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【What will you】General Discussion Thread 44【do today?】
1. Adventurer on a Break
This is the general discussion thread.
Let’s write whatever you like.
However, do follow the basic rules or the management will fly over.
No, seriously. At worst the entire thread will disappear, so don’t.
Next Thread: http://**********

>>980 Please make the next thread.


425. Adventurer on a Break
The dungeon sure is useful, isn’t it?

456. Adventurer on a Break
You can choose from all areas (Rabbit, Wolf), North’s enemies, East’s enemies, West’s enemies, and South’s enemies.
You can choose any weather from between Morning, Night, Morning(rain) and Night(rain).
These maps are miniaturized actual maps?
That’s basically it, got it?

457. Adventurer on a Break
Got it. By the way, if you form a party for one you get bonus experience. Most likely it’s for saving on expenses.

458. Adventurer on a Break
Even with an experience bonus, just like they said - the first batch has nothing to look for around the Starting Town already.

459. Adventurer on a Break
>>458 I hear that the cooks are using it though?

460. Adventurer on a Break
>>459 By cooking you mean, meat, huh.

461. Adventurer on a Break
>>460 It’s narrow and there aren't any people there, so it’s easy to gather.

462. Adventurer on a Break
>>461 Certainly, both the surroundings and Eastern forest parts, huh.

463. Adventurer on a Break
【Flash News】Princess replenished her consignment.

464. Adventurer on a Break
>>463 SERIOUSLY?! Going to buyyy!

465. Adventurer on a Break
Also, the prices are strange.

466. Adventurer on a Break
...It’s kinda expensive??

467. Adventurer on a Break
Certainly, it costs about twice… ah? AHH? I see! Buyii~ng.

468. Adventurer on a Break
I see, understood. Buying~.

469. Adventurer on a Break
Did something happen to Princess?

470. Adventurer on a Break
>>469 Ain’t that her «Cooking» going up?

471. Adventurer on a Break
Took a look at the cooking board. Seems to be an effect of【Magical Expert】Art.

472. Adventurer on a Break
Huh? Princess even sells arrows… probably from feathers that are a by-product of chicken meat… o’ pitiful Tokkeis.

473. Adventurer on a Break
>>472 In Princess’ case, it must be «Alchemy» huh. It’s pretty good, but it doesn’t seem like she’ll get any good profit at this price.

474. Adventurer on a Break
>>473 She used it for leveling «Alchemy» up, didn’t she? Princess doesn’t use arrows.

475. Adventurer on a Break
Heck, you guys, aren’t you too fast finding those?

476. Adventurer on a Break
>>475 Can it be that you don’t know the favorite setting?

477. Adventurer on a Break
>>476 Wait, I don’t. What’s that?

478. Adventurer on a Break
>>477 Heh, for now try searching for “Anastasia" instead of “Princess" in the search on upper right. Not the item name but the seller.

479. Adventurer on a Break
>>478 Found her.

480. Adventurer on a Break
>>479 Now by tapping on the name you can see the information. You know what to do from there.

481. Adventurer on a Break
>>480 So there was a function like this… Thanks~.

482. Adventurer on a Break
A function like this existed...

483. Adventurer on a Break
Hee, ain’t this convenient.

484. Adventurer on a Break
S-sure. Looks like it’s not as known as I thought. This function was in game before the update, y’know.

485. Adventurer on a Break
Seriously? I didn’t notice. So when you favorite someone you immediately get to see what’s new, and the person’s sales will be highlighted.

486. Adventurer on a Break
This Satiety number is splendid. It goes down really fast during combat.

487. Adventurer on a Break
It doesn’t go down too fast if you just talk, but it seems to be different when you take action.

488. Adventurer on a Break
Price-wise I feel like it’s aimed at the first batch, but thinking of the amount of Satiety, it’s kind of cheap?

