished breakfast together in the dining room. It wouldn't be strange if Murasaki-san came soon... but she didn't appear.

This week too, the situation had probably been recognized as status quo.

I recalled the words Murasaki-san said to me inside the car on the way home from Maumauland, "Please wait... just a few more days".

That time still hasn't come, that day... might be the conclusion day.

When I tried to wash the mountain of dishes in the kitchen, I was stopped by Sayuri.

"Onii-sama spends his precious time during the week, please rest at least on the weekend."

"But I can't calm down unless I do something."

"Please do your best to calm down then."

When Sayuri started washing dishes, before I realized, Tomomi had come to and started to help.

"C'mon Nii-chan! Go forth! We're going to take care of this."

When I returned to the living room, Yuuki and Mika started the vacuum cleaner.

"Brrruuunnn! Cyclone, cyclone! Mii-chan is a little sister whose sucking power never falls, you know?"

"My heart feels like it's being sucked in by Mika-chan's charm."

How did that kind of conversation come to life. Both Mika and Yuuki seemed to to have fun, I'm slightly envious.

Rather, I feel like a lazy brother who uses his little sisters as housekeepers.

And, as I was about to fall into self loathing, a fallen angel... or more like, a lazy angel had descended. Selene lied down on the sofa in the living room, lazing around.

I discovered a comrade in laziness! I crouched down in front of Selene, who lied on the sofa.

"Selene is my comrade, right? You're embarrassed not having anything to do as well, right?"

"...unfortunately, you're wrong."

When I thought she was just lying down, Selene was doing rough sketches of clothing design with a touch pen on the PDA terminal.

"Y-you're working?"

"...yes. Want to see?"

Her hand stopped moving, then Selene showed me her rough sketches one after another.

Each design was unique. Also, strangely, it felt obvious to me for whom each design was made.

The dress on the last page was surely one fitting Yuuki's image.

Of course, it wasn't just Yuuki, there were also clothes for Mika, Sayuri and Tomomi, that Selene sketched.

"Master Cicada, cheers for good work."


Not denying, without any humility, Selene obediently nodded. It was a slightly dry reaction. Can it be that she's not in a good mood?

"Umm, when I said 'master' just now it wasn't irony, I was serious."

Selene tilted her head puzzled. It seems like I was over-thinking it.

"Uh, it's nothing. Yes."

She returned her head to original position and opened her mouth.

"...I have a request for Onii-chan."

After putting the PDA with its screen downwards on top of the table, Selene fell down dramatically on the sofa and continued with just her face turned towards me.

"...there's some goods I want no matter what and need to mail order."

"And that is?"

"...a girl's secret."

So she doesn't want to tell me what is it.

"Umm, since it's a mail order... it's going to be delivered to your room right?"

"...I have made the recipient Onii-chan and specified his room for address. It'll arrive tomorrow. However... I carelessly forgot to specify the time."

"So, we don't know when will it arrive tomorrow."


"Then, is there any problem with its reception?"

Although it's not like a special ability, but I wonder what's going on with Selene, who's really good at spending the entire day in the room.

"...actually, it had become so that I have to go outside no matter what."

"Go outside?! Eh, uhh.. that's great, Selene!"

I got suddenly surprised, I need to congratulate her with progress.

"...it's no big deal."

She puffed up her chest while still lying down. Just a bit boastful.

Recently, Selene was quite active. After going to Akihabara, she started going outside more and more.

Cheering her on here, is the Onii-chan's job.

"All right. Leave the package to me."

"...is it really okay?"

"You want to receive that package tomorrow no matter what, right?"

She nodded twice.

"I'll receive it instead of you."

It's addressed to me, there shouldn't be any problem.

"...thank you very much."

"By the way, is it really okay for you to go out alone?"

"...no problem."

If I doubt her too much, it'll feel like I'm not trusting Selene, let's not ask any more.

When I stood up from my crouching posture, Yuuki and Mika who finished cleaning had stood together side by side. Were they watching at my and Selene's conversation?

Yuuki spoke.

"Nii-san, are you house-sitting tomorrow?"

"Yeah. I'll be home all day."

Mika made a small jump on spot.

"You see! Mii-chan, tomorrow! Is going together with Maple and Yuuki-neechama on a date!"

