52 Summer Means Camping Day 4

Life on Deserted Island Fourth Day

There is something strange with this island. What is it?

  1. Identify the reason things feel off.


If it isn’t super simple...

What I was curious about turned into certainty, but we still don’t know what it is… right. However, there are no hints. Where and what do we investigate?

No, it’s the opposite. What is it that we still haven’t investigated? For now… hm, let’s propose it a little later, when most people are awake.



Let’s enjoy some tea from the Eastern forest as we sit by a table Primula-san has provided. There are me, my little sister, Ellie and Abbie. Letie-san and Dorie-san pour the tea for us.


“We found tea so I brought it… but I do want some more Quality, hmm?”

“Is this Assam? I want milk with it!”

“Agreed. We should think of making some blends in here.”

“There is not enough time during the event...”

“Please have some Darjeeling.”

“I guess they are different from the ones we usually drink.”

“The environment is different so it cannot be helped. To be precise, it is up to which one did they reproduce… isn’t it.”

“I don’t really feel like cultivating tea leaves...”

“...How about we buy the Residents who cultivate it?”

“That is it!”

“That is a valid choice. I don’t know whether the system will allow for it, however.”

“Can we exchange points for tea leaves? ...We can.”


...It’s a luxury grocery item, so it should not cost many points. If there are some left over, let’s exchange them for tea leaves. I do want to make some blends, and I am sure Ellie and Abbie will make some.


『“The atmosphere over there… is that a different world?”』

『“That way of thinking, the idea to buy the field along with the owner…”』

『“They sure are hardcore about black tea…”』


It’s already the fourth day, so everyone has calmed down and there is no commotion in the morning. ...Steiner-san’s farmer group is harvesting crops every morning, though. And the harvested ingredients are processed before being delivered to people who have «Cooking».


“Made ya wait! Straight from the farm!”

“Well… beyond all doubt...”


I cook the vegetables I received together with the meat I got yesterday and distribute it. It’s about time everyone starts waking up, right.

I took a look around and most acquaintances were having breakfast, so let’s make the proposal now.


“Could everyone, even only those in the union, listen to me for a moment?”

“What’s it?”

“Did you check the quest?”

“Of course!”

“And so, in wanting to change the direction we think in, I thought of sharing each other’s maps.”

“I see… gathering it all together once. And the places folks here did not go to would be the ones unchecked...”

“From what it seems, most of us here are the first batch, so… what is important... is whether we did not go there, or could not go there?”

“That’s true. The one place that’s clearly suspicious is Eastern forest, though...”

“Is that so?”

“After proceeding for a while, enemies get so numerous it’s impossible to progress. There has to be something there!”

『”Yup, yup.”』

“Well, let’s merge the maps. Team leaders receive maps from the members, and please pass to me. I will merge them and pass back to team leaders.”



My little sister answered as the representative, and the conversation progressed. As everyone’s event map data was sent to me and overwrote parts of mine, the parts of the map where I have not been to started to take color.

When the data stopped coming, I confirmed the map again and… certainly, it’s pretty straightforward.


“This is… for now, I’ll send it to everyone first.”

『“We didn’t go even halfway into Eastern part!”』

“Um… could the team leaders who went East raise their hands?”


“Cecil-san, what do you think?”

“...Considering the members, it’s correct to say we can’t go there yet? More than half of people who raised their hands are first batch parties. I recognize most.”

“So there’s something… in place other than East.”

“There should be a key. Now, what to do...”

“At least, today passes half of the event so there should be something happening...”

“The «Intuition» that reacts to the West is a point of interest...”

“Speaking of which, in the East it’s «Sensing Danger» that’s reacting.”

『“Oh right.”』


In the West it’s «Intuition» and in the East it’s «Sensing Danger», hm? There definitely is something in the East, but… we did not pick up the event key, so we can’t go there yet.


“North gives sweet experience, so we can just go North...”

『“I get you.”』

“With that said, blatantly ignoring the event is...”

“Impossible for us, game-lovers!”

『“I get you here, too.”』

“Area-wise it will be large scale… probably a World Quest level, so for best result, starting a quest would be tastier...”

“They aren’t going to prepare an event that’s not tasty at all, right?”


“Thinking of that, the answer is...”