489. Adventurer on a Break
When I look at the Satiety amounts… the things that take time to eat seem cheaper?

490. Adventurer on a Break
Preserved foods, normal cuisine, and【Set Menu】seem to have a difference in Satiety increase…? She wrote it still required verification, so there’s still too few attempts to say for sure.

491. Adventurer on a Break
This Onion Gratin Soup is tasty as f… It was expensive since it had a buff included, though… When I finish eating, let’s go hunt some.

492. Adventurer on a Break
WAIT, was there something like that?

493. Adventurer on a Break
Just six of them, and despite costing 11k they disappeared instantly.

494. Adventurer on a Break
That’s hella expensive!

495. Adventurer on a Break
Satiety was at 85, and it had 5% AGi for 5 hours. I was really low on Satiety so it was perfect. Above all, it’s tasty. Feels like you’re eating in a restaurant.

496. Adventurer on a Break
I managed to buy one, but I will eat it a little later...

497. Adventurer on a Break
It’s great! Look forward to it.


528. Adventurer on a Break
Hey, the way opens up before Princess, what is that?

529. Adventurer on a Break
Oh, that. I’m curious but got no clue.

530. Adventurer on a Break
I don’t get it, but it seems like the second batch is opening the way for her?

531. Adventurer on a Break
When Princess’ there, it’s easy to walk behind her.

532. Adventurer on a Break
^A stalker?

533. Adventurer on a Break
I’M NOT DAMMIT! As if there was a stalker who stalks someone by walking right behind them!

534. Adventurer on a Break
^I feel you. It’s really easy to move around when you use that path. I don’t get why do they open it up though.

535. Adventurer on a Break
Well, Princess is famous, isn’t she? Isn’t that why they open way for her?

536. Adventurer on a Break
She’s pretty, she’s in a dress?

537. Adventurer on a Break
It’s like, on the level where you hesitate to do a handshake with her? Like, a flower on a high peak?

538. Adventurer on a Break
Princess is super friendly though.

539. Adventurer on a Break
And has some sloppy parts to herself, like when she cuts meat with a rapier.

540. Primula
Apparently it’s really sharp, that rapier.

541. Salute
When Princess cooks, that sloppiness appears because she’s so used to it. You could say her movements are optimized? That simultaneous advancement is impossible unless you are used to it...

542. Adventurer on a Break
Simultaneous cooking gets harder and harder as the number of dishes increases, after all!

543. Adventurer on a Break
Speaking of which, during the tournament she made bread from dough, soup and sausages all at once, didn’t she?

544. Salute
I’m thinking that Princess’ parallel processing ability is really high, but who knows? Mm, break time is over.

545. Primula
>>544 I’m on summer break!

546. Salute
>>545 DAMMIT!

547. Adventurer on a Break
>>545 Do your best with homework!

548. Primula
>>547 Did some in the morning! I tried it out in game!

549. Adventurer on a Break
>>548 Oh, that new function, huh? How is it?

550. Primula
>>549 When you select the homework file, it materializes together with a pen! I thought that’s how it must feel to do homework in a cafe!

551. Adventurer on a Break
>>550 Ahh, I see. If you don’t know something you can always ask some older folks around you.

552. Adventurer on a Break
I don’t think I would teach anyone anything.

553. Adventurer on a Break

554. Adventurer on a Break
How far are you now, Primula-chan?

555. Adventurer on a Break
I don’t even remember what I did though.

556. Primula
Simultaneous equations! Primary functions! Reaction formulas!

557. Adventurer on a Break
Ahh, there was something like that! Periodic table, wasn’t it? Need to memorize that one!

558. Adventurer on a Break
There was this song… the one for memorizing the periodic table, where did it go…?

559. Adventurer on a Break
^How nostalgic! Your song is gone in the abyss of time!

560. Adventurer on a Break
No wayy!

561. Adventurer on a Break

562. Adventurer on a Break
There is no mercy.

563. Adventurer on a Break
Well, about that song, it starts with something about water and oxygen, but all I remember is the H at the beginning.

