07 Starting Town

Before I contact Akina, let’s first leave the Catacombs. I don’t even know where this place is located...

In haste head to the entrance of the Catacombs.


It’s the suuuun!

And time-wise it’s sunrise, too. I was in the Catacombs all this time so I did not explain about time. If the time in game was linked with real life time, most of the working players would be only able to play at night - feeling that to be a sad experience, they set it that four days in game equal one day in real life. Meaning, that one day passes in game for every six hours in real life.

The current time is a little past 6 p.m. which is the morning. This means that the adults who play past midnight, will get to play in the game’s morning.



When I leave the catacombs and look at the minimap… there is a straight line drawn on it. I check the area map, and apparently it’s navigating me to the nearest town. This is helpful. Looks like I won’t be getting lost.

It is written on the map that it’s the Starting Town, so all of the human races must start there. There is some distance to it...

Well, I have no choice but go.



I look again at my clothes in sunlight, and they have really strange coloring… Although the base were black and white colors with accents, just like equipment’s name suggested, its color was faded. Almost all of it was gray. It feels kind of sad...


Members of dark clan sure have high exposure.

Well, I can tell what the image they aimed for, but it’s another thing to wear something like this. This dress isn’t shameless, it could be called sexy... let’s just say this here.

...It’s strong you know.


This might be a game, but being able to wear a dress is making me kind of happy. I don’t have a chance to wear one in real.

The problem is that even though I’m not doing anything, it feels like tawawas would spill, so I’m worried they really will if I move. There might be no problem since it’s a game… but I’m still worried. I think that management, or rather, the person who designed this dress; did not take this size into account…?



While thinking of such things, I suddenly fall over and receive a window allowing me to select whether I wait for revival or return to the starting point… I fail to comprehend. I didn’t do any combat at all?

For now, let’s return to my base.


It’s the familiar ceiling… I’m back, Catacombs.

Dammit… what is going on? My limb…’s are fine. Safe.


I look at the log, and… there are several messages about «Automatic HP Recovery» leveling up.

What now?




My, this is embarrassing. Careless me.

I must have dried up from mr. Sun’s continuous damage. If I received normal damage, there wouldn’t be that many automatic recovery log entries… I completely forgot that unless recovery from «Automatic HP Recovery» outheals the damage from mr. Sun, I can’t go and walk around outside during the day.

But on the contrary, I can level up my automatic recovery just by basking in the sun. Maybe I should have done this before the rebuild to earn points?


Well, the biggest reason for the failure this time was the fact that I kept pain completely cut off. While Undead’s “pain” is a little different from that of a human, but without it you won’t notice anything.

I’ll return the setting to default.


Oh? There’s a new option… so there are things like this, too.



Motion Assist: Royalty...ON, OFF.

※Your demeanor will become like those of a prince or a princess. You will receive assistance when standing or walking, and receive exclusive motions for some【Arts】. You will receive fairly big adjustment to motion, so please be careful.



Hee… sounds interesting. I can only think that it was added because my race became a princess type. ...This race is definitely a result of someone getting carried away, isn’t it? Well, it sounds interesting so let’s set it ON.


When I set the option as ON, my standing posture changed slightly. Mainly my legs’ position. My right leg moved slightly backwards, behind my left leg.

Also, my back straightened, I puffed my chest and stood boldly. Since I was already being careful with my posture, the difference isn’t all that big.


But certainly, this is quite powerful motion assist… If you have it enabled, you need to keep it enabled right from the start to get used to it. It isn’t an option that you can enable on the day’s mood. It must be an option for roleplayers, but let’s enable it. I’m already wearing a dress, so it will fit me better that way.


Still, isn’t there a notifications setting? It’s hard to tell when my Skill levels go up, and new Skills I unlock are just a small notice in the log, making it hard to tell...


Nnnnn…...nhm? There is.

Umm… it’s possible to set the notification for each Skill, set per how many levels you want to be notified, add a sound setting...

Arts are added usually every five levels, so I set no notifications for Skills without them. For Skills with Arts I set for every five levels and set a sound that isn’t used anywhere else. While at it I checked all other notification settings. Evolution and level up notifications were already set from the start.

This should do.


Speaking of which, when I evolved this time my level was reverted to level 1. I need to hunt some Zombies and raise my level, or I won’t be able to play in party with Akina, will I? Is there a down-leveling in party in this game?