Considering East is impossible at the current point, there is no choice but to go West where «Intuition» is reacting. There was nothing in particular in the North. All there is are strong enemies who give sweet experience. This must mean we can’t let ourselves get lured in by experience, and should investigate West...


“Speaking of which, Princess, I was a little curious about something.”


One of the Verification Team’s members, Shirabesuki-san started talking.


“This island’s AI is unique, yes?”

“It is. It does feel different from the main area’s.”

“And so, looking at the island as a whole, isn’t it clearly strange?”

“By island you mean?”

“Will you get it if I say it this way? Ecosystem… food chain.”


Certainly, there is a food chain here. We saw Raptors eat boars, and Lizardines eat Raptors.


“Is there something strange there? It can be a little strange for a game, but...”

“There is something, right?”


It’s very unusual for a game, but if I was asked whether there is something strange… there indeed is something. In this game they can be one of the main enemies.

Ah, no… that’s not it? It’s not about the system and such… that’s not it… umm, the list of enemies that come out is...


“Oh, did you notice, Princess?”

“Just the Eastern part’s ecosystem suspicious…?”

“Right, that. Isn’t it?”

『“Ahh? AHHH! That’s true!”』

“I walked all around over these few days, checked boards and stuff. It was about time I mentioned it, so this is a good opportunity. Princess, could you distribute this?”


What was sent to me by Shirabesuki-san, was literally a food chain. As expected, microorganisms were ignored, but it was a summary of who predates on whom.

Rabbits from the Western forest are eaten by spiders, rats and spiders are eaten by owls, boars are eaten by bears.

In the North spiders and boars are eaten by Raptors, Raptors are eaten by tortoises and Lizardines, owls and bears are eaten by Wyverns.

Rabbits are herbivores, rats are herbivores and scavengers, boars are herbivores. Lizardines and Tortoises are omnivores and can also eat seaweed...

Like this, the food chain does work in North and West, but only plants were confirmed in the East.

There is a note remaining...

Enemies from the North, Raptors and Wyverns, as well as Lizardines don’t approach the East?

Enemies from the Western forest do not chase us after we leave the forest.

In other words, if the second batch is targeted, they can leave the Western forest. It’s also possible to run into the Eastern forest, but it’s just as strong as the North. But at least it’s easier to run from them than from a flying Wyvern?


The enemies in the North are mostly carnivores so they have nothing to look for in there, but… they do not chase even when they have a target on someone?


“Based on this, the top of the ecosystem are Wyverns and Lizardines, right?”

“Yup, at least from what we know so far.”

“Then why do they not chase people into the East…? It can’t be… Seed Kokkes…?”

“We do end up there after all, don’t we?”

“...C’mon, let’s burn the forest every day from now on?”

“I understand how you feel.”

『“Hurry, explain.”』


It’s no good at all, isn’t it? That Eastern forest.


“Think a little by yourseeelf? It’s nothing hard, y’know?”



“Ahhh! I see, certainly putting fire to the Eastern forest might be correct-degozaruka? Mhhm? Isn’t that «Sensing Danger» in Eastern forest something super nasty?”


It is super nasty. A premonition before becoming Seed Kokkes’ comrade?

I can understand why creatures from the Western forest will not leave their forest. They are in general the side that gets eaten, so of course they will not go outside the forest to boost their chance to die.

The problem is that the two of the ecosystem’s strongest, Wyverns and Lizardines, will go as far as to give up on prey in order not to approach the Eastern forest. Carnivorous Wyverns is one thing, but Lizardines also eat plants. Unless they only eat seaweed…?

In the Eastern forest there were Seed Kokkes, animals encroached by plants and in a really nasty state. What if Wyverns and Lizardines know about it? They do not have enough intelligence to converse with us, but it isn’t like they are stupid...


『“...I see.”』

“They don’t want to be encroached so they don’t approach the East… is a reasonable conclusion? I don’t think anyone would want to be encroached by parasites.”

“Hihihi, those kokkies definitely were DOOPEDD!”

『“Their eyes sure were dead.”』

“And then, there’s the mysterious «Intuition» in the West.”

“Indeed. I do not know what that can be. Eastern forest is most likely to be the last. If we go there without information, at worst we might lose a character, so we need to investigate the «Intuition» in the West. Should we ask people with Spot Hidden and Listen?”


“Could we stop slipping in horror components?”

“Well, people who went East are still alive, so it should be all right...”