564. Adventurer on a Break
Obviously you’ll at least remember the H^^^^... -kind of thing?

565. Adventurer on a Break
In my case the song ends at the Oxygen’s O.

566. Adventurer on a Break

567. Adventurer on a Break
Well, let’s leave the students to do their best with homework. How are guilds?

568. Adventurer on a Break
From famous folks, it’s confirmed that Cecil, Kotatsu, Ruzebarm and Musasabi made their own guilds.

569. Adventurer on a Break
So they’re finally here.

570. Adventurer on a Break
Cecil: Order of the Dawn
Kotatsu: Great Wan-Nyan Empire
Ruzebarm: Kemoner Army
Musasabi: NINJA
Is what they’re called.

571. Adventurer on a Break
I can only lol @NINJA, but certainly they are more NINJA than ninja.

572. Adventurer on a Break
>>571 Iiiyah!!

573. Adventurer on a Break
>>572 GUWAHH!

574. Adventurer on a Break
Aren’t Kotatsu-san’s and Ruzebarm-san’s places overlapping?

575. Adventurer on a Break
>>574 Nah, see, they’re different.

576. Adventurer on a Break
>>574 What, are you second batch? There are heavy differences here.

577. Adventurer on a Break
>>574 The people who only like small fluffy stuff… uh, like dogs and cats? Are gathering in Kotatsu-san’s Great Wan-Nyan Empire. They’re the folks who like light fluff, like cat ears and such.

578. Adventurer on a Break
>>574 And the folks who like heavy fluff… the very “raw” animals - kemoners - go to Ruzebarm’s Kemoner Army. Cat ears? I need my beastman to have at least a cat face… is the type of folks who go there.

579. Adventurer on a Break
>>575-578 I see… I guess you need to split people by their fetishes or it’ll turn into war!

580. Adventurer on a Break
>>579 EXACTLY!

581. Adventurer on a Break
>>579 Wherever you go, you first need to go through an interview. With that it’s decided which guild you are going to.

582. Adventurer on a Break
>>581 Habitat isolation is a good thing!

583. Adventurer on a Break
NINJA is well… I need no explanation, what about the Order?

584. Adventurer on a Break
>>583 They are a top guild so they’re pretty strict. But not about requirement or playstyle, but regards to personality.

585. Adventurer on a Break
>>584 It is an online game after all. It’s only natural you would go there.

586. Adventurer on a Break
>>585 Well, no one wants their place to become uncomfortable. But as long as you clear the interview, they don’t mind even the second batch, y’know?

587. Adventurer on a Break
>>586 But they are recruiting progression players, no?

588. Adventurer on a Break
>>587 They do. But to put it simply, they only look for people with good personality and motivation. Top Players(hah) and Vanguard(kek) are no good. Still, they do prioritize real life, so don’t worry. They aren’t a guild for gaming maniacs.

589. Adventurer on a Break
>>588 But if you get in, prepare yourself to carry a name of a super famous guild...

590. Adventurer on a Break
>>589 Well, that’s pretty much it.

591. Adventurer on a Break
What about ol’ man Ertz? Will he make something like a crafting guild?

592. Adventurer on a Break
I wonder about that? Though it’s certainly better to put up an alliance between guilds, so he probably will make one.

593. Adventurer on a Break
>>592 What does alliance do?

594. Adventurer on a Break
>>593 I don’t know that much!

595. Cecil
Looks like guild alliances can share guild quests and or place orders from each other.
For example, if we allied with Ertz-san’s guild, we will be able to order things from them.
According to help, if they buy the materials that are required for the order from us, their objective is fulfilled. Otherwise they would need to prepare the materials by themselves.
Which is why the order is...
        1. You make a list of things you want to be made and the desired time it should be delivered.
        2. The desired price and time of delivery comes from the other side.
        3. You repeat this several times until your terms are settled.
        4. When the materials are prepared, they are bought by the other side at the price previously set and go to them.
        5. When the other side prepares the items, they are bought by this side for the previously set price, completing the exchange.
Like this, which is pretty useful.