Well, alright. Let’s get to more or less the same level. Level 1 looks sad, and let’s check my equipment while at it.



Zombie Lv8
A rotten corpse. Attacks whoever appears before them.
Element: Dark   Weakness: Light / Holy / Fire   Resistance: Dark / Physical
Genus: Undead   Family: Zombie
State: Normal



It appears that the amount of information increased a lot thanks to «Discern».

Is «Uncover» working…? Is its level too low? I can’t see anything on Zombie-chan that would look like it. Or maybe Immortals have no weakness…?


Well, let’s try slashing him.




...It took one hit. When I swung sideways as if to cut his head off, he turned into particles of light with a single hit.

I can’t feel any motion assist during combat. Which actually feels a little lonely...


Well, let’s try going to the second floor.

High Zombies… looks like they don’t die in one hit. But it took just four hits.


...Let’s go pick a fight with Living Dead on the third floor. I have yet to fight one. I really haven’t, you know? I was one-punched, can’t call that a combat can we. And after I reached 20 and evolved, I did not bother with any.


I move behind the lowest level Living Dead and slashed at his neck as strong as I can. With that about 20% of his HP was erased, and before he turned around I slashed diagonally from the upper right. He swung at me as he turned around so I tried guarding with the sword, but I almost lost balance. And as expected, damage got through to me. I started repeating stabs at the Living Dead coming at me. It’s a rapier after all, its stabs work better than slashes.

It takes about 10% with each stab? The first attack took 20%, which included a surprise attack bonus.



〈Your Race Level has increased.〉



Living Dead are Lv27~29. Isn’t being able to beat them pretty sweet?

The damage that goes past the【Guard】is no joke, but I should somehow manage since I have automatic recovery. They are non-active so at worst, I can always take a break.

My STR and AGI are horrendous, but Magic Attack Power and Defense are on my side. This is the power of High Immortal and equipment… It’s certainly sweet exp, but my level is clearly going up slower than before.

But well, it can’t be helped.


Still, whenever I use【Guard】, an effect that looks like a membrane of light appears - which is kind of cool. Let’s ignore the fact it’s a very dull light.

I wonder if it’s an effect related to the fact my weapon has “protection" in the name?



[Ingredient] Poison Meat Rarity: No Quality: C
It’s meat, but one with poison in it.
It can be used to make a trap.


It’s trash… is what I can’t say for certain, but I won’t use it, so it’s trash.

Now, if I’m not wrong, Akina said she was about level 10. Let’s raise my level to about the same.



〈«Sword» reached level 5.〉

〈«Sword»’s Art【Slash】was acquired.〉

〈«Defense» reached level 5.〉

〈«Defense»’s【Arrow Guard】was acquired.〉

〈«Parry» reached level 5.〉

〈«Parry»’s Art【Arrow Parry】was acquired.〉



The fact they are initial Skills and the high level of enemy must have made them easy to raise? Although there was a small difference in timing, the defensive Skills came all at once. I’m grateful for the fact that «Armor» also goes up when I receive attacks with my sword. Receiving attacks itself must be the requirement.


And I got arts.

【Slash】is… simply a strong slash technique.

【Arrow Guard】a technique for blocking non-magical ranged attacks. Decreases damage taken.

【Arrow Parry】a technique for deflecting non-magical ranged attacks.


Speaking of which, these enemies are also weak against «Light Magic», aren’t they? I should use it. It’s damage taken ×4 rite?


Magic is used by focusing your consciousness on the spell you want to use, which will automatically begin channeling and a bar will appear in your field of vision. Once it fills, the spell will be ready for activation and can be activated by saying the spell’s name… is what I read.

Normally, magic appears on the tip of the staff… or rather, a Magic Catalyst, and is shot from there. But in my case, it was written that this rapier can act as Magic Catalyst, so I guess it’s cast from its tip?


Umm… what I can use from the «Light Magic» is…【Light Ball】huh. The bar fills about four seconds. Well, it should eventually get faster.

When I speak the spell name, a ball of light appears on the tip of the rapier which I point at a Living Dead’s head and shoot it.

When the ball of light hits the back of his head, it burst and shave 80% of his HP. What’s left was to stab him a few times and all done. Yeah, it’s strong. Or rather, ×4 damage taken is not right in the head… I need to be careful myself. This is how I will end up when I meet an enemy who uses light magic。


...Let’s hunt.