『“...Body check NOW!”』



Everyone seems to be having fun. But seriously, please do a check. It is possible it will turn into sudden PvP.


“Hey… ain’t the Southern sky turning real bad?”


“Hey guys, check the quest!”


Life on Deserted Island Fourth Day

There is something strange with this island. What is it?

  1. Identify the reason things feel off.
  2. The Southern sky is strange. A storm might be coming.


“So that’s what they came up with... I did not consider this...”

“What do they want us to do about a force of nature?”

“For now let’s spread this through the board… and evacuate people from the coast and the rivers...”

“What scale will that storm be? A normal typhoon should not be a reason to panic, but...”

『“You think an event’s storm will be a NORMAL typhoon?”』

『“...Not happening. That wouldn’t be fun.”』

“In which case… I guess it wouldn’t be interesting if nothing happened? If we are to escape, it would be the Western forest...”


Among the commotion, we started to withdraw the base. Though, the «Construction» team could only give up on their stable-like buildings...

I only need to put away my bed and similar. Others put away their tents and such.


“Lightning strikes like hell, rain is also harsh, lol.”

““Let’s do T.M. Revolution!1It originates from a certain vocalist(?) who did it first and put up a video, I think? It’s this: ””

“It’s a game so I will not stop you, but no doing that in real, okay?”


『“A mom?”』

『“Might be an onee-chan.”』

『“Or a kindergarten teacher.”』


Please make it onee-chan.


“Onee-chan! Let’s put up a lightning rod(避雷針)!”

“I see, good idea, Rina. lightning(雷) should avoid(避) us then.”

“Well, it is a lightning(雷)-avoid(避) rod(針)!”2It’s a pun on kanji, I would need to replace the entire thing with something completely new, so not bothering here.

““That’s amazing!””3Oblivious twins.



Ame-san and Thorin-san, stop with that sparkle in your eyes. Rina’s eyes started to swim because of you. The surroundings did get the skit, but this is not good.

And it does not get through to Ellie’s group. This is a purely Japanese joke. It’s just Lightning Rod in English, so it won’t work.


“Let’s give up on this joke. Children will learn something strange and incorrect.”

“R-right. I did not think they would respond with such a pure look in their eyes...”

“You two, it’s lesson time.”


“Just now, was a joke based on how lightning rod is written, and not how it actually works.”

““Is that soo?””

“Although it is written as a rod for avoiding lightning, its effect is actually gathering lightning.”


“The reason lightning rods are put on houses and similar buildings, is to prevent a lightning strike from hitting the house directly. Houses without a lightning rod receive an explosion because of the high energy. In such cases, people inside the house get hurt. In the worst case, people can get pierced by pieces of things and die.”


“In order to stop a house from exploding, lightning rods receive the lightning and transfer the explosive energy to the ground through a cable. In other words, lightning rod’s role is to gather lightning and let it escape elsewhere.”

““Why is ground not exploding?””

“To be precise, it is necessary to prepare copper sheets or similar in the ground, but I don’t know that much. And apparently there are multiple types of lightning rods, too.”

““I see!””

『“I see!”』

『“HEY WAIT, who was it that didn’t know?!”』

“I don’t know how it is with the game’s «Lightning Magic», but natural lightning in real is quite powerful. Countermeasures such as lightning rods are necessary or they can cause house fires or steam explosions. Your electrical appliances would be all done for. If you are in middle 1, you still haven’t had sciences, right? I think you won’t learn steam explosions yet, but if you want to know, ask your science teacher.”

““What about other teachers~?””

“They are no good. A science teacher will know what you want to know if you mention words such as lightning, lightning rod, house fire or steam explosion. It’s possible that other teachers will take it in a completely different direction, so if you are to ask, ask a sciences teacher. And if possible, not one that teaches biology.”

““Got itt!””

“I’m also a student myself, so I don’t know enough to explain to you in detail.”

““We’ll stop doing T.M. Revolution!””

“You two are ghost-types. Shouldn’t you have a big reduction, or even immunity?”

““Ohhh… that’s true!””


Lightning aside, it’s suspicious that even rain and wind will affect them…? Well, this should be good enough.

In regards to the storm, honestly speaking, it’s all up to each player… It is possible to go under a tree, but it will not work in a forest where you don’t know which tree it will strike? It is meaningless to go straight under a tree.