596. Adventurer on a Break
>>595 Oh, it’s Cecil-san. Looks useful, doesn’t it?

597. Cecil
>>596 Looks like a system we will use quite a bit.
However, the management also wrote this “the delivery time is dependent on the distance between the bases”.
There was an option in the guild house expansion that allowed for faster delivery.

598. Adventurer on a Break
>>597 Yup...yup? Ah, (realizes)

599. Cecil
>>598 For guild alliances… especially ones with crafting guilds, you need to have a base nearby or you’ll have trouble.



【Places you passed by】General Progression Thread 34【become a road.】
1. A Passing-by Vanguard
This is the general progression thread.
Let’s write about progression here.
Previous Thread: http://**********

>>980 Please make the next thread.


692. A Passing-by Vanguard
How is the third area going?

693. A Passing-by Vanguard
So-so I guess…

694. A Passing-by Vanguard
Still got ways to go, it seems.

695. A Passing-by Vanguard
But you know, if you use the established route to the next town, looks like it will work.

696. A Passing-by Vanguard
By established route, you mean going by the road?

697. A Passing-by Vanguard
Yeah. This game has carriages, right? The merchants are traveling on this route. In other words, it’s relatively safe and enemies aren’t that strong.

698. A Passing-by Vanguard
Conversely speaking, if you get off the established route, enemies get much stronger.

699. A Passing-by Vanguard
So, the roads are super stable?

700. A Passing-by Vanguard
Looks like it.

701. A Passing-by Vanguard
It’s best to ask about routes in the adventurers’ or merchant’ union.

702. A Passing-by Vanguard
What are the worst places to go to now?

703. A Passing-by Vanguard
At this point, it would be the Undead area in the North of Belstead and the sea.

704. A Passing-by Vanguard
Right? The Undead area in the North is nasty, but the sea is especially nasty.

705. A Passing-by Vanguard
By sea you mean, that? The thing where you buy a ship to slowly progress forward to see hell.

706. A Passing-by Vanguard
You die, you lose ship, it’s the worst. And it costs quite a bit, that ship.

707. A Passing-by Vanguard
Ya see, humans can’t fight in the sea… Undead? You can at least fight them.

708. A Passing-by Vanguard
It’s one thing if you die on top of the sea. But it’s the worst if you get pulled into the water, tanks sink immediately.

709. A Passing-by Vanguard
Drowning experience. With that said, they didn’t reproduce it completely though.

710. A Passing-by Vanguard
It’s not like it would be fun for anyone. I was relieved because it’s something this company would do.

711. A Passing-by Vanguard
Wat happens?

712. A Passing-by Vanguard
Even on land, when you stop breathing an oxygen bar appears and when it disappears, your HP start decreasing until you die.

713. A Passing-by Vanguard
...You serious. It does appear for real.

714. A Passing-by Vanguard
So it’s possible to stop breathing on land, unlike in other games.

715. A Passing-by Vanguard
Any snipers?

716. A Passing-by Vanguard
^You mean breathing stop during ADS1Aim Down Sight, google for explanation since I can’t be bothered., right.

717. A Passing-by Vanguard
I get you, but that’s not it.

718. A Passing-by Vanguard
Are there no guns in this game?

719. A Passing-by Vanguard
Would you bring in guns to a world of sword and bow and magic?

720. A Passing-by Vanguard
But there’s the Machinery race.

721. A Passing-by Vanguard
^That. Feels like we’ll get guns eventually, I have no complaints as long as they are balanced.

722. A Passing-by Vanguard
Let’s put guns aside. Recently, or rather, ever since the update, aren’t there more merchants around?

723. A Passing-by Vanguard
Aa-yeah, you can see them travel down the road with resident escorts.

724. A Passing-by Vanguard
It’s gotten more real~. Is it actually because we opened up NWSE routes?

725. A Passing-by Vanguard
I did escort requests during the event that ended yesterday, but normally you can only take them at rank C or higher, was it?