〈«Light Magic» reached level 5.〉

〈«Light Magic»’s【Light Heal】was acquired.〉

〈«Magic Ability» reached level 5.〉

〈«Magic Ability»’s【Heat】【Cool】【Breeze】was acquired.〉


Really sweet.

But, is there a reason to go out of my way to shoot it? If it appears on the tip of the rapier, then can I just stab it in?


I once again created a ball of light on the tip of rapier and stabbed into the back of the head… Right after the ball of light burst, my rapier pierced in and the Living Dead turned into particles of light. Looks like not just magic, but also the stab was counted to as surprise attack. 

It might seem like it’s going really well, but in fact it’s more like the game has finally started.


〈«Magic Ability» reached level 10. Gained “1” Skill Point.〉

〈«Magic Ability»’s【Clean】【First Aid】were acquired.〉


【Clean】...Magic that clean dirty things.
【First Aid】...Magic that can heal scratches at most.


Sweet, all of this is sweet. Akina said these aren’t anything special, but I feel they’re sweet. Well, the Skill is… not very universal.


By the way, every 10 Skill levels you get 1 point. And you don’t lose them when rebuilding. But as expected, you get none when you put points in during rebuild.


Drops… are all trash.

Alright, let’s hunt some more.




It’s just my intuition, but… it’s about time?



〈Your Race level has increased.〉

〈«Light Magic» reached level 10. Gained "1" Skill Point.〉

〈«Light Magic»’s【Light Arrow】was acquired.〉



Name: Anastasia
Race:  Immortal Princess Woman Lv10
Element: Dark
Genus: High Tier Immortal
Family: Royal Zombie
Skill Points: 33


«Sword Lv8» «Defense Lv5» «Parry Lv5» «Armor Lv5»
«Light Magic Lv10» «Magic Ability Lv12»
«Sensing Lv8» «Uncover Lv7» «Footwork Lv4»
«Identification Lv20» «Discern»




Monster Skills:
«Dark Magic Lv1» «Aura of Darkness Lv3»
«Physical Resistance Lv6» «Physical Immunity Lv6» «Magic Resistance Lv5» «Automatic HP Recovery Lv7»
«Immortal Royalty Lv4» «Royal Authority Lv1» «High Tier Immortal»



I eat dinner and continue leveling, thanks to enemies being high level my Skills go up quite nicely? I have no one to compare to, so I’m not sure.

«Physical Resistance» and «Physical Immunity» also slowly go up. The requirement for these two must be receiving physical attacks. Enemies here don’t use magic, so my «Magic Resistance» doesn’t change.


Also, my ring has generated an orb.


[Material] Orb Rarity: Ex Quality: ―
Magic power gathered and solidified in a spherical shape.
Thanks to lack of impurities it serves as highly effective energy source, but it has to be treated carefully.
Cannot be traded.


When an orb is made it can be taken out and it turns into an item. When I take it out, the next orb starts generating, so it might be best to take them out the moment they are made.


Also, I acquired something like this.


[Material] Dark Part Rarity: Ra Quality: C
A part item used for recovering Immortal’s lost limbs.
After selecting the item, choose the necessary part to be recovered during standby.


It appears to be a rare item and doesn’t drop that often, but I still secured three of them.


Next, I want to raise «Automatic HP Recovery» Skill and start preparing to head out to town… but first, let’s sleep? Tomorrow is Tuesday, let’s sunbathe once I’m back home.

I log out and do the usual, I go to toilet and do stretches before going to sleep.




The next day, I come back from school and log in.

I would like to get to town today, but I think that’s up to «Automatic HP Recovery». Probably won’t happen. Once it slightly outheals the damage I will depart for the town.

Until then, let’s level the Skill at the Catacombs entrance while looking at my HP bar.


I head to the entrance right away and extended just one arm for the sun to meet. My HP slowly decreased. Although there was no visible change to my arm when hit by sunlight, there was sizzling pain.


Next I extended one more arm, and the decrease has sped up. Looks like the more surface the light hits the more damage I take.

When I walked outside with my entire body, it started to decrease at quite a high pace. With this speed, it’s no wonder I died right away. Above all, my recovery speed was low.