“...Alf-san, how about this: you raise your two-handed sword and strike a pose?”


“Agreed, Alf is perfectly suitable with his full body armor! I don’t know how it will pass lightning, though.”

“This armor’s material is a mystery… I am an Immortal so it’s one choice… but I’m worried about the weapon’s durability.”

“True, it does feel like it could break. Ahh, no… wouldn’t Fairellen-san be better than Alf-san?”

“Speaking of which, she is lightning now.”

“Heck, isn’t that storm coming really fast?”

“Which means it will leave fast, so isn’t that good?”

“Well, certainly?”


It was indeed quite fast, should arrive before noon… huh? There is no time.

Umm… in case encountering a storm in an empty place...


Lightning strikes high places… right.

Inside of the house is not completely safe… and is no house either.

Woods and forests are also dangerous… I knew it.

Inside a car… there are no cars.

Be careful of the sea and mountains… naturally.


When there is no place to escape to, crouch while leaning forward and hug your knees… block your ears to protect them from the strong wind… it says. If you lie on the ground, you can be hit by electrical discharge of lightning that hits the ground nearby, so it’s NG.

In the current situation, it would be best to sit right outside the forest within their protection range? We can only give up on umbrellas, but【Ensol】should be alri…?


“Eh, wasn’t this dress metallic?”


“I’ll be the only one to survive, huh?”


Please don’t say “WELCOME” with your arms spread wide, Alf-san. I’m not leaving together with you. Please wait for me in Nether.


“First of all, we have no blood flow and our hearts don’t work, so will it have any effect on us?”

“Who knows? I think there will be damage, but we probably won’t die.”

“Onee-chan, no fair!”

“How about reincarnating as Zombie?”


“Onee-chan is sad...”

“Wouldn’t it be interesting if I raised my two-handed sword and did circles around folks evacuating?”



The style where you receive lightning and discharge it to others, huh… what a nuisance to others. I’m sure it comes in set with pompatic laughter. It wouldn’t take long for «Light Magic» to fly his way.

We move West in droves. The storm is approaching.



Along the way, the wind grew a fair bit stronger and it was about time rain comes.


“Hm…? There’s something mixed in with sounds of lightning?”

“Ahh, you hear it too?”

“It’s not natural, is it?”


A voice… or rather, a roar… I could hear something among all the rumble. I don’t know what it is, however.

I move West while using【Ensol】. Other female players are having a hard time with their skirts, but I’m perfectly fine. Although the parasol had no work to do recently, it sure is useful.


“According to the boards, it looks like monsters also went into hiding?”

“There’s none at all, looks like?”

“Which means, this storm is today’s main event.”

“It would be harsh if it continued long enough to destroy the entire day, wouldn’t it?”

“After the storm we will have to enter recovery work.”

“Ahh, I see. Then it will take the entire day.”

“Which means it will be that rough?”

“...Farewell, stables.”

“They were made pretty fast, though.”


Well, we don’t know how big the casualties will be until we see it, so let’s leave it at that.

Can it be that magic being able to gouge the ground in this field, is for the sake of this natural disaster? In short, a building and environment destruction engine was added. Depending on “who does what” they can change the time for automatic recovery, and if they do not set it for something, it will remain as is… which means it will be necessary for players to do repair and recovery work.

This event feels like it also doubles as a live test… but since the physical calculation-based bugs are funny, let’s not probe any further. Usually it’s things getting blown away and making a mess...


It has gotten really dark nearby, and the moment I thought rain started to fall lightly, it suddenly turned into a downpour. This is more like a waterfall… Moreover, it’s combined with strong wind, so it hits us from the side.

Both Ske-san and I dismiss our Servants. This is no good.



『“A-a...a...are they STUPIDDD?!”』


『“Need to grab onto something or we’re done for!”』




They are having trouble… my【Ensol】works wonders. I can see rain being deflected as I stay in the parasol’s shadow. Although the wind has grown stronger, it’s not strong enough to ruffle my hair, so there is no problem. Since this equipment is apparently related to Stellura-sama, most likely this is some kind of «Spatial Magic».





Ame-san and Thorin-san are playing around, and let’s pretend I did not see Mohican-san...







Mmm… this level of rain and wind pierced through, huh. My hair started fluttering and got wet. But I’m still on the better side with this.


“Hey guys, can’t we stop it with【Material Barrier】?!”