726. A Passing-by Vanguard
Yeah, they are C+. A shame because the rewards were pretty sweet.

727. A Passing-by Vanguard
It’s because it does take quite some time, that quest. When I asked why it has to be C, what came back was a sound argument that an escort needs a proof of trustworthiness and level of strength. Makes sense.

728. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>727 It does make sense.
Looks like the established routes are all the same, but aren’t all the side areas pretty nasty?

729. A Passing-by Vanguard
It’s because they’re nasty that there are no people living there. It’s the land of monsters.

730. A Passing-by Vanguard
I guess we’ll eventually get to go to the places beyond the established routes.

731. A Passing-by Vanguard
To have an adventure, you need to move away from the road!

732. A Passing-by Vanguard
^Except for the sea.

733. A Passing-by Vanguard
Let’s have Nixies do their best?

734. A Passing-by Vanguard
The water Fey, huh? I guess Nixies should be the strongest in water, it must be harsh to fight in water.

735. A Passing-by Vanguard
Well, they must have some kind of skill for that, like underwater breathing.

736. A Passing-by Vanguard
Please remove the limits on movements~. It’s so hard to move that it’s hard to fight at all...

737. A Passing-by Vanguard
For now, we first need to go to each town to unlock the portals~.

738. A Passing-by Vanguard
About how not only we don’t know the names of the capitals, but even the country names.

739. A Passing-by Vanguard
Yeah, don’t know anything either. Will Residents tell us if we ask?

740. A Passing-by Vanguard
Even commoners should know the name of the country they live in… they do, right?

741. A Passing-by Vanguard
It would be nice if that was the case.

742. A Passing-by Vanguard
By the way, about how the area maps are now numbered.

743. A Passing-by Vanguard
And about how according to those numbers, the Undead area is a second tier area.

744. A Passing-by Vanguard

745. A Passing-by Vanguard
Ain’t that place the highest level dammit!

746. A Passing-by Vanguard
Mobs there are 35+ aren’t they. Considering it has mobs on the level of the third area, there must be something there.

747. A Passing-by Vanguard
Go take a closer look.

748. A Passing-by Vanguard
I refuse.



【I Feel Good Today Too】Crafting - Cooking Thread 12【My Wife’s Food is Tasty】
1. Nameless Cook
This is the thread for Cooking crafting.
Talk about things related to cooking here, for other stuff go elsewhere.
Previous Thread; http://**********
General Crafting Discussion: http://**********

There is both【Knowledge of Boiling】and【Knowledge of Stewing】.
Don’t food-terrorize!

>>980 Take care of the next thread!


462. Nameless Cook
I kinda want【Tableware】and【Magical Expert】ASAP?

463. Nameless Cook

464. Anastasia
Did Jerkies start getting buff effects since the update?

465. Nameless Cook
Oh, for you too? There wasn’t any until now, was there?

466. Nameless Cook
I also got a strange recovery increase here.

467. Nameless Cook
It’s not too bad y’know? Apparently you get more heals when you get healed or use potions.

468. Nameless Cook
For now, to sum up the information everyone had provided.
STR: Meat Boiling
DEX: ?? Frying
VIT: Grains ??
AGI: Vegetables ??
INT: ?? ??
SPI: ?? Stewing
Recovery Increase: Preserved Foods?
Is what it seems.

469. Nameless Cook
There’s still plenty we don’t know. Stir-frying, steaming and roasting are the unknown? It’s safe to say that the recovery increase effect comes from smoking? Or maybe preserved foods are special?

470. Nameless Cook
Looks like it’s mainly the main ingredient used for food, as well as the cooking method that affect the buff...

471. Anastasia
Certainly, fish will probably take the place of one of these, but I haven’t touched on it yet. And what is left, is the fruit desserts?