"Date huh... ah, no, um... take care then."

Even if I limit my over-protectiveness, if it's with Yuuki, Mika will be safe. Yuuki laughed shyly.

"We aren't going that far, we'll be back before dinner."

"Where are you going?"

Mika raised both her hands.

"Department store!"

She said the whole, long and tongue-twisting name without any pronunciation. How astounding... time after time I'm thinking Mika is really free.

"Umm, Nii-san. Even though we said date, it's just some shopping."

Troubled, Yuuki lowered her eyebrows. I think it'll be all right, but let's say this once.

"Make sure not to get lost."

"It's okay, Nii-san. I have a child (児童 Jidou) tracking system built in."

"Automatic (自動) tracking? What does it automatically track?"

"That's wrong. Not, automatic, but child. It's an ability to trace elementary school and younger children. And my tracking finger right now is aiming for Mika-chan's... side!"

Yuuki circled around Mika, crouched and started tickling her.



At first Mika screamed, but then let out a happy squeals, before I realized the two in front of me started having fun together. What the on earth is this situation.

"Tomuh tishling, Mii-shan's dyiinggh."

When Mika could no longer articulate, Yuuki released her from tickling grasp, stood up and exchanged stares with me.

"And so, tomorrow we won't be able to accompany Nii-san. Sorry."

"Don't treat me like a small animal that would die of loneliness."

Hand in hand, the two had gone to put away the vacuum cleaner.

So, the ones remaining... are Tomomi and Sayuri, huh. A storm might be actually coming.

The two put on a façade when the other little sisters are here. If their nature gets exposed... it might be quite stormy.

And while I worried about that, Sayuri brought me a cup of tea on a tray.

"Onii-sama, I prepared tea."

"Thanks, I'll have some."

I resat myself on the sofa and took the teacup in my hand. Holding the tray against her chest, Sayuri spoke.

"Um, Onii-sama, about tomorrow..."

"Can it be that you plan to go out as well?"

"How do you know?"

Sayuri opened her eyes wide from surprise. So, alone with Tomomi? Judging from Sayuri's personality, I don't think she'll allow it...

And then, carrying a heap of finished laundry in a basket, Tomomi entered the living room.

"Heey, Selene! Washing's complete, please teach me how to dry it."


Selene slowly raised her body from the sofa. Continuing, Tomomi spoke to me.

"Also, Nii-chan! About tomorrow, I'll be going out so I leave house-sitting to you."

"So you're going out too, Tomomi?"

"Eh? 'too', means someone else is going out as well?"

"That'd be everyone except for me."

"Hee. So such coincidences do happen."

Tomomi spoke kind of awkwardly, her line of sight avoided me... or that's the feeling I had. I'm probably over-thinking it.

Sayuri made a broad smile.

"Then, how about Onii-sama goes together with me?"

In a split second, Tomomi screamed.

"W-wha, H-HEYYY! T-then let's have a match over Nii-chan!"

You're panicking too much, Tomomi. I spoke to the both of them.

"Tomorrow instead of Selene I'm going to receive a package, I promised her that just now. I'm not going out."

Sayuri smiled again.

"Is that so, that's unfortunate."

Like that, she turned towards Tomomi and Selene.

"Well, Selene-san and Tomomi-san, please continue with the laundry."


"S-sure! A-, aa-ah. So Nii-chan's alone tomorrow."

Pulling Selene, Tomomi headed towards the veranda. Sayuri retracted to the kitchen as well.

Everyone is going out tomorrow, huh.

Even though it was Selene's request, waiting for a package that god knows when will come will be boring.

Eh? Strange. A while ago I would have thought "I can finally calm down and study alone!" and was happy about it.

Yeah, surely... it'll be lonely.

Also, this anxiety, or maybe dissatisfaction...

Not knowing when, or what'll happen, I'll have to spend time alone tomorrow.

I'd never think of restraining my little sisters, but possibly, it could be the last Sunday. When I thought so, it seemed a waste not to spend it together.

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  1. Abatis Treefall

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    Mika admiredi Sayuri
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    And the package contains... another little sister?

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    I said beside her without anything to do... as I sat down with Maple not allowed to do anything, ...
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