It’s a physical barrier that’s placed in front of the caster. I think it was «Magic Catalyst»’s Art. ...Wait, isn’t that no good?


『“Wait, STOP dumbass!”』


『“I KNEW IT!”』


Yeah. Rain is one thing, but the problem is wind. His surface area increased all at once and he was blown away. His MP also should have disappeared all at once.

Won’t he die from the fall? Oh, he survived but is on his dying breath? He didn’t die, so it was a cheap price to pay.





The moment I thought he survived; the moment he stood up, he was struck by lightning and goodbye. He did not scatter his items, so it is his first death. His remains disappeared.

Everyone turned their back to the wind and crouched. What a surreal sight. They are risking their lives, though...


“Doesn’t this already mean the death of our base?”

“Stables are definitely gone~.”

“Fields also turned into paddy fields. Heyy, Steinerr! That’s a wonderful paddy field! What are you makin’?!”

“Don’t even say it to him… the ol’ man is goin’ to cry...”

“I won’t say it, but at this rate it won’t end at a paddy field.”



While staring at the flashes and hearing rumbling, we continue to receive large amounts of driving rain on our backs. Isn’t it unfair to bring the biggest enemy of survival, natural disasters in?


“Mm, Princess, quest.”

“Was it updated?”


Life on Deserted Island Fourth Day

There is something strange with this island. What is it?

  1. Identify the reason things feel off.
  2. The Southern sky is strange. A storm might be coming.
  3. Lightning-Storm Dragon comes! Survive in this storm!


Rairanryuu… is that how it’s read?”


“To think all this was because of a dragon.”

“Prob the dragon is the center of it~... that’s why it came so fast...”

“I see, makes sense.”

“You don’t mind if I beat him, right?”

“Sure, hurry up.”

“It appears that my MP is insufficient. What a lucky dragon he is!”

“First of all we can’t even see him...”


As the dragon comes, the storm will probably rampage even harder. If it gets any worse, maybe I will have to hold onto something…? Even small trees’ branches started breaking.

Only during typhoons does wind blow so hard that it makes such sounds. Ahhh, the flashing and rumbling grows more frequent...

Considering the cause is a dragon, I don’t know if it can be called natural, but this sure is a disaster. While keeping the scabbard as an umbrella, I pull out the rapier and thrust it into the ground. It won’t break, so I can hold onto it without worries.

As expected, even Mohican-san stopped playing. When it turns like this, it is no time for playing… Though, the twins are still having fun. A ghost body, how nice...

There is only the wait until it’s over.



It’s almost lunch time. The situation isn’t one where we can eat anything, though.

This solitary island is in a desperate state, in the middle of a windstorm, with rain and a muddy stream. I don’t remember a river existing in a place like this, hmm?


“Look everyone! There’s a river! Lunch will be grilled fish!”

『“It’s turning into a river, BUT IT’S NOT A RIVER DAMN ITT!”』

“Well, a fish from mud like that does not look very appetizing...”


“Hahahaha, you must be joking. ...Wait, stahp that, Ske-san.”


“If you want to fly, please FLY ALONE.”

“Don’t be so coldd!”

“Rather, why do you grab onto me? Alf-san is heavier.”

“You’re looking to be having the easiest time, Princess!”

“That might be the case, but I have no STR to support us both!”



Ske-san who held onto my upper arm, did a twirl and rolled backwards.



“Wait, stop crawling to me. I’ll purge you.”


“NO, it seriously looks like horror.”


In the middle of the dark, in a powerful thunderstorm, bones are crawling towards me while getting all covered in mud, you know? Let’s take a video. I should put it up for a summer horror contest.


“Why are you recording?!”

“I’ll show you later. It looks more like horror than I thought.”


“Playing along, huh!”

“I’m actually pretty desperate here?”

“That desperation makes for all the better horror. People who see it will definitely imagine something else.”


“You got that much of a leeway, huh?”



He slowly crawled up to me, then moved a little more to Alf-san. He safely joined up, so let’s stop the recording here.


Apparently lightning has a slightly different effect depending on race, humans who receive a lightning strike get forcibly robbed of half their HP. It also hits the twins, Ame-san and Thorin-san, but only takes about 10%. Looks like we got it easy. With that said, we did see a person die, so it isn’t like we remain with 1HP.