Still, «High Immortal» should have a large increase to automatic recovery, but it’s still damaging me this fast. Moreover, there should be an effect of my clothes, and yet my HP shrinks in plain sight. Apparently my abilities are restricted, so the recovery speed might be decreased by that...

Either the sun is too stronk, or automatic recovery-types are poor… Based on the sensation, it’s more like it’s the sun that is at fault, it’s pretty harsh...


While looking at my HP bar I enter inside and wait for recovery, go outside and wait until the last moment before entering inside again - rinse and repeat.



I didn’t think it would take me three days of this. Skill level is more important than the base level… On Friday, when I came back home from school and repeated the routine, it turned into «Automatic HP Recovery Lv15».

I log out for the time being, dinner time.



“Onee-chan, it’s been two weeks since the service started, how is the progress…?”

“After I eat this, I intend to go to town.”

“Ohhh! Finally!”

“«Decomposed Body» disappeared three days ago, but another problem appeared...”

“Eh, really? Starting Town’s position should be displayed on the map.”

“A more basic one.”

“Did something happen…?”

“Aww… it’s just that the sun is strong lately...”

“Ahhh! Mr. Sun’s continuous damage!”

“I’ve been leveling my «Automatic HP Recovery» Skill since Tuesday. It finally outheals the damage, so I plan to head out after I finish eating.”


Let’s keep quiet about carelessly drying up once.


“There was a clamor during beta that the sun is too strong and automatic recovery won’t catch up, did they weaken the sun?”

“I don’t think they did...”

“Can it be that you went as far as Skill evolution?”

“Nnnn...well, we’ll meet soon anyway so let’s reveal the trick.”


I displayed my character’s data on the connect board and passed it to Akina.


“Hn…?! Eh, what’s this?!”

“Extra Race and Extra Equipment. I did my best, see?”

“HIGH IMMORTAL...WAT… Onee-chan, you’re completely a princess… Your race is also princess. Boobies are about to spill… what was this race’s explanation? Did it touch on stats?”

“Excels at Intelligence and Spirit, also has high dexterity. As an Immortal it has high Vitality, but Strength and Agility are very low… is what I think it said? I took a screenshot… yup, that was it.”

“Based on the way it sounds… INT and SPI are very high, next DEX and VIT are both high. However, STR and AGI might be below that of human races… that’s about it?”

“The way it’s described matters?”

“They said that it does. Humans are one thing, but inhumans often have unbalanced stats.”

“Yeah, well… there’s no way a horse and a human can be the same, is there?”

“Yup, horses in gallop are really fast. By the way, player horses are omnivorous.”

“Is that so… they eat meat?”

“Eating like mad. They also drink soup.”

“Are there many inhuman-types in town?”

“Their numbers aren’t that high, but you can see them around. Undead… can be seen at night. There’s few of them, but inhumans stand out. When there’s one around, they catch one’s eye.”

“At first look I’m a human though...”

“No, that dress and those boobies WILL stand out...”

“As usual I can’t see what’s below, I thought I should have reduced them.”

“Denied. ...Oh, and this is me.”


On the connect board shown to me there was Akina with silvery-blue hair and blue eyes, wearing a leather armor. She was holding a weapon with a long handle that was a mix between an axe and spear...


“This is… a halberd?”

“Yup. A halberd.”

“So they are selling halberds.”

“NPCs don’t, I had a person in whose care I am in since beta to make it for me.”

“Oh, so it’s a crafted item.”

“Katanas and kunai can also be crafted.”

"............There are ninjas, aren’t there.”

“Yup. There are some who do ninja play.”

“By Kunai you mean «Stone Throwing»’s?”

“Probably~. It derives into «Throwing», there are «Sneaky Steps» that hide footsteps, too. They can make ninja outfits order-made from players.”

“I wonder if they can have makibishi and smoke bombs, too?”

“If smoke bombs can be made, then I guess it would be «Alchemy»? Makibishi could be done with smithing.”


Whoops, our conversation turned to ninjas. Looks like there are lots of ways to enjoy yourself, in this case I have no choice but to do a princess, hm?


“Onee-chan, how about RPing as a princess?”

“I got an additional option for royalty motion assist. It said it adds an assistance to make demeanor look like that of a prince or princess.”

“Hee! No choice but to use it!”

“I’m already wearing a dress so I might as well use it, so I enabled it. I need to start from getting used to it.”