472. Nameless Cook
Ah, wait a moment. Speaking of which I had a note from when I made meunière​...

473. Nameless Cook
By meunière, you mean you made fried fish?

474. Nameless Cook
Yeah, that’s right. It was INT and DEX.

475. Nameless Cook
If DEX came from frying, then it’s safe to assume fish give INT.

476. Nameless Cook
Then let’s put it in INT’s place and leave it be for now. By the way, I haven’t seen fruits anywhere...

477. Nameless Cook
Maybe they grow somewhere beyond the established routes?

478. Nameless Cook
There are raisins in the East, so I think there should be grapes somewhere near.

479. Anastasia
Speaking of which, when gathering I only looked below and did not check what’s above.

480. Nameless Cook
In the Eastern forest… ya can gather chestnuts, ye know?

481. Anastasia
I didn’t notice...

482. Nameless Cook
You can gather Castanea wood in the East. And it’s a chestnut tree. They don’t fall down, but if you look up, you can see them growing.

483. Nameless Cook
Let’s look up as we walk?

484. Anastasia
I will do so. I was only gathering herbs and mushrooms so far.

485. Nameless Cook
Well, you do have Alchemy.



【What Is That Person】Famous Players 13【Doing Now?】
1. Nameless Paparazzi
This is a thread for talking about famous players.
Who is the player you are so curious about?
Finally the second batch is here! Is there anyone who will become famous among them?
Previous Thread: http://**********

>>980 Take care of the next thread!


42. Nameless Paparazzi
Gonna do a summary of famous first batch players. Omitting honorifics.
Cecil, a handsome with two swords. Winner up of the combat tournament individuals. Guild master of Order of the Dawn.
Anastasia a.k.a. Princess. The person in gray dress from the official trailer. Nickname comes from her race.
Akirina a.k.a. Rina, Imouto-chan. Runner up of the combat tournament individuals. Princess’ real little sister.
Alfreet a.k.a. Alf. Came in best 8 during the tournament. Is now a Dullahan so he’s headless.
Honehone a.k.a. Ske-san. Usually parties with Alf, sometimes Princess joins them. Also Inhuman.
Kotatsu, guild master of Great Wan-Nyan Empire. Levels throwing.
Ruzebarm, guild master of the Kemoner Army. Is called Mr. Bear because he looks like a bear walking on two legs.
Musasabi, NINJA’s guild master. AIEEEeeEeEEe?!! Seems like a joke character, but is actually strong.
Mead, an Elf woman. Top level with bow.
Daruma-otoshi, musclebrain with two-handed hammer. The person inside is pretty normal.
Fairellen, probably top of the Fey-types. A Fairy.
Cupid, the discoverer of the Angel race, provider of information.
Clementia, probably the only plant player in the game. Just as rare as Princess.
Ertz, top smith. Dwarf
Primula, top woodcrafter. Rabbit beastwoman.
Dantel, top tailor. Human.
Salute, top potion maker. Human.
Nephrite, top accessory crafter. Machinery.
Steiner, leader of the top farmers. Always has a party of about six.
Shirabesuki, the pervert from the verification team. I’m complimenting you, you know? The summarized information is pretty handy.

43. Nameless Paparazzi
^Shirabesuki-san’s treatment.

44. Nameless Paparazzi
>>43 He plays along pretty easily, that person…

45. Nameless Paparazzi
I laughed at how a way opened before Princess, does the same happen for other top players?

46. Nameless Paparazzi
>>45 Seems like there’s an open space around Cecil-san.

47. Nameless Paparazzi
Looks like Inhumans are gathering attention. The first batch already got used to them though.

48. Nameless Paparazzi
What about the second batch? I look forward to them.

49. Nameless Paparazzi
Yeah. There are 40k more people, someone will find their way here.

50. Nameless Paparazzi
Let’s take our time watching them.


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  1. Amor

    Nooo! I caught up!

    Thank you for the chapter, this has been an interesting story to read.