The dragon that appears to be in the center of it moves, so the direction of wind changes slightly. Based on the wind direction he must be about in the center of the island. Could you go away alrea… sir, why are you landing here?


Éclair Tempesta Dragon Lv62
Element: ? Weakness: ? Resistance: ?
Genus: Dragon Family: Wind Dragon
State: Normal


Not much information. Either my base level is too low, or maybe I’m lacking knowledge...

Well, the size is on a completely different level, but… it’s a Wyvern-like dragon, isn’t it? Its entire body is white, it’s slim and is the type that has wings for the forearms. That’s a real dragon for you! It’s really cool.

But I’m not sure I like those lightning strikes...


『“Hey, STAHP that. Please? This lightning is terrible!”』



Lightning strikes started coming like rain, with the dragon as the center...

We put【Force to Convert】on Alf-san and use him as a shield. Seeing that, people in the surroundings also gathered nearby, while moving just a little away from Alf-san and crouched.


“About how I was made into a lightning rod.”

『“We are grateful!”』

“S-sure… well, finee.”


As for the Éclair Tempesta Dragon in question… it appears to be having a meal. It’s preying on Wyverns and Lizardines. Did it come to eat?

Wyverns try to escape, but the dragon has higher flying speed and they are done for, while Lizardines also lose when it comes to body size and power so they are done for. And their elemental compatibility is not good, so they are completely the side that’s getting eaten. In exchange, it does not even bother with us or the tortoises. I guess we won’t work as a meal...

Based on the book's knowledge, Éclair Tempesta Dragon would be a Mixed Blood Dragon, but… it might be better not to rely on the book too much in regards to dragons. If there is someone in Nether I can talk with about dragons, let’s ask them. It might be also a good idea to call Doggo King in the church.


According to the live reports from people who were in the North, apparently it’s a disastrous sight. Do your best and please survive.

Based on what’s written on the board, rivers are near flooding and it’s impossible to approach them. In the North there is the dragon and it turned into a picture of hell. The forest is relatively okay, but sometimes lightning strikes trees and they receive damage, it says.


“There is no safe place, hm…?”

“Well, it is a deserted island~...”

『“My «Holy Magic»’s growing nicely!”』

『“Gimme MP Potions! My MP’s almost out!”』


Surely other places are also in such a state...

By the way, apparently there is a safe area near the big tree in the West? Lightning strikes are being repelled by something and the driving rain is apparently also suppressed to a degree. However, because of the flooding river we cannot join up with others there. We had to go there before the flooding.


『“We would have known if we attacked the big tree before!”』

『“There’s no way we’d do such thug-like stuff!”』

『“Management sure plays dirty, making a huge tree an actual safe area!”』


『“This is fun in itself, so it’s hard for me to comment on this!”』

“In a way, with this our defensive Skills grow, so it’s not all that bad? My «Magic Resistance» increases.”

“Mhmm, I want to level my «Magic Resistance» too...”

“There is also an issue with HP and MP, want to switch?”

“Let’s do so.”


I switch with Alf-san, also giving him the opportunity to recover, and become a lightning rod. There were hardly any chances to level «Magic Resistance» before.

While at it, I exercise «Intuition» and «Sensing Danger», challenging whether I can deflect lightning.


Fairellen-san and Clementia-san also seem to have it relatively easy. If there was a problem, it would be that Clementia-san’s automatic recovery is not working? The sun is hidden now.

Salamander people are having a hard time… Inhumans differ quite a bit depending on race, and they are split between those who have it easy and those who have it hard. In that meaning, we Immortals have it fairly easy. Although normally we get burned by the sun, we can ignore it once «Automatic HP Recovery» grows.

I think they are pretty strong, Immortals that is. Is it the appearance? Is the appearance so hard to swallow? I heard from granny Megan that High Immortals have a human-like appearance, so normally it takes time to reach it...


“Hm… it takes a bit of getting used to it, but looks like I can deflect lightning too...”

“Onee-chan continues turning into a J*di...”

“Deflecting everything upwards is pretty hard. Can I deflect some to the sides?”


“I knew it.”


If I deflect it to the sides, it will of course, hit others.



After a few switches with Alf-san. Finally the Éclair Tempesta Dragon flew away. Along with it, the storm also left and the sky turned clear like nothing happened.