“When I’m bored, maybe I should act as Onee-chan’s knight? I’m planning to change to metal armor anyway.”

“Isn’t metal armor expensive?”

“That’s the thingg. Well, there’s a bigger problem now. At this point we can’t gather iron, we need to beat the boss in the North and unlock the town with mine.”

“It isn’t beaten yet?”

“Yeah, it’s about time… I wish it was.”


Base levels started going above 10 and Skills are quite high now so they say it’s about time. It depends on Skills, but initial Skills are pretty much tutorial. Apparently the main game starts once they evolve. Especially weapons enter their specific derivations, so things get serious.

«Sword» and «Long Handle» Skills are wide and shallow. Once they evolve and enter specific weapons, they get narrow and deep. The Skills that can be used are decided by the weapon, but the Skill increases are beyond comparison with «Sword».

In regards to magic, it’s specific from the start so it isn’t as easy to level up as «Sword» and «Long Handle».


They say that some races have a bonus to increasing Skill levels. Likely this is why my «Automatic HP Recovery» went up so fast - because I’m an Immortal.

These things are hidden data, so players do things by trial and error to learn them. Apparently people who love investigating are doing their best on the investigation board.

I only look at BBS when the keyword I look for is found on a board.


“Now, let’s game! Onee-chan, I’m going to hunt, are you coming?”

“No, there was a quite some distance to the town, so maybe next time.”


I wash dishes I return to my room and log in.




Well, it seems that I was in care of my home, Catacombs, for two weeks.

”I’ll be off” I say and walk outside.

...I don’t know whether there will be a day I will say “I’m back” in here.

Honestly? There’s nothing here so I don’t want to come back here...


The sunlight that was painful before, now only frizzles a little bit.

It will probably get even better when my «Automatic HP Recovery» levels up more… But as long as I’m Immortal, I will be taking damage from it and it won’t go away? The Skill doesn’t protect me from sunlight, it just recovers my lost HP.

Isn’t there a “daywalker” Skill somewhere? I guess it won’t appear so easily. It IS a Skill that conquers Immortals’ weakness.

Well, my Skill is going up just by standing in the sun, so let’s consider it to be a good thing.


While thinking so… I started walking confidently and elegantly through the forest, toward the town. The trees were blocking sunlight and I guess it was fairly dim? I do have night vision so it did not affect me, however.

The problem was not in the light, but walking so that my dress did not get caught in anything. Although the skirt did not spread wide, it was a fact I had a long skirt behind me. It has no durability so it won’t break or tear, but it would be irritating if it got caught up on every little thing.

As expected, I have never experienced walking in the forest in a skirt and with long hair… But from now on I will be in care of this dress, so I need to get used to it. Let’s count on «Footwork».


The nature was very pretty, very moving. But I myself was being sizzled by the sunlight spilling in from between the trees.




*Rustle* *rustle*...

Oh, a wild wolf has jumped out!


I turn around and slash at the neck of the wolf that leaped from tall grass on the left side, then return the sword to the sheath.

The moment the wolf landed, it started turning into particles of light and disappeared.


Thanks to «Sensing»’s reaction enhancement there was no problem.

It wasn’t like my AGI increased, so even if my reaction toward incoming AoE attack is fast, I cannot escape from it. My speed is unchanged!

One way or another, I have some confidence in my kinetic vision, so let’s do my best with «Defense» and «Parry». AoE attacks have low damage against single target, so I plan to pray that I survive through them with «Defense» and «Automatic HP Recovery».


Hnnn? Oh I see, this wolfie just now was the first thing I met that wasn’t undead. ...It’s not like it matters though.

Whoops, let’s turn «Aura of Darkness» off… there.

I resumed my walk toward the town.



I do my best walking and eventually, a wall appears within my sight. Oh, is this the so-called fortified town? There are monsters so a wall is a must have, huh?

In any case, I reached the Starting Town! It was fairly… no, it was really far, wasn’t it? It’s already night in game.

The Catacombs were in the Northeast, there was a large distance from them so most likely they weren’t used by the Starting Town.

Let’s explore a little and go to sleep?


Around me, there were a lot of people holding lights. The ones with a blue mark above their head must be players. NPCs have a green mark, and enemies have red. Pets with an owner have yellow.

Everyone was chasing around after rabbits and wolves.