    I'd like to see the Fay try leveling up some of the new magics, like Space-time, Ice, Storm, Enchant, etc., just to see them evolve into strange Extra Races.

  2. Evil God Qwertyuiop

    I wonder if Anastasia will make a guild too or will join one... I'm looking forward to the name of her guild if she ever became a part of one

  3. Death Fairy

    Thanks for the Paparazzi!

    531. Adventurer on a Break
    When Princess’ there, it’s easy to walk behind her.
    - I see you're man of efficiency as well

      1. krytyk Post author

        It's a must have when we have coronavirus. Still better than breathing through masks.

  4. ReikoLupus

    There is something that has been bugging me...
    How does the company behind this game make money?
    They have too few players, and they don't sell microtransactions that we could see.
    And taht game must have costed a fortune to make...

    I have the theory that they are getting all the money with Add Revenue.
    You know, being the only game like that in the world, and with the gameplay they show being basically movies, and with so many people paying attention of how things go and when another batch of players will be left in...
    I bet they are using all that to get ad revenue money!

    But I'll like to hear what others think about this.

    1. krytyk Post author

      Selling the technology, and they have enormous backing of various huge companies. Just having the technology is profit because they can license it for others to use, just like it's been mentioned how the movie-making company wants to use it to make movies.

      The game itself is based, apparently, on the initial game sales + non-invasive microtransactions + crowdfunding, yes they do take donations. There's a conversation regarding to this in latter BBS chapter (probably 6th?).

    2. Watson

      In the chapter 22, it's mentionned that for additionnal registered recipe, it's walled behind microtransaction, 1000 yen for 100 slots. And each crafting has 100 slots by default. I suppose that additionnal character slot is paywalled too (don't know how many you have by default), that type of thing. Oh, and the premium character creation that was in the start-dash campaign code in the prologue. Princess get one, but for other additionnal character or for the second batch you need to pay for it for sure.

    3. cryum

      Item slots are serious business in this game. Not just inventory, but recipe, character, and probably loadouts for quickswapping skills in the future.

      The hardware's not cheap. They probably don't get much profit from it, but it pays for the development cost which will make the technology cheaper for other purposes. A worthwhile investment.

      It also looks like there's less total content than you would expect from a launch-ready MMO. The areas and lore are in place, but the festival events look like they just barely finished the streaming tech and set up whatever for the actual location.

    4. Shadowless

      The game is going to make revenue from companies wanting to join the game, show off their wares in game, sell wares in game, and maybe also use their ai system for movies and stuff. Clearly the movies made from flfo will be make outside of flfo in a similar program made by the company so... The game is an advertisement for all the goods and services they offer as a company. That's already by hinted at by Anastasia's parents job...

  5. Watson

    Thank for the chapter !
    The dungeon seem to a neat thing to have, for simply bashing mob solo or this friend without care for other.
    I like how the first bash are not really sure about the open path for Princess and use it anyway when it happen.
    Guild... Guild... Not really sure about why that always talk about a crafting guild. Well, I suppose the alliance thing is helpfull and that the top crafter are always together anyway. Oh, is the Princess join or create a guild ? With Imouto or the Immortal-Gang ? Not like Guild forces to stop solo play afterall.
    And good Paparazzi, for giving convenient list and description of the characters. It's helpfull.

    1. flannan

      In a MMORPG I'm playing, you can join multiple guilds. So I ended up in 3:
      a trading guild, because it's necessary to sell stuff to players.
      a housekeeping guild, where there were plenty of fellow crafters
      and a "social" guild where there are low-tension raids and overall ability to ask for help.
      I think this system is pretty nice.

      Anyway, that housekeeping guild is the closest to a crafting guild I've seen, and it's pretty useful - the guild trader is always full of recipes, and you can ask another crafter to craft you something you don't have recipe for.
      I imagine a full-time crafting guild will also have a thriving market for materials. And in a VRMMO, it must have a lot of information sharing on the ways crafting can be done.


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