〈Race level has increased..〉



“Seems like my level went up, but that sure was one bothersome meal…【Clean】”

“Looks like you get experience if you completed the quest to survive...”

“Well… let’s go look at the state of the base...”


Because of the storm everything is in a horrible state. It would be nice if it recovered with time… but I feel like it won’t. For now, let’s check the base.


...It turned into a splendid swamp. Now, what do we do about this? There is nothing that even remotely resembles stables, and there is no sight of fields. There are just remnants indicating there was something there… that is all...


“Oh…shit! Is what I want to say, but since it’s just as we predicted, there is nothing to say.”


“Hey, Steiner! What a wonderful swamp! You going to grow lotus roots?”



“You stupid, mate…?”


To think Ske-san would say it. And he made it even worse. As expected, he got punched.

Looks like our entire day will be taken by recovery work… I do want to investigate the island, too. What should I do?


“Ske-san, could I ask you to ride on a Wyvern and check the state of the island?”

“Ahh, there is an option of riding on that. Certainly, it would be hard to ride on a horse now, so let’s go take a look~.”


I did read about Dinight’s Dragon Knights riding on Wyverns, so it should be alright.


“It feels like mob spawns in the North have decreased...”

“Cuz they were eaten, huh...”

“Don’t just do leveling in the North and progress the event, is it?”

“Made it so that we can go there with less constraints?”

“Possibly. This certainly helps, but...”

“Then if we go from the South through the West, then to the North, I won’t have to worry about a train? Let’s do that.”


Let’s leave the investigation to Ske-san. While at it, please look for a different place we could use as a base.

More importantly, what to do about the base. We should use【Heat】here rather than【Burn】? Like this we can continue using it to remove the moisture, but… If we used 【Explosion】everything would only scatter all over and there would be holes. So it’s【Heat】after all. Let’s try it.



“Onee-chan, is it any effective?”

“It uses a fair amount of MP, but it can work… is all I can say.”

“Honestly, I want to move but there is no place to move to.”

“I asked Ske-san to take a look, but there probably isn’t one after that storm...”



After a while, Ske-san contacted me.


“The area around the Western tree could be used, but the river is still no good~.”

“It’s impossible if we can’t move… Ske-san shuttle transport sounds cumbersome, so we can only tidy up the center...”

“One way or the other, it might be the place with the least casualties. I’ll go look at the North.”


It’s all up to North now, but let’s get together and start drying things with【Heat】. We don’t have that much time to waste. We prepared lunch in the morning, so we need to prioritize securing beds and restoring fields.


“West is no good because of the river and the East is not a choice to begin with. North is doubtful because the storm dragon was there, and mobs there aren’t completely gone… in any case, there is no other choice.”

“Steiner-san, restoring fields is a priority. I will send you some help for that. As for people who are okay with just meat for dinner - please secure sleeping space.”


“Musclebrains who can’t use magic, please flatten the ground after it dries.”

『“Sure thing!”』

“We will begin after lunch. Races that need no food, start right away.”


I need to secure space for my own bed first.


People who finished eating lunch started working all at once. They drink MP Potions and rest, then continue working.

Ske-san returned from the scouting mission, so I gathered the first batch and we listen to the report.


“I’m back~.”

“How was it?”

“They aren’t zero, but numbers are reduced by a lot. Looks very inefficient.”

“Which means they are tellin’ us to go West?”

“In the North there was a landslide, or rather, a rock avalanche, and there is nowhere to stand.”

“Can it be actually good for gathering?”

“Yeah, very likely. As for hunting, at most one PT.”

“It was sweet, but we can’t help it. Seems like progressing the event will be more profitable.”

“Looks like it’s a good idea to restore this place as a base. Because of the rain and wind the bumpiness is horrible.”

“So today we do restoration work. In any case, until the rivers calm down we won’t progress with investigation in the West, so if we are to move, it’s starting tomorrow… Alright, let’s continue.”



Making things worse than they were on the first day - Management are quite the sadists.

However, considering that this happened on the fourth day, should we judge that we can still manage with the event starting tomorrow? Maybe the four days starting from tomorrow are the main part…?

«High-Class Magic Ability» goes up, so it’s not too bad… but this Skill goes up by itself even if I ignore it. If anything, the better part is that «Super MP Recovery» improves thanks to the fact I’m constantly using MP.


Now, let’s use the entire afternoon to restore everything.


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