When I looked at players, I saw a white-ish haze around them. The depth of the color varied between them, but they were all similar? The color of wolves and rabbits was the same as that of humans. They are all without element, but those who with deepr color are ones with magic power?

When I look at people who use magic, I can see their haze gather on their wands and staves, move to its tip… then the haze is colored and magic appears. I can tell that people who use magic have a much deeper, denser haze.

Magic sight sure is convenient?



Rabbit Lv2
A normal rabbit. They live in holes they dig in the plains.
They are pitiful creatures whose meat is often used as food. Very tasty.
Element: ― Weakness: ― Resistance: ―
Genus: Animal Family: Rabbit
State: Normal


Wolf Lv4
A normal wolf. People who can’t fight shouldn’t get close to them. There are cases when there is a leader among them, be careful in such cases.
Often used as food, their meat has no peculiar taste.
Element: ― Weakness: ― Resistance: ―
Genus: Animal Family: Wolf
State: Normal



Oh, both of them are used as food… Rather, most of enemies in this game look edible.

I beat wolves and rabbits that attack me when I walk from the forest to town.



[Ingredient] Wolf Meat Rarity: No Quality: C
Commonly eaten wolf meat.
A little hard compared to rabbit meat, but has fewer fat and is simpler.

[Material] Wolf Leather Rarity: No Quality: C
Wolf leather.
Has low defense and durability, unreliable when used for making an armor.

[Ingredient] Rabbit Meat Rarity: No Quality: C
Commonly eaten rabbit’s meat.
Has a moderate amount of fat, has no distinct taste and is very soft.



This meat is good to use for «Cooking», as for leather, let’s sell it once I find a good place to do so.


Ignoring the stares that gather on me, likely because of the dress, I enter the town.

Others’ gazes gathering on my breasts is nothing new. I’m no longer bothered by it. I have absolutely no intention of changing this strong dress.

...Not like I have anything to change into.


Once I enter the town, a tutorial started.



〈“Tutorial: Unlock the portal" was initiated.〉



There is no reason not to do it, so let’s do as I’m told. I walk to the square in the middle of the town, my breasts and skirt, hair shaking as I move.

In the town there were main streets that extended in Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern directions; making it was easy to get there. Rather, it would be hard to get lost when you have a minimap.


At the square there were lots of very similar-looking people… players. They either had initial equipment, or slightly better-looking one, looking like it was both from NPCs? As expected, among such people my dress really stood out and stares gathered on me. But I’m used to it, it’s normal that everyone’s gaze gathers at my breasts, regardless of what I wear.

If anything, it’s easier to accept all the staring with my clothes being a design like this.


That aside, to open the portal… let’s touch the water at the fountain. The fountain was by the feet of a standing statue of someone? I put my fingers inside the luxurious-looking fountain’s water.



〈The portal to the Starting Town has been unlocked.〉

〈You can set your revival point.〉



Yeah, let’s set my revival point here.



〈Revival point has been set.〉

〈“Tutorial: Unlock the portal" is complete.〉

〈Received Beginner’s HP Potion, Beginner’s MP Potion as reward.〉

〈“Tutorial: Let’s register as adventurer in the Adventurers’ Union.” was initiated〉



I got… 5 potions each.

Oh, there is an addition to help menu.



※About Portals:

All portals have Stellura-sama’s standing statue beside them.
Statues vary depending on the town, but each statue is always in the center of the town. Let’s unlock the portal when we reach a new town.

When you unlock other towns’ portals, Stellura-sama’s symbol, a “Gate and Key” will appear.

By touching it, you will be able to teleport to another town’s portal.

This function can only be used by Outsiders, Residents are incapable of using it.



It seems to be a standing statue of a goddess called Stellura.

Now, the next tutorial… the Adventurers’ Union is… over here?


I follow the marker on the map and head down the main street in Eastern direction, then after proceeding for a little I see a large building. It has a sign with a sword and shield on it and is marked on the map, so it must be the Adventurers’ Union. People who went in and out of it were equipped with swords, spears and other weapons.

Their marks had two colors, blue for players and green for NPCs.


I immediately go there and enter the building. I ignored how everyone’s gaze turned to me and look over the reception in the front, then walk towards a free receptionist girl.


“Welcome to Adventurer’s Union, would you like to register a request?”

“Oh, no. I would rather like to register with the union.”

“Register with the union…?”


The receptionist appeared confused, must be because of the outfit?


“Yes, register with the union.”

“Understood. Then I shall proceed with registration, could you touch this crystal?”


After looking at the surroundings, she looked at the rapier by my waist and seemed to convince herself? Was I thought to be noble because of the dress, and she looked for a servant?


Well, it progressed so it’s fine. I followed the instructions and completed the registration. I also received a simple explanation on the union.

There were seven ranks, from F to S. There were no limits to how many requests you can undertake, but if you fail you receive a penalty for contract breach.

The union’s badge was a card-type and in case it’s lost, it is possible to get a new one issued for a fee. Every time one is issued, the fee increases.

Well, to us Outsiders… players, it is an event item. Since it’s an “Important Item” and we can’t really lose it.

Receiving a request was possible at the request board, but to report completion it was necessary to speak with a receptionist. The reward is transferred on spot to the card, and it’s possible to withdraw it from the union. It is also possible to deposit money.


Finally, adventurers had an important duty to immediately report to the Adventurers’ Union if they notice any abnormalities around the town. It will be investigated and dealt with by the union, and depending on the result, the adventurer might receive a reward for just a report.

In most cases the investigation and dealing with the issue is given to adventurers as a request, so if I want to take part in those, it’s recommended that I actively do my best to raise my rank… is what she said.



“This will be all for the explanation. Do you have any questions?”

“No, I’m alright.”

“Then this will be your adventurer’s card. We of the union look forward to see your efforts.”



〈”Tutorial: Let’s register as adventurer in the Adventurer’s Union." is complete.〉

〈Received Beginner’s HP Potion, Beginner’s MP Potion as reward.〉



Let’s ignore potions that I can’t even use...

I leave the receptionist who lowered her head lightly, and immediately check the request board. Requests stickied to it were quite colorful, they were split in categories and each had a different color.


Red: Extermination

Green: Escort

Blue: Gathering and Delivery

Yellow: Investigation


Extermination and gathering were most common.

Escort and investigation look to be difficult unless you have proper Skills for it?

There is a fair number of extermination-type. It should be okay to take them since they are most likely for enemies that appear around the town… but first, I should take a light look around the town?


Ahh, speaking of which - there were Skills that you can learn at the union? I move away from the request board; let’s see the official BBS. Once again I confirm Skills recommended for all players.

I need to listen to wisdom of my predecessors. My little sister said this was correct, too.


Evaluation: Must have?
«Identification» «Discern»
They are super annoying to get unless you take them as initial Skills. At the very least do take «Identification».

Evaluation: Take if possible?
«Appraisal» «Dismantling»
You get better drops.

Evaluation: Worth having?
«Gathering» «Mining» «Logging»
You get extra money just picking them along the way.
There are crafters who give discounts for bringing them materials.


I already took «Identification» and «Discern».

«Appraisal»: increases the possibility of drops being of higher quality and rarity.

«Dismantling»: Some bodies that are dismantling-capable remain, and you can dismantle them by stabbing a Dismantling Knife into them to receive extra items. In this case you receive more drops than usual, but it also takes more time. It is possible to manually dismantle enemies in a similar manner to manual crafting, but you will see hell. «Magic Ability»’s art【Clean】is a must have for this. Mainly due to blood.

I want both «Appraisal» and «Dismantling». I’m not interested in manual dismantling, however.

As for «Gathering», «Mining» and «Logging»… I kind of want «Gathering» and «Mining»?

«Mining» is for gathering metal ore. «Logging» for wood, and «Gathering» for everything else.


Umm… the way to take these is...


You can learn «Appraisal» and «Dismantling» at the union’s dismantling facility.

«Gathering» is unlocked by picking random things up.

To unlock «Mining» and «Logging» you learn them by acquiring a tool for them (A Pickaxe and Woodcutter’s Axe).


Which means… let’s learn «Appraisal» and «Dismantling» in here now.

I wanted to go and learn it, but an alarm tells me it’s time to sleep… My home was further than I thought it would be. It took lots of time for me to travel, the fact that I’m slow also had something to do with it.


It’s Friday so there is no need to hurry and sleep, but… might as well do it tomorrow morning.

I leave the Adventurers’ Union, return to the central square and log out.


When I log in again, let’s have them teach me Skills